Best Potty Training Urinal 2020

1. Foryee Training Urinal 2. Cuddle Baby Urinal 3. Frog Potty Training
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When it comes to toddler products, most parents and especially those that have the first child, it can be hard to draw the line between which baby products will end up in your stockpile of products that you will never use again and those that will play a critical role in the day to day life of your baby and yourself. A potty training urinal is one of those that most parents would at first glance write off to the junk but in the long run come to regret that they did not buy it the moment they saw it.

Because of the design of these urinals, most parents would refer to them as a joke. However, they do play a very significant role especially in the case of boys. Perhaps it would be good idea to look at the different reasons why a potty training urinal would be a good tool for both you and your baby.

Why you need urinals for toddlers

A kids urinal is not only a tool that will help make it easier for the child to ease themselves. Just like the traditional potties for kids, these also can be used as teaching aids which are just as critical.

Pee like daddy

One of the ways that children learn is by looking at what grownups do and how they do it. As soon as a boy is old enough to know he will grow up to be a man like daddy, he will try to emulate everything that daddy does and more importantly how he does.  One of those things will be peeing. If the little boy realizes that dad does it while standing, they will want to do the same while standing. The only problem is, at their tender age, they’re too short to be able to use the toilet. Instead, you will have a mess to clean up every time the little one visits the toilet and does it like daddy. Definitely, getting them a stand up potty training urinal will make the learning curve much easier for them and less cleaning for you. Not to mention that during this period, the boy will be very enthusiastic about learning which will make it much easier for you to teach and for him to learn.

He will learn eventually

By not getting your baby a potty training urinal for boys, the only thing you will be doing is slowing down their learning curve. At some point, whether you like it or not, your little boy will take a pee when standing up. Hence it would make more sense for him to learn when he is still young. After all, it is going to be less embarrassing for you to clean up after a baby who is still potty training than a much older boy.

It will make the process easier

If you have all the tools it is going to be easier for the child to learn how to aim and pee standing up. While at first it might still be a bit difficult for them, having the right tool to help them correct their mistake will definitely make the process easier and less frustrating for the boy.

There is no doubt that you will need to get your baby boy a potty training urinal when the time is right. However, the process of making the purchase is not going to be an easy one. Just as with any of the other baby products that you might have tried buying, the truth of the matter is, there are quite a number of urinals for toddlers and other than having the different companies, there are also different designs and types.

Types of urinals for toddlers

You have to be able to pick the right one that will be able to suit the intentions that you have in mind and at best, your baby. To save you the trouble of having to do the research which takes time, here are some of different types of urinals for toddlers and the pros and cons of each.

Hanging training urinal

This is the most basic type of urinals for kids. Generally, it is one piece of molded plastic that has a hook at the back of the urinals. You use the hook to attach the urinal to your toilet. It is quite easy to install and use and does not have a lot of features. Just what the baby needs to do what daddy does and how he does it. Once your baby is done with fighting his imaginary fires, you can unhook the urinal potty and empty it. If the baby is old enough, they can even empty it themselves. Pretty simple.

The benefits attached to the use of this potty training urinal include the fact that it is easy to use and also easy to empty. It does not have a lot of pieces so that also makes it much easier for you to clean without the hustle of trying to get to the nooks.

The basic design also comes with a couple of flaws that you should be aware of before you make the purchase. The potty training urinal has to be removed every time an adult wants to use the toilet. Chances are you might have to make a couple of dramatic runs to the bathroom when your baby gets there and finds you forgot to replace the urinal before they do it all over the floor. Also, the potty can only be mounted at the height of the toilet so it might take some time before the kid is able to use it comfortably.

The Suction Cup Training Urinal

The suction cup stand up potty training urinal is slightly advanced and has a better user experience because it has more features it offers the baby. At the rear of the urinal there is a series of suction cups. The cups allow you to mount the potty at any height and better yet, in a variety of surfaces. It makes this urinal for kids highly portable. In most cases, the product comes in two different pieces. One is the base station that connects to the wall and the other is a plastic urinal that detaches for easier emptying.

Most of the benefits that are attached to this potty training urinal is courtesy of the suction cups. One of these is the fact that you can mount the potty at any height so your baby does not have to wait until they’re tall enough to be able to use the product. You can also attach it to different surfaces making it more portable.

Because it has more pieces, it is harder clean and the use of suction cups is slightly worrying because they are not the best at clinging on surfaces. But they’re still great urinals for toddlers.

The Standing Training Urinal

Of all the urinals for kids, the standing training urinal has to be among the best there is. It does come with premium price tag but plenty of benefits to offer as well. The standing training urinal is the best option if you want to give your baby the most lifelike urinal experience during the training experience.

All standing training urinal have a larger size and because of this, they have a larger urinal catcher area. Ideally, that would mean that there is a lower chance that the baby will miss and hence less cleaning for you. Because they can support themselves, they can also be used almost anywhere as long as there is a flat surface. A good number of parents prefer to use them outdoors.

