What’s the Right Age to Begin Piano Lessons?

Learning the piano is a fun, challenging and engaging activity that your kid will immensely gain from. If they begin early, it will no doubt be a rewarding skill that will bring them joy all the days of their life. The hardest challenge most parents grapple with when it comes to piano lessons is ascertaining the right starting age.


They should not start too early that they are physically incapable of playing as this will discourage them from pursuing music. Neither should they begin too late when they are not willing to deal with learning new things. In this article we gift you some suggestions on great timing. Additionally, we also provide advice and tips of other key factors that will affect how a child responds to piano lessons.

It is all about a child’s capacity when it comes to piano lessons…

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Here are some lading questions to start with:

Is your kid able to sit and remain still for thirty to 45 minutes?’

Can your little goober follow instructions and concentrate in one task

Is the kid capable of listening obediently to the piano teacher?

Will they practice every day for fifteen to thirty minutes?

Learning the piano is a fun, challenging and engaging activity that your kid will immensely gain from


The answer to all this questions is YES; your kid is ready to begin taking regular piano lessons. Lessons can be very expensive so you need to get it right especially when it comes to timing. Statistics prove that for most kids the right age to start is around age six or seven. This is because at this age they have developed motor skills, maturity and intelligence that will make them successful in all their lessons. There are some gifted kids who have an arc for piano they can start at 4 years old. Earlier than 7 years might be stretching it a little because toddlers at this age are not physically able to concentrate and gain from such lessons. It is important to remember that each kid develops rate a different rate and there is no perfect age to begin piano lessons. A great indication that they are ready is the ability to focus on one task for at least 45 minutes.

Is it the wrong teacher or is my timing off?

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Sometimes parents think the timing is wrong because the teacher is wrong and does not understand your kid. Starting with the wrong teacher will make your kid lose interest in music completely. The right teacher will take time to learn your child then customise the lesson to suit their needs. Since every kid is different they need a teacher with the different set of skills. A different teacher caters for a different audience. The bottom-line is that you need to find teacher who is able to work seamlessly for your kid. As a rule of thumb always ensure that the teacher is formally trained and extensively experienced. A great way to observe a teacher before choosing them is to observe their lessons at a distance.

It is never too late for your child to start learning

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The best thing about piano lessons is that your child is never too grown up to begin. Statistics have ascertained that even if they join at 9years they will still be able to catch up with their peers who began as early as 4 years old. With a good teacher and unwavering support from the parents, your kid will learn first. If you are abit late, just remember that your kid is never too late to start learning.

Finally, a test run is a great place to start

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If you are not certain whether your child is ready, there is no harm starting with a test run. Book two or three classes to start with, explain to your kid that it is just a trial lesson. If you realize that they are not ready, just quit the classes and continue integrating music into your daily schedule until they are ready.