Keeping your toddler busy

The key to getting your toddler playing independently is making it fun. The ability to play independently is an essential skill for every toddler particularly one whose mum works at home. Toddlers don’t master the art of independence without help; they need a little bit of help and positive reinforcement from you. If you want to go about your day without any disturbance or distractions, you have no option but foster independence in your little goober. All the activities mentioned below do more than just foster independent play; they also engage your toddler’s mind and enhance their creative instinct.

Keep in mind that although the eventual goal is playing independently, toddlers need to be monitored consistently

Let delve in…

1.)    Hands on fun

Play Dough    clay-dough-1Buy different cans of play dough and allow them to mix them at their own will, make shapes and just play around with the dough. Ensure some cans are stacked away so that when they get bored you can introduce a right color to wow them. After two years, a kid typically doesn’t require much assistance playing with dough. That said, it is safe to keep a close eye on the toddler to ensure they don’t eat the dough.

(Although play dough is not poisonous/toxic, it is also not good to eat).

Arts and crafts

Art for a toddler does not have to be complicated all they need is a lot of scrap paper and a basket of pencil colors and crayons. It is important to keep in mind that toddlers get bored easily with drawing. This is because to a large extent their fine motor skills are still developing. When they get bored, they will probably get irritated and cranky which is the last thing you need.

Just a little bit everyday is enough to build their interest and also enhance ability. If you start when you little goober is two and do it often by three the chances are high that your child will be in love with it and may even be ready to start fiddling with water paint. One thing about this method is that you can’t worry about the mess, let your little one exercise his/her creativity.

Variety of toys

variety of toys


As most parents will tell you toddlers easily get bored with one toy and quickly move to another. The key to ensuring independent play when it comes to toys is buying a variety. Don’t just buy fun toys alone, there are other toys that can be educational such as Lego toys. Keep in mind that at this age, toddlers prefer simple toys; anything that is too complicated will not appeal to her.

Playing outdoors and exercise

Make it a habit to take your little goober outside daily. Just a little bit of play is enough, ensure you don’t overdo it as this will lead to exhaustion. Taking your toddler outside fro some outdoor fun is not only a way of exercising but also makes nap time and bedtime a breeze.

toddler playing outside

Some great outdoor activities include hide and seek, playing ball and exploring nature.


Every child is different from the other; while others can barely concentrate enough to sit through an entire book, others love being read to. If you child loves listening to stories, take advantage of this because books are creative and fun way of transitioning from an active activity to nap time or bedtime.


Mother is reading book with her daughter

Go for books that are illustrative and visually appealing, while they may not be able to read the words, they will definitely be intrigued by the pictures. It also does not hurt that this cultivates a great reading habit in your child from a tender age.

Every child is different; while others can barely concentrate enough to sit through an entire book, others love being read to

Create a fun and mentally stimulating space for your toddler

Take your time to create a visually appealing and secure space for your little goober. This is because if the area is not decorated in an intrigued way, your child will not want to stay in it for long.



On the other hand, if the space is not safe a parent is worried and tends to hover. Keep in mind that if you hover so much your child will definitely expect your attention


kid playing alone

All the fun activities mentioned above are excellent at keeping kids engaged and teaching them to stay entertained. When they are toddlers, they are not really ready to be completely independent, so anytime they are alone supervise consistently.