Fever Smart: The Smart Patch Thermometer for Kids Review

Every time your child is not feeling well, how many times have you had to wake up through the night to go and check on how they are feeling and especially keep an eye on their body temperature. It is an experience that every parent is painfully aware of and in most instances, sleeping becomes impossible. The worst part is that should you go to check on the child, you have to wake them up as you feel their skin or try to shove the thermometer in their mouth.  As much as you might be delighted to know they are doing okay, you feel the guild of having to disrupt their sleep. What if you could find a way that you could have a thermometer on your child that would take the temperature of the toddler periodically and you could keep tabs remotely?

This is what Fever Smart aims to do. It is a smart patch thermometer that allows you to keep track of your child’s temperature changes on a continuous basis and remotely. This is definitely going to take you the uncertainty in the entire issue and allow you to check on the child’s condition as many times as you want without having to disrupt their sleep at any single time.it definitely sounds like something that any caring parent would want in their medicine cabinet and hence the need to make a Fever Smart review that offers insight into the product and how it can be of help to parents and children and some of the challenges that are associated with it.

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For the device to work there are plenty of features that have been added a great deal of which are to help it work better and have better results but there are those that have also been added for the sake of convenience

The fever smart thermometer uses wireless connection that allows you to be able to keep an eye on the temperature changes of the child as they sleep or play around and hence you do not have to go and stop and them from what they are doing to take a temperature reading. The wireless connection also allows the parent to respect the privacy of the child and at the same time check on him as many times as she would want hence it is a convenient platform for both the parent and the child. For the child, Mom does not have to come budging in all the time to take a reading and for the parent, you get to keep an eye on your precious child without bombarding them with your presence all the time.

It is easy to get caught up in something or even dose off and the temperature of the child starts rising. How would you be able to know this? Well the app thermometer has an in built alarm system that alerts you when the child’s fever starts to rise. This way even if you were caught up with chores or even dosed off, you will be able to know when the little one needs some help. Of all the features that this product has to offer, this one seems to be the one that has the greatest number of benefits and perhaps the most crucial.

The best thing about the product is that it has been built with the parent’s mentality in mind and how they tend to be abnormally inquisitive when their instincts kick in. As a result, the product not only allows you to check on the child once in a while but continuously monitors the temperature of the child and relays the data to you. It is like sitting right next to the child with a thermometer all the time but they are able to get around their business like you were never there. Simply put, the Fever smart app allows you to keep an eye on your child round the clock.

For such a great product that has that many features, you would expect it to be a pain in the neck to even figure out how it works but that is not the case here. Instead, it is quite simple and just requires to insert the battery and download the Fever smart app to your smart phone and you are done.

Because the app is connected to the cloud, you do not have to be in the house to keep an eye on the state or progress of the child you can do it from anywhere in the world which is a great feature since you can be able to assess if the situation is really bad and you need to get home as soon as possible or it is just a flu that is knocking.

The app is and the thermometer patch are safety guaranteed and have the full certification of the FDA as well as the HIPPA compliant data storage so you can rest assured that the data will not be accessed for any other use or by unauthorized persons and that the patch is completely safe and will not affect the health of the child.


The benefits that are associated with these technology include the ease of use and how effective and accurate the Fever Smart patch is not to mention the ability to keep continuous readings and to your amazement it is actually a very affordable piece of technology that could revolutionize your home’s healthcare and come in handy when the little one is not feeling okay.


On the flipside, even with all the exciting features and benefits, there are some areas of the Fever Smart patch that could use a little improvement. For instance, the disposable patches that are used to attach the device can easily come off especially considering they are placed under the armpit which happens to easily sweat. Also, to be able to use the device, you need to have at least two devices which can either be a smartphone and a tablet or both tablets. Once sits in the same room as the child and acts as the relay device while the other is the one that receives the data.


As much as this device threatens the bond a parent creates when their child is sick, it goes without mentioning that it definitely helps to manage the condition better and ensure that the child is safe and the parent has up to date information at all times. The Fever Smart was successfully raised on Indiegogo, if you are interested click here!

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