Best Potty Chair for Boys 2020

1. Lil’ Loo Potty Chair2. Disney Potty Chair3. Thomas Rail Potty Chair
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As your little boy grows up one of the most important and perhaps the most challenging lessons that you will have to conduct is potty training him. Of course, this will require you to first get a potty chair for him. It is an essential form of training that babies carry over all their lives and unfortunately, at first, they might not be as open-minded to it as you would hope. Before you start pulling your hair out at frustration, the first and most important lesson that you should first learn before teaching potty training is understanding the child.

The reward process always works but at some point, they might not be interested in this any longer. Which is why the best trick is to get a 9boys potty chair that is interesting enough for them to want to sit on even when they do not need to use it. This way, when they actually need to use it, you can have a much easier time convincing them. After all, to them, relieving themselves in their diaper is usually the best option that they can think off. At this point, you should be well aware that when it comes to your baby, buying anything does not mean that you have the easiest of time. You have to do your homework and in this particular instance, do not forget that you also have to consider their taste. To help you out, here are some tips and tidbits that you should consider when buying potty chairs for boys if you’re to stand a chance at getting the best quality and the best design for your boy.

Factors to consider when buying Potty Chairs for Boys


First on your list would be how easy it is to swoop in and swoosh the potty chair. in some instances, you child as much as they might want to use, they might not be in a position to get to its location considering that their muscles and sphincters are not yet strong enough for them to hold on long enough until they can get to the potty. Because of that, occasionally, you will need to make the mad dash and grab the potty before all hell breaks loose. It is because of such scenarios you have to make sure that the potty chair you settle you pick for your boy is highly portable. It might also help since when you’re not around, the child can be able to get it for themselves when the need arises.

Plan for storage space

One thing is eminent. You will be using the potty chair for quite some time. To make sure that you pick the best potty chair for boys and also for yourself, you have to consider where you will be storing it. As much as you might have space in your bathroom where you can stash it, to be honest, no one want to stumble over a potty chair in any part of the house. As such, it is one of those amenities that you will only bring out in the open when the need arises. Which makes the ease of storing even more critical for both safety and hygiene purposes. This is more the case if you consider the stand alone options.

Consider the size and fit

Potty chairs for boys come in varying sizes and hence you have to make sure that you pick the best one for your boy. If you pick one that is too big, then there are chances that your baby will anxious and uncomfortable while using the unit and hence they might not like using at all. Children are notorious for not saying what is aching them and it is because of this, that it is impossible for you to know why they don’t like their potty chair. As such you have to make sure that you cover all your grounds.

Having the proper size ensures that your baby’s bottom rests comfortable on the seat and they have their feet firmly on the floor. It provides them with a sense of comfort and trust and because of this, they find it easier to use the toilet and hence easier to get them to use the facility.


There are a lot of ways why stability is critical in this case. For the baby, it is easy for them to feel afraid when using a potty chair that feels like it is going to send him head first to the ground at any time. Also, stability saves you a lot of nasty cleaning. If the boys potty chair is unstable, it is easy to topple over and send all its contents flying all over the room. Before you say this cannot happen, children are excited by just about anything and it is because of this factor that you will find that their time on the potty chair is filled with movements and once in a while, they will stand up excitedly to check on their progress. If the potty chair is not stable, during this movements, you could find yourself with a real mess in your hands.


The design is going to be a critical part in selecting a great chair for the child. There are a lot of features that you have to consider and the design is just one of the few that will matter to the child. For a moment, imagine that you were your toddler and then open your eyes and try and think what would go through their mind in the first few seconds of seeing the potty chair you got for them. The best and most valuable advice that you can get in such instances is to go for the best potty chair for boys that easily relates to your boy. It can be his love for cars, a certain sport or even a cartoon character. Anything that makes him love the potty chair. If they do, you’re going to have a far easier time with the training process.

Non-skid bottom

This features is especially crucial if your home has a tiled or wooden floor. Children are not the most patient or strategic. When using the potty chair, chances are they will put all their effort into sitting down and if the potty chair was to slip, then the baby would be left in excruciating pain. Just to be safe, it is wise to get a potty chair that has a non-skid bottom.

