Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer Review

Kinsa Smart ThermometerOur parents and/or mentors had the traditional thermometers that used mercury to show just how high or low our body temperatures were. This however is changing in the current generation. People are getting smarter; technology is changing the face of the world. But what’s more alarming is the rate at which flues and fevers are attacking our young ones. Infants are always very susceptible to these fevers and sometimes it can be difficult to identify the exact cause of their discomfort. Therefore, wouldn’t it be fair to have a gadget that can detect these illnesses? I’m talking about a thermometer that does not only keep track of your temperature, but also examines your health for coughs, chills, and fatigue. I’m talking about the Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer.

This is a thermometer manufactured to keep you safe and aware of your health status. It comes with an app technology that is not sophisticated for the common lay man who is not very tech savvy. This means that it is nothing out of the ordinary, and there shouldn’t be too many unanswered questions in terms of how to get hold of its services.

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The great invention

The Kinsa thermometer has very distinct features that give it an edge over the other digital thermometers. The main thermometer has a thin, pliant blue shank that leads into a smooth metal detector that can sit comfortably in your toddler’s mouth. At the rear is a plug that resembles a default headphone plug and can fit directly into the headphone jack. You can either plug this directly into your phone or use the extension cord that comes with the whole package-the choice is really yours. The Kinsa thermometer is compatible with current versions of Apple and Android systems. Once you plug the thermometer into your phone then you can relax and watch real wizardry begin to unfold before you.

Now, things have always gone perfect whenever we buy the generic digital thermometers, assemble everything as required, plug into our smart gadgets and turn on the smart apps. The problem comes when we ask the thermometers to take our body temperatures. This is the point where we start cursing and frowning because the reading cannot really be displayed, and if you are lucky enough to even see something, it is a figure way below your level of expectation. For instance, you don’t exactly warm up to a temperature reading of above 200 degrees when you are feeling perfectly fine.

The Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer is aboveboard even in the way they present the instructions. It is very easy to get accurate temperature results in a span of not more than 10 seconds. Usually with the foolproof interface you are able to easily get accurate results. You are only required to insert the base into a separate adapter, answer a few questions that are pretty basic correctly and get the calibration process up and running.

How the Kinsa Stick Smart Thermometer makes temperature reading trendy

Unlike most generic digital thermometers that have flooded the market irrespective of how cheap they may be, the Kinsa stick thermometer goes easy on every user. After using the foolproof interface to set up the calibration, you can use the simple known methods of taking the body temperature of your loved one (oral, underarm, or rectal) to get the temperature in a flash.

If you are familiar with taking temperature reading s for your kid using the normal mercury thermometer, then you must be aware of just how tough it is to get your child to sit still during the process. You sometimes had to hold them down or if they got too uncomfortable you had to abandon the whole procedure altogether. Well, things are different and a bit spicier with the Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer. Once the thermometer is in position (whichever method you decide to go for) the Kinsa digital mercury immediately reverberates into action. A blue screen appears and displays the time remaining (usually just seconds) while cartoon-like bubbles fill the screen-how cool can this be for your fidgeting kid; they can actually get mesmerized with this. Usually they will not have a lot of time to look at the screen because the results are out sooner than you may realize-10-12 seconds to be precise. Do you now notice the huge difference with the ordinary mercury thermometer? The 45 seconds long wait is a thing of the past.

Once done, the app will display your temperature or your loved ones’ together with any associated discomfort (fever, cough, or fatigue). You can then choose to save or repeat the process. It is by all means recommended to try all the methods and compare results which are not very varying; to say the least. However you will notice that the temperature recorded using the oral method is more consistent than the rest. Avoid doing too many tests at once as you risk the app misbehaving such as returning you back to the starting screen. However, you can record the temperatures under individual profiles for later reference or if needed by the doctor.


From the above points it is easy to see just why the manufacturers of this product deserve so much praise for their good job. However, it is worth taking down a few points of caution before using this product. The points here may not necessarily mean real flaws but they are worth mentioning anyway.

You will obviously notice that the Kinsa thermometer will default back to the starting screen once you decide that one too many readings is not enough for the moment. Usually you are returned back to the starting blue screen. This is way below the convincing level given the product’s price compared to other legal competitors. Also take note of the method you are using as some methods may detect false temperature readings.


The Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer is a dream come true for most parents and guardians who have for long struggled to keep track of their loved ones’ temperature and illnesses. With this thermometer it is now easy to keep the little ones safe and upon saving the temperature and illnesses records, it is easier to present to the doctor the records for a proper and accurate diagnosis.

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