Fun activities that dads can do with their toddlers

A toddlers mind is like a fresh and new blank sheet of paper. This means that it is ready for developmental inputs from their environment. According to a 2007 study at Harvard University, at this age (toddlers) toddlers develop rapidly. Different essential skills including motor, cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional skills are developing at lightning speed. It is during these crucial years that a parent forms the foundation of basic leanings that will help their toddlers grow into a well-rounded individual who survives and thrives in any environment.

toddlers develop rapidly

This is the best time for both mum and dada to make their presence known in their kid’s lives. Important reasons why every toddler needs to spend quality time with their dada include:

  • A great father –mother relationship helps a toddler develop empathy that will enable them treat both women and men with respect
  • According to reliable studies and statistics kids with caring and involved dads excel more academically

Most dads especially first time dads struggle with coming up with activities they can do with their toddlers. Here are some great suggestions that will come in handy:


Water play

The possibilities are endless when it comes to water play depending on the time of the year. When it is warm, playing outdoors (garden, backyard) with a sprinkler or horse will be absolutely enjoyable. You can also opt for kid’s pools that are just a few inches of water so that the kids and completely safe.

When the weather is cold, a great way to play with water is using water sprinklers and water guns. When it comes to water plays just be creative and find something that both you and your kids will enjoy.

 A walk in the park

A walk in the park is another great way for some quality time between dada and toddler. Whether it is a forest or city park, it will be a great bonding experience that will bring you and your toddler closer. This is the best time to talk to your child and get to know them better. Keep in mind that toddlers are just little explorers excited about everything in their environment. Their excitement also has to do with the fact that everything is new to them. Even what you consider normal such as flowers, leaves, trees will be exhilarating to them.


Taking them to a playground is another great experience that your toddlers will not forget in a hurry. Bring a drink and snacks with you to make it more fun and memorable. Bring their favourite snacks you will be surprised how much they open up to you and the numerous questions they ask.


You can certainly have a lot of fun inside the house. Here are some great ideas:

Read together

This is a fun activity that is also teaching them how to focus and concentrate on a particular task. Read to your toddler and you will be contributing to their reading readiness. They will also develop an interest in books which is something that they will carry on to their academic life. You can even take them to the local library or bookstore and let them choose what book they want you to read. Talk to them about the importance of reading and how much adventurous and exciting it can be.


There are numerous indoor games that you and your toddler can enjoy together. You can start out with some karaoke or some simple music that you and your little one can dance along to. Toss a balla back and forth, a board game or even puzzles are a great idea.