The Best Travel Potty Seat 2020 – Which is the One?

1. Cool Gear Travel Potty 2. Tidy Tots Travel Potty 3. ComfyDo Travel Potty
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Every time you hit the outdoors with your child or go for a vacation, you have to make sure that you have everything you need for them to stay comfortable. This will include having a potty on the go since their biological system does not go on holiday when you go to yours. Even worse, it tends to get a bit irregular owing to the stress and irregular feeding that comes with being on the journey. You have to make sure that you avail your child with the right tools at the right time especially because unlike you, they cannot hold. They have to go when they have to go.

If it is an infant, then you just need to tag along your regular diapers and disposable paper where you will put the used ones. For toddlers, it gets a little tricky and especially if you’ve been potty training them. You cannot retract back to the diaper, and if you decided to, they would rarely let you. So you have to stick to your potty and the training. For the potty, you can go for the best travel potty chair, or if they are old enough to hop on the public toilets, you can get them a folding potty seat for the sake of safety.

You should not find buying a potty that hard to buy since most have the same line of thought in how their design is executed and their functionality. However, there are some factors that you need to consider to make sure that you get the appropriate size for the child and also a travel potty chair that will not feel like a burden to you.

Considerations when buying a Traveling Potty Chair

The Height of the Child

While the age might differ and the weight, the one thing that matters is the height of the child. This is because, if the child is tall enough, you could save yourself the trouble of buying the travel potty chair and instead buy a folding travel potty seat. However, for this to work the child has to be potty trained and has to know how to use a toilet. You might also need to carry a backup even in this case just in case the child needs to go, and there is no bathroom in sight. Even if the child is of height and you have taught them well, it is evident that they might not be able to get on the public toilet seats with ease. You should not even let them try. The bowls are unclean and a hub for all kinds of diseases and bacteria. So, take the trouble of placing the child on the seat after you have put your barrier around it.

The Weight of the Child

It gets to a certain point, and it is not logical for the child to keep using the travel potty seat if they will break it every time they use it. The weight of the child matters a lot. Most of the potty chairs that fall in this category are made of plastic and hence can’t support a lot of weight. There are those however that are made from reinforced plastic that can take on more weight. But you should not use this for comfort. Instead, you should dash against time to make sure that your child is potty trained well before time.


The goal is to help the child become more independent in certain matters. As such the portable potty chair that you get for them should be easy for them to use without much of your help. Yes, you might have to do the setup, but other than that, the child in time should be able to do more on their own. The chair has to be readily usable for the child and has to make them feel confident about themselves. As they grow up, they might start chasing you away when the action is happening. That only means they are more confident, and the lessons are starting to kick in.


There is a reason it is called a travel potty. You must be in the know that if you will be tagging your baby on any trip, there is a fair amount of equipment that will have to be carried so the quantity of space in the car will be limited. You have to ensure that you pick items that save up on space when they are not being used. In this case, some of the best travel potty chairs come with foldable features which make them compact. It ensures that you can save more space when you’re not using it and when you need it, you just pull it out and unfold.


Considering what they are used for, you have to make sure that your baby’s potty chair is clean all the time especially now that you will be having it share the same car space with you. Of course, this will have a lot to do with its mode of functioning and how you dispose of the waste so you have to make sure that you consider this heavily when making the purchase. You might not have as much water to rinse out the potty seat after it has been used so it might be a good idea to get one that uses disposable bags instead.

It goes without mentioning that the product you get should also be quite durable, high quality and worth the money you will be paying for. By this time, you should have seasoned yourself in knowing how to pick baby products that give you service and those that can last long not break down each time you use them. The same goes for the best travel potty chairs. If it is not a good build, there is no point in buying it since it will just break down. You have to make sure you make a great pick that will make you proud and offer your little one great service. And, it should be sturdy. If they feel like they are falling over every time they use the chair, it is going to be impossible to get them to use it.

If you’re still finding it hard to make a good purchase, here are some reviews that would go a long way to making sure that you have a nice portable toddler potty without having to break a sweat.

