Zoli Baby Bunny Teether Hands On Review

Zoli Baby Bunny Teether Hands On

Teething is among the most challenging times for babies and they could use some help right about now. That for the parent to dig deep into their pockets to get another baby product with the usually vibrant and confused colors. Any parent will tell you that they can’t stand to get another baby product with the warped designed. Time to time, you have to give yourself a nudge in the back and tell yourself that this not really about you but what your child likes. If they want one toy that has all the colors in the world, it is about them. Let them have that comfort.

Now that they’re teething, you had hoped that you would never find yourself in this position again and unfortunately you have. Only that this time, you don’t really have to settle for what the colors and bulky stuff. You can actually get a product that both you and your child will absolutely love. It’s the Zoli Baby Bunny Teether Hand on. It is a simple product that will not only help your baby with the teething process but will also keep you from breaking your cool having to stand another multi colored baby item.

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It offers quite a number of features a great deal of which are dedicated to the baby which would be expected. The parent has to be content with the design. Which is not only simple but also minimalist and has solid colors that makes it easy on the eyes even on those of adults.

The most notable thing on the package is the wording “BPA and Phthalate free.” Most parents that have done shopping for their baby products before know that this is what you want to see. Previous research has showed that these are materials that cause development problems in children. Hence why any parent would be jubilating to know that an item that will be spending sufficient time in the mouth of their child is safe and will not harm in any way.

The directions of use are relatively easy as well. The box indicates that all that needs to be done before you can start using the product is to simply clean it and just in one simple step, your baby has a new teether. You have to give props to the manufacturer for being able to make the parents most excruciating pains and making them a walk in the park. However, the parents are not the only ones that should be excited about what this product has to offer. Babies also have a lot to be happy about.

Taking kids’ love for animals into account, this teether adopts a bunny style design which is where it gets its name from. It has two colored knobs that stick out like the ears of a rabbit. The two ears are made fromsilicon and the handle which is the white area of the teether is made fromplastic.

While the ears have been made to be quite soft and comfortable, when enough pressure is applied, you can feel the hard plastic underneath. This makes the product enjoyable for the baby to use for gnawing for long hours. It also helps to improve on the durability of the product which is quite critical.

The bunny design on the ears is also a well thought-out strategy that is aimed at helping children be able to sooth gums on either side of the mouth in one go. Instead of having to remove the teether and then shoving it back, they can be able to get the most out of the teether by having both knobs in different cheeks at the same time.

Another features of the design that would be great for babies is the handle. While in most instances it would be considered for holding, it can also serve other purposes. It can be held with one or both hands and if the baby feels that they would like something that is harder than the silicon knobs, they can simply switch out. It also worth noting that most babies do not have the judgement for distance yet. As a result, if the ears of the teether are too long while knowing, they can easily make themselves gag which would be a bad experience. That is not the case with this teether. The knobs are long enough to comfortable insert in the mouth and short enough not to cause the baby to cause themselves to gag.


As with the features, the benefits of this teether are also quite diverse. A great deal of them are courtesy of the thoughtful design. The product is safe and easy to use for both the parents and the baby where applicable and also offers great functionality. The easy to use handle is also a great addition to have since it is able to comfortably fit the little hands of the baby. If you’re looking for a teether that will