Smart Pee-Pee Review

smart-pee-pee-reviewBeing a parent in this smart technology era means you have a lot of tasks pertaining to child-upbringing taken care of digitally. There are apps to help feed the baby, take note of any health deterioration, amuse baby, and many more. But, never have you been able to monitor your baby diaper condition using the so-called Smartphone apps. I’m happy to inform you today that there are folks who have been working day and night to help you monitor the activity in your baby’s diaper. These folks have come up with the Smart Pee Pee; the first ever of its kind to help keep baby’s behind as comfortable as possible.

It must be said that keeping track of what happens to baby’s diaper is a tough call for all parents (though others might argue with the use of urine line to detect baby discomfort-turns out it is not so perfect after all). This can be solely attributed to the fact that our little angels do not posses superior communication abilities – they simply cannot tell you what is happening down there. This, therefore, means that you always have to check and see if the baby is uncomfortable. It also means that baby’s behind is vulnerable to hygienic attacks such as rashes, and red “asses.” It is especially tough at night where you are forced to disrupt your sleep every now and then to check if baby’s diaper is wet or not. The new Smart Pee Pee diaper monitor solves all these problems for you.

A parents’ savior

First it was tough enough coming up with diapers to keep the baby comfortable. But, then great ideas have developed around the diaper invention and have seen many versions come up purporting that they could keep your baby comfortable all night. We all know this is crap based on the experiences we have had as parents. The smart Pee Pee could not have come at a better time. Before anyone else could come up with a hoax diaper idea that would only empty parents’ pockets and leave them unhappy as always. The Smart Pee Pee does not only keep the baby comfortable but also communicates the baby’s condition literally.

Features of the Smart Pee-Pee

Thanks to the Smartphone idea everything seems to be heading towards the direction of simplicity. Manufacturers of Smart Pee Pee have also taken advantage of this and designed a 7.4mm, 6.6g gadget that is clean and practical. The size alone means that even baby won’t feel any discomfort that may come due to pressure exerted on their somewhat delicate behinds. But, what about possible reaction with moisture that could harm the little angels you ask. Well, I would be worried too as a parent but, the smart pee pee is moisture proof (or rather waterproof I should say). It is made of stainless steel with polycarbonate preventing possible reaction with acid or alkaline substances such as baby’s urine.

The Smart Pee Pee comes with a preinstalled battery that has stable performance and possesses no leakage risks. The battery is quite stellar and will function throughout for up to 1500 hours. You will never have to worry about the little Smart nanny failing to remind you of the baby’s diaper condition. The battery is covered with an aluminum cover that prevents it from reacting with baby’s wet diaper. The sensor, also protected by the aluminum alloy panel, detects any wetness from the diaper and when synched with the Smartphone app using Bluetooth connection, will send a clear verbal message that diaper needs to be changed.

Benefits of the Smart Pee-Pee – a great nanny indeed

Gone are the days when you were always worried of baby contracting rashes or developing a red ass due to constant wetness. Gone also are the days when toddler would cry uncontrollably because they felt uncomfortable due to pee or feces. The Smart pee pee will nanny your child even when you are preoccupied by other important activities by reminding you of baby’s diaper condition, in which case you will find a chance to take care of them and get back to work. If you are a new mommy or daddy and your baby nursing experience is just starting to develop, avoid having to wait for baby to start crying before you can notice his/her wet diapers. If you resorted to using Smart Pee Pee you will notice just how quick your nursing and parenting skills grow.

We can only be too careful when it comes to the little ones’ health. Your baby’s skin condition will tell you just how keen and cautious you should be with anything that might come into contact with them. It is for this reason that the Smart Pee Pee made it safe by using nickel free material to avoid allergies and keep baby safe at all times.

The Smart Pee Pee goes a long way into making parenting simple and efficient. For instance, if your baby is old enough to be potty-trained, the Smart Pee Pee will come in as a perfect assistant. This is done when you put into consideration the regularity of your baby wetting the diaper. Since this gadget keeps very detailed and accurate information, you will know just when to put them on the potty. This will in turn reduce the amount of time you rely on diapers to keep your baby comfortable.

We cannot judge the Smart Pee Pee’s effectiveness if it cannot be diversified. With the different diaper types and sizes in the market, it will be quite a shame if our “smart nanny” will not be able to function effectively with at least most of them. Well, the smart Pee Pee comes with a magic sticker that enables it to be attached onto any diaper of your choosing. You can therefore worry less about whether it’s going to work with your favorite diaper brand or not. It is also compatible with your android or IOS Smartphone and you can easily synch with them using a Bluetooth interface.


We have seen all sorts of technology based inventions to make parenting easy and effective. But we can only appreciate technology that focuses more on problem solving than anything else. The Smart Pee Pee will be a nanny compared to none that has ever been seen. Given its fabrication, it will be quite a shock if it cannot last well into our children’s teenage years. Because the gadget is just launching and has not been experienced by a majority of parents, it will be quite interesting to see the response from consumers. Therefore, be prepared for some “change diaper” sounds; just what baby always wants to say but never gets a chance.

The Smart Pee-Pee is still in the crowd-funding stage, so if you’d like to contribute and pre-order a monitor for yourself go to their Indiegogo campaign!