Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer Review

kinsa-smart-ear-thermometerIt’s hard to imagine that just a few years if not decades ago the world was still helplessly using the ordinary mercury thermometer to get temperature readings. Not to suggest that this method is generally extinct, but with technology taking over from traditional methods in almost all life sectors, it’s hard to see the same old thermometers being used for a long time especially within our homes. The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer for instance is a gadget that represents the technology everybody craves for in the health department. Though just a small gadget, its use is set to revolutionize the world.

Generic digital thermometers have flooded the market and brought about a significant change in terms of how temperature readings are taken. To say the least, some are wonderful inventions while others can only attribute their existence to the current technology rampage. At one time even Kinsa themselves outshined competition with an award winning thermometer (the Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer) that brought temperature reading and disease monitoring to a whole new level. But great minds tend to bear great ideas in the shortest span possible. With the smart ear thermometer, I can’t help but think that this time they even outdid themselves.

How the Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer is making life easier

Kinsa always comes up with great ideas to solve common thermometer problems in the society. As I mentioned above they outshone the entire digital thermometer market with their state of the art stick thermometer and a user friendly accompanying app. But the flaws for that particular product were easily identifiable and it was just a matter of time before people (parents especially) started wondering if Kinsa had anything left in their think-tank. Well, turns out they did. The new smart ear thermometer has fixed its predecessor’s flaws perfectly.

For instance, the stick thermometer was perfect in getting accurate and fast temperature readings but it only meant that you had to try out a number of times to get them. The Kinsa smart ear thermometer doesn’t require one too many readings; just once is enough its one button instant reading process. The stick thermometer also meant that you had to shove the sensor inside your baby’s body using different methods (oral, underarm, or rectal). This however is not the case with the new Kinsa ear thermometer as you can simply insert a fairly comfortable tip into the baby’s ear for accurate readings. You can do this just once for accurate readings and even if you decided to repeat the process several times, you will still get the same results.

The Kinsa ear thermometer is going to relieve many parents’ nerves at just one push of a button. Parents will now be able to take their little ones’ temperature reading even when they are fast asleep. This could barely be done with the previous invention as you had to keep baby awake to take the reading. Sometimes this proved to be quite a task especially when toddler is uncomfortable or sick and obviously won’t sit tight for the procedure. The Kinsa Smart ear thermometer takes care of even the squirmy children.

The Kinsa Ear thermometer can also store up to 50 temperature readings without relying on the mobile gadget for the full record. This means that even if the app or the phone were to get lost, you will still be able to access your little angel’s temperature records without a fuss. The thermometer is Bluetooth enabled meaning you do not need to endure the awkwardness experienced with the connecting cord from the previous stick thermometer. The thermometer syncs automatically upon detection of an Apple or android device. The sync is wireless and pretty fast.

When the little ones fall sick it is always a hectic moment for any parent. Kinsa’s technology decided the smart ear thermometer was the best to solve your sleeplessness. The thermometer will not only take accurate readings, but upon synching with the Kinsa app you will be reminded of the symptoms as well as keep you informed on medications available. This will make it easy for you as well as enable the doctor to take accurate diagnostics.

The digital thermometer market will find it hard to compete with Kinsa’s ear thermometer for a very long time. Given its ability to provide medical guidance for fever based on age and other symptoms, the ear thermometer is set to remain number one for a foreseeable future. Even the stick thermometer will struggle at such prowess. Given its physical appearance and efforts exerted by Kinsa, it’s hard to see this product fading away because of faultiness. It is going to be a very long wait before we can see anything like it.

How does it work? 

The Kinsa smart ear thermometer pairs with great technology that is set to grow up with your children while offering you incomparable services along the way. You can therefore worry less because taking your temperature is as easy as;

  • Press the big button located near the tip of the thermometer to turn it on
  • Insert the thermometer tip into the ear
  • Press the start button again to take the temperature
  • Wait for the beep sound that usually means your thermometer has taken the accurate reading
  • Open the Kinsa app to log symptoms, take notes, or get guidelines on what to do after taking the temperature.

How do I get one?

The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer is a new product in the market and is yet to be experienced by the eagerly awaiting parents. You can also get in the bus along with many others by contributing as Kinsa is currently funding this project on Indiegogo. And if you contribute you’ll get exclusive discounts on the product!

As you can see, they already hit their funding goal which was $50,000 in 4 DAYS. That result really goes to show that this is a product you (and the market) need to have around! What are you waiting for? Go to their Indiegogo campaign and pre-order a Smart Ear Thermometer for you and your family!