Top 3 Best Travel Potty Seats 2020

Comfy Do Disposable and Foldable Travel Potty Training Seat1. ComfyDo Disposable and Foldable Travel Potty Training Seat

There is a lot happening for this little travel potty chair, and most of it is great. It is a perfect fit for kids that are highly creative, still relatively new to using a potty chair but are willing. The best way to start them out is to get them something that they will love at first sight. The color and design that these portable potty seat offers are more than enough to get the child screaming and faking bowel movements just to get on the seat. It has been built with the child in mind and has great features that match up its demeanor with functionality.

It is a foldable and disposable on the go travel potty seat. It uses disposable bag where the child can relieve themselves then you can simply take out the bag and dispose of it. That saves a lot of mess and ensures that no matter where you are, the toddler can always have a healthy and hygienic place to pee or poo.

As much as there is some slight assembling that needs to be done, this can be done in a quick and sure manner and the result after the assembly is stable, easy to use and even easier to dispose of potty seat. The assembly does not need you to have any tools whatsoever. Just your hands. Also, you can take it apart after the child has finished using it making it more portable and more space efficient.

The potty comes with other amenities that you will find useful like the single use liners, a reusable and one biodegradable and foldable cardboard potty chair. You get everything you need to relieve your child on the go.

The attractive design and more so to children is a huge plus. It will make your job of helping the child learn to use potty chairs much easier. You will also love the fact that the chair does not require a lot of cleaning especially after use because of the use of disposable bags and also, the ability to take it apart and put it back together is going to prove to be quite the benefit.

On the other hand, the seat might be a little too low but you can work your way around that occasionally by placing it on higher ground to make it easier to reach for the child.

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2. Tidy Dots Disposable Potty Liners

Tidy Tots Disposable Potty Chair Liners

Technology has come to the aid of parents and these Tidy dots disposable potty liners are not like anything you have seen before. They are not the traditional liners that you have used and while you can use them to wipe the potty, they are capable of way more than that. They are easy to use and super light. In fact, with these, you do not even have to get a portable potty chair for your child anymore.

These potty liners come with a highly absorbent features that work in the same way as a diaper. They can absorb everything your child will create and one liner is can be used for one sitting. They are super simple to use and can be disposed of in the same way you would dispose of a diaper. Think of using a diaper but this time, you don’t have to have your child in it all the time. You get to use it when the need arises. It is a great feeling to have without a doubt.

They are the perfect companion for every on-the-go parent and even more so if you’re a first timer and would not like to have to buy another potty chair to cover your frequent traveling. They are much easier to use, have better features and above all, they take up far less space in the car.

These absorbent wipes save you the trouble of having to clean your potty chair and it is because of this tha

t they are highly preferred. They are easy to use and deliver quite well. Best of all, if you already know how to work diapers, this will be a breeze. Not to mention they do not take up as much space as an actual potty chair would.

The only downside is that they are not a real potty and using them frequently could dent your potty training progress. However, you can use them together with a potty chair to get even more benefits out of them.

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3. Cool Gear Travel Potty

Cool Gear Travel PottyIf you are the traditional type of parent that has to have a physical potty for your child but with some modern features, this is the best solution for you. It is an actual potty with the potty look and has some fun features that would make it easier to use on the go. This travel potty chair is easy to use and for the sake of space and size, it folds up into a compact briefcase size potty chair when not in use. It makes it easier to move around also considering its lightweight nature.

Considering you might run out of disposable bags, this foldable potty seat also works with any one-gallon bag which ensures that you always have a backup plan regardless of where you are.

Its simple and intuitive design is what offers the greatest benefit. It’s quite handy and unique unlike most of the conventional potty chairs and also has a great foldable design that will save you space and make the item more discreet to use.

Because of the design, you have to be super careful about the weight that you put on the travel potty chair since it can’t hold too much weight. However, it should be more than sufficient for most toddlers.

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Bringing your baby on the road with you can be challenging for both you and the baby. However, there are tools that would make both your journeys easier and more fun. The best travel potty chair is one of those tools. It will save you the trouble of having to make a dash to the closest gas station to use their filthy toilets and if not that, ending up with a car that smells worse than a garbage bin.