The Dot Girl First Period Kit Review

The Dot Girl First Period KitHaving a baby is the biggest blessing in the world. You want to be there when they take their first step, teach them how to ride a bike, be there on each and every one of their birthdays and best of all, be there to see them grow and live up to their full potential. It is the greatest feeling that any parent can have. However, along the way there can be humps that mostparents dread especially because there is no hand book for parenting and hence, there has never been a great way of handling such a situation. One of such instances is when your little girl gets her first period. It is a particular nightmare for fathers since they do not know anything about this and even more mothers, having the right answers for the questions can be a complicated experience.

Well, there won’t be any further need for you to ransack your brain to figure out how you are going to answer the questions when the time comes. Instead, you can get your hands on a first period kit which has all the appropriate answers. It is a great asset which would save you as parent from having to discuss in-depth the entire issue with your teen. Before you get all excited, getting my first period kits do not mean that you get to escape the entire topic about that first period. As a parent, it is your obligation to make sure that your child has an easy time in this testing time and understand as much as they can about it. With that in mind, here is a short review of the girls’ first period kit to help you understand how it would be of great help to you.

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My first period kit from Dot girl has a great deal of features and additions that are driven towards providing the best initiation for your child as they get in to their menstrual period. It is important to make the entry into this phase of their lives to ensure that they do not end up scarred or having negative feelings about menstruation especially given that this is going to be going on for the better part of their lives.

The first and perhaps the most important feature that the kit has to offer is the first period answer book. This is a handy guide that features 20 of the most asked questions by girls who are about or have received their first period. It can be a great tool for parents that fear that their daughters will not feel comfortable enough to ask them all the questions and at the same time, it can also be great for kids who want to understand more about the new phenomenon that is taking over in their life. From the most basic to the most advanced and trickiest to answer questions, the hand book bares it all which makes it much easier for both the parent and the child.

One of the areas of concern that the handbook addresses is the issue of the monthly cycle and how important it is for the girl to keep track of this. It would be unfair not to offer any assistance especially given that this is relatively new and the girl might not have the idea on how to keep track of their days. To help with this, this girls’ first period kit comes with the My Period Diary. It is a great tool that helps the girl to track their period over the first one year. Other than that, this great feature helps the girl to learn the vital aspect of tracking their days and understanding their cycle. In the future, this helps them to reduce chances of being caught unaware and without the help of a bathroom which can be quite an embarrassing experience.

On the first day, the girl needs to be more than ready and also be appropriately armed to make sure that she is not caught off-guard. For this, the my first period kit comes with five feminine hygiene pads. To make the experience even more bearable, there is also five disposal bags that make disposing the pads much easier for them to be disposed. The first day of having periods can feel as foreign as taking your first step which is why it is vital for one to get as much help as they can. Learning to dispose of the pads properly can also be a challenge. This is where the disposable bags come in handy to help take the burden of understanding how to dispose of their pads properly.

Most women who have had to deal with periods for some time will tell you that the cramps that come with this can be quite the challenge. Even though the degree of pain can vary from person to person and in some the cramps might not even manifest themselves, a young girl having their first period and having to deal with cramps can be an excruciating experience. Painkillers do a good job but the best option is usually to get a heating pad that helps to alleviate the pain that is associated with the cramps.

To help with this the first period kits  comes with a reusable gel heating pad that does wonders in soothing cramps.


There are quite a number of benefits that this first period starter kit has to offer.

First thing that makes this kit awesome is the fact that it’s very simple to use and offers a lot of insight regarding the first period. your child will never have to worry or feel embarrassed because they can’t use it. This kit also comes with all the necessary tools to make the first experience much easier and comfortable.

Your child will be able to carry it around without feeling afraid or embarrassed. This is because the kit comes in a discreet package that can be safely carried around. You will always be sure that your child is comfortable when they experience their first period.


On the other hand, there are certain areas that would make this great purchase even better. For instance;

It could do with a little more information and cover more questions. But it is pretty much answering any question that you need for a first time having period, you will learn more as you get older (I think most of us can agree with that). Otherwise overall this is a great toll for your child to have and will always be a blessing.


Other than that, this is a great kit can be a great asset to have for your little girl as they step into the next phase of their life. It will definitely come in handy in helping them ease into the trickiest time of their life. So, now you have a great way to help your child without feeling confused about it.

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