The standing urinals for kids happen to be the most stable training urinals and have a larger aim for the growing boy. The fact that they can be used even in the outdoors is also a huge bonus. However, the size comes with a downside since it means that it takes up more space in your bathroom. It is also the most difficult of the three to empty.

With that said, here are reviews of some of the best kids urinals that have the best features and will definitely offer your boy the best experience.

Top 3 Best Potty Training Urinals 2018

Foryee Cute Frog Potty Training Urinal for Boys1. Foryee Cute Frog Potty Training Urinal for Boys

With an aesthetically appealing design and finishing in terms of color, there’re very high chances that the little guy will like this instantly. Luckily, it also has some great features that would make it a great buy for you. It is a great toilet to have for children that are aged between one and six years and he froggy shape is just what little boys love.

The potty training urinal for boys is adjustable, has a removable bowl and is easy to insert for easier cleaning and hygiene. It is a suction urinal for toddler and has a super suction cup and to make easier it also has a portable hook hardware.

The benefits of this one of a kind product include the ease of installation, different mounting methods, portability and a unique aiming target that will get the baby more interested in getting their aim right. It is also worth giving props to the great design and color.

The size of the urinal might be a bit small and this makes it a little harder for the toddler to stay on target. However, the aiming target should keep them challenged long enough to avoid peeing all over the floor so you’re well taken care of.

If you’re looking for a decent potty training urinal for boys that you can use on the go and can literally fit in your suit case, this would be a great choice for you for a number of reasons. Luckily,it also happens to come with a decent price tag as well.

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2. Joy Baby Generation 2 Boy Urinal Potty Training Toilet

Joy Baby Generation 2 Boy Urinal Potty Training Toilet

There are plenty of potty training urinals in the market and a great deal of them are able to train but not entice the baby to take part in the classes. This particular one however takes a different approach. After all, the easiest way to teach a child how to do the right thing is to get them interested first. Once they’re interested, you can rest assured that you can get them to do it faster and make it more fun. To start off with the fun lessons, this kids urinal embraces a vibrant yet fun color that is appealing to kids and especially boys.

The design is also complete with eye replicas at the bottom and resembles a fish. Given that at this particular age children are starting to learn their surrounding and the different animals that are around them, this is going to be one that picks their mind quite well. It will allow them look forward to their lessons and you will notice they try to go peeing even when they really don’t have the need.

Other than the great color and overall design, there are other features that this stand up potty training urinal has other features that make it easier for the kid to be able to learn how to pee properly and above all improve on their target. The first is the interesting water wheel. This interesting addition makes it much easier for the boy to find enough challenge to want to hit the target and see it move. This way, they don’t lose focus and end up messing all over the floor. Other additions that make this a great st

and up potty for your little one are the stickers and games and that come with the kids urinal to assist make the learning process better and more fun.

The urinal can also be used in multiple locations in the house. It is lightweight so you can move it around as you deem fit and it is also quite easy to clean. The different mounting options also open up to a myriad of other options including the ability to mount at different heights. It comes will suction cups and adhesive hooks. You never have to drill holes into your walls any more.

There are plenty of benefits that the whale potty training urinal for boys among them being the ability to help the little one learn to get their target faster. Also the child associative design makes it much easier for the toddler to relate to the potty. There’re different mounting options and with the lightweight nature of the potty urinal, you can take it almost anywhere you please.

It is really difficult to find an area where this potty urinal trainer has errored both in a parent’s and child’s perspective. Perhaps if you find any such area you can alert.

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3. Mkool Cute Frog Potty Training Urinal for Boys

Toddlers and especially boys always have a thing for animals. That is why most of the products for children within that age always have a lot of animals. This particular urinal potty trainer stays true to the norm and adopts a froggy style design with bright and vibrant colors to make it easier for the toddler to like.

Its mode of mounting is through powerful suction cups that are firm and reliable. They offer a great benefit in the ease of installation that they offer allowing the parent to be able to install the product in minutes and at any height depending on the height of their child. It also makes it easier for the child to be able to use.  It is ideal for boys that are between two and six years.

It also comes with a unique feature that has a 1000 ml capacity. This means that you can let the child use the urinal a couple of times before you empty and clean it. It is a great addition that would come in handy when you have an absurdly busy day with lots of guest around the house. The high capacity also helps to avoid splatters and even spills making cleaning much easier and less stressful for you.

Mkool Cute Frog Potty Training Urinal for Boys

Other than the cups and the great design, the Froggy urinal also has an easy to clean approach and is very hygienic even when you’re using it on the go. That makes it super easy for you to be able to use it even on the go.

You also get plenty of advantages with this other than the feature. It has great portability and offers you plenty of options when it comes to getting the right height for your little one. You also get the spinner wheel that helps keep the child focus and improve their aim as well as a compact and lightweight design that is superbly easy to clean.

The only downside that you might have to put up with would be the small size. However, it is sufficient to get the job done but most parents always hope that it would be bigger than it is.

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It is every little boy’s dream to be like their greatest hero who happens to be daddy. Peeing like daddy is one of the ways to go. Instead of watching your kid struggle try to emulate the dad, you can offer them a helping hand with these great potty training urinals for toddlers and see them make the next step in their development process.


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