Raising a cranky toddler

Remember before you became a parent, you witnessed children having a meltdown and throwing a tantrum and judgmentally you thought, ‘that will never be me’. Now you are a parent and can’t believe it is happening to you! Well… Welcome to parenting a toddler….

The truth is that when they are born, they are cute, cuddly and adorable, within a short time they become toddlers and everything changes. What used to be cute and worth swooning over becomes extremely annoying and extremely frustrating. They become highly irritable and challenging to handle. If you are a new parent, you are probably surprised and thinking if it is your kid that is different from the rest. Good news! Your toddler is just acting like a toddler and with this tips you will be able to handle them without losing your sanity:

  • Rushing makes things worse

Rush, rush, rush! Are you constantly rushing through your daily routine? This is probably making your already irritable toddler cranky because they notice that you are rushing and this not only makes them nervous but is also probably to stress them out. Additionally, it also sends your toddler the message that they are a worth your time, this makes them seek your attention even more.

mum rushing through morning routine

Try as much as you can to avoid rushing through your routine. For instance wake up early in the morning so that you can talk to your toddler as you bath them and help them dress up. The more a toddler feels appreciated the better they behave. Anytime they feel ignore, they throw a tantrum and become cranky just to get your attention.

An inconsistent sleep schedule guarantees a cranky toddler

An inconsistent sleep schedule guarantees a cranky toddler

A well set up and consistent program helps your toddler adapt to a routine. Anytime you break the routine you are increasing the chances that your toddler may not get enough sleep or rest, or may miss their much needed playtime. The rule of thumb when it comes to raising a cranky child is to ensure they get adequate sleep everyday. No matter the circumstance, the nap time and bedtime schedule must be consistent. This ensures that they wake up refreshed every day. Depriving your little one of sleep is setting yourself up for disaster.

Introduce change slowly

The last thing a cranky toddler needs is a sudden change to their schedule. For instance, if your little goober is soon going to kindergarten you need a nap and bedtime schedule that aligns with their schooling. Changing the sleep and naptime all of a sudden will probably be catastrophic. Children unlike adult cannot adapt to change immediately; you need to introduce change slowly. Say you need to adjust bedtime by 2 hours. Avoid doing this all of a sudden; instead adjust by 10 to 20 minutes daily. Suddenly nmakeing a change wil probably lead to a meltdown.

Your child can read your attitude

They may be little human beings who are still developing, but that doesn’t mean they are stupid. Toddlers are extremely observant hence quickly read bad attitude or bad moods. Your good mood will make your toddlers warm up to you, while the wrong attitude or and mood will influence them negatively. Even if you had a bad day at work, try and keep the attitude away from your toddler if you want to avoid a meltdown or tantrum. Simple happy mama + happy daddy = happy toddler

Spend quality time with your toddler

As mentioned earlier, the best way ensure your toddler responds well to authority and is generally happy is by giving them attention. If you don’t they will demand for attention through tantrums and melt downs. Instead of waiting until they seek for your attention, how about you give them attention by spending quality time with them on a daily basis.

Spend quality time with your toddler kid


This means playing with your toddler, talking to them, watching cartoons together. While digital devices can act as a great distraction hen you are trying to keep them busy, they don’t count as quality time. They need your undivided attention once in a while. This will make your toddler feel valued and love which significantly lowers their level of crankiness and irritability.

Final Verdict….

Want a completely pleasant toddler? Too bad, they don’t exist but you can have a happy toddler who is generally in a good mood and throws a tantrum once in a while with these tips.