Mifold Grab and Go Booster Seat Review

mifold reviewEvery parent appreciates the need to keep the most valuable person in their life safe and this is none other than their child. As much as cars have come a long way in terms of safety, they still do not have enough features that are geared towards keeping the child safe or even putting them in a position that allows the child to be able to use the same features as well as an adult would. This is more so the case if the child has grown out of the child car seat bracket. This is where a great car seat booster comes in place. It is meant allow the child have the same height as an adult and this means they are able to wear things like the safety belt the right way.

Mifold offers a more unique approach for parents and children and a good solution to all of the problems that come with getting a child to use the car booster chairs with the biggest one of them being the embarrassment when they have to sit with their friend who tend to be taller than them it is worth noting that if the child is not of the appropriate eight, the areas that the seat belts passes through make it more hazardous than safe. Among these are the seat belt being too close to the neck as well as being around the soft tissue of the stomach. This is why it is vital to have a car booster chair and the Mifold has plenty of features and a uniqueness that is unmatched in the market.

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One of the greatest selling points of the Mifold is the design of the car booster. It has to be the smallest car booster chair that you might have come across by all aspects. However, it is still able to provide great results that make it small stature an added benefit to most parents and event eh children since the embarrassment is more concealed.

The other great feature that is covered in the Mifold review is its functioning. Unlike other seats that work by elevating the child this one works by holding down the seatbelt to the proper position which makes it a great benefit for the children that are too conscious of their size. It is also safer because it ensures that the child wears the belt the right way.

The Mifold is ten times smaller than most of the other car booster options that you might have considered and is small enough to fit in your back pack leaving some room all around, ideally, when folded, the seat measures about 10 inches by 10 inches which makes it quite portable ensuring that your child is always carrying the life-saving product with them in their back pack.

Remember those heated fights and arguments you always get into with your child because of making them sit on the car seat boosters. As much as it is for their own good, it is usually and uphill trying to convince the child this, with this uniquecars seat booster, this is not the same case and they will feel that it is something that they can embrace without having to quarrel over it especially given that they will not feel like they are sitting on anything extra in the first place.

So, what if you happen to have three kids that are of the same age or you need to carpool the neighbor’s child to school as well. How does the math of only having your child buckled up the right way look? Mostparents will confess that most car seat boosters are quite the trouble to fit in the back seat even of the standard cars which means that there is a child you have to sacrifice and as any parent knows, this is not an easy decision to make. Which is why the Mifold is small enough to fit three in the back seat of even a small car with relative ease to make sure that you never have to make that decision of which child to secure and which one you can take a risk with. It is understandable that as a parent the safety of all children your own or otherwise has a certain urgency which makes you understand why this is a very critical feature.


Other than the definite feeling of improved safety and security for your children there are other advantages that this great product has to offer among them being them being the neat design and great colors that are appealing to children making it easier for parents to convince the little ones to use the product.

It is also quite portable and can comfortably fit in a bag which makes it a great deal and ensures that you can always tag it around wherever you go and it is adjustable so it can work for kids of different ages just as well. It is also worth mentioning that the design has been crash tested hence it is utterly safe not just an idea.


On the downside, there are a couple of concerns that one has to deal with and even though these might not be very significant, it is important to bring them to light so that you understand just how you can work around them and get an even better experience if possible. For starter, it is hard for the child to fasten themselves properly on the car booster seat without the help of the parent. Also the company has not made any sales yet so it is not possible to get reviews of other people’s experience with the product and the first batch of sales is expected to hit the market around March of 2016.


There are a lot of benefits that are related to having a great safety car booster seat and this could include being the lifeline for your child in the event of an impact. The technology that the car booster chair brings is definitely quite unique and has a lot of benefits and it is a product that might splash the market with a lot of positivity and change how parents are able to secure their children in the event of an accident. This Mifold got crowd-raised on Indiegogo, check out their website or their Indiegogo campaign!

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