Ease of cleaning

You will have to clean the potty chair every time after your child has used it. Therefore, you have to make sure that you pick one that makes the job of cleaning relatively easy for you and does not require you to do a lot of touching. One with a removable seat could be a great idea since emptying will be a much easier process.

Look for splash guards

Considering this is a boy, you will need to think of some splash guards. They have the unique ability to pee while standing and at their tender age, they do not have very good aim so having a splash guard will protect the room at large from getting a compulsory makeover and reduce the amount of cleaning that you have to do after.

Consider the extra features

If you’re to have any success at this, you need to make the process one that is filled with fun. It would help if the best potty chair for boys would come with its own fun features from which you can work with. These can range from songs, sound effects and even themes and lights. Anything that would help them sit there longer as well as find using the potty chair much easier. The fun features are especially critical in the first couple of month of potty training. But if the child is older, these might not be really worth the trouble.

At this point, stepping out to go and make a credible purchase should not really be a problem. However, you should ensure that you read some of the reviews for the best possible experience. If you need more insight before you make your purchase, these reviews that cover the best potty chairs for boys could be of more help.

Top 3 Best Potty Chairs for Boys 2020

1. Summer Instant Lil’ Loo Potty

Summer Instant Lil’ Loo Potty

If you’re looking for simplicity and your toddler has matured into the great guy that you had always hoped, this would be a mature and more subtle potty chair to get them. It is quite simple and yet very handy with easy to use features that would definitely gain their trust in no time. Its features include a removable quick pot that makes it easy and fast to clean up the set. It also has a high back that support the kid when they are using the potty chair and bolsters their comfort. Since you’re looking for the best potty chair for boys, you will be pleased to know that it comes with a splash guard to prevent those splashes and reduce the extent of cleaning required.

The fact that it has a removable pot makes it quite appealing to most parents and this doubles up as a great advtange. It also offers the child comfort while they use it and the splash guard is yet another important benefit that will save you a lot of cleaning time.

On the down side, this might not be a great fit for the younger children that need visual appeal to accept something and it does not have a non-skid bottom. However, if you have a carpet or rug in your house, this should not really deter you. You have a great and simple potty chair for your boy right there.

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2. The First Years Disney Baby Mickey Mouse 3-in-1 Potty System

The First Years Disney Baby Mickey Mouse 3-in-1 Potty System

If the baby boy is younger and they are facing difficulties in accepting potty training in the first place, this would be a great fit for the child. It has that unique and intriguing design more so if they are a fan of Mickey Mouse. This would be a full proof idea. It is not all about the looks, it also has some features that present a lot of usability that include a detachable seat that has a soft cushion to ensure the child can enjoy all of their time on the potty chair and it is filled with comfort. They design is also meant to make using the potty chair and the process of potty training less intimidating.

The base of the potty chair is quite sturdy and allows the potty chair to be used as a step stool as well. Hence, you save yourself the trouble of having to buy a step stool in the near future. Other added fun features include the fun sounds that make the seat a pleasant place for their child and your work of potty training much easier.

The unique and appealing design to kids is the greatest benefit this 9potty chair for boys has to offer, it is durable and allows for comfort and fun to be incorporated into the potty training.

It would have been an even better potty chair if it came with splash guards since it’s designed for boys. But, if you can teach your little boy how to use it properly early on, you can save yourself the trouble.

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3. Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Thomas Railroad Rewards Potty

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Railroad Rewards PottyYet another intriguing and appealing design especially for kids that includes features like frustration free packaging, a removable bowl for easy cleaning, a potty ring that fits on to most toilets as well as fun train sounds and tunes to encourage every successful visit.

It offers benefits like converting into a step stool as well as the presence of a toilet ring, it is very easy to clean and offers the baby a less intimidating time at the potty chair which is a great plus.

It does however lack a non-skid bottom. As much as the bottom is wide and very stable, having the extra layer of security would not have been a bad idea.

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Potty training is a critical part of the up-bringing of a child that is going to be a responsible citizen. However, it is not easy and part of making it easier and more successful requires you to get the best potty chair for boys to make the process more acceptable for them. With the in-depth guide and reviews, this should no longer be a problem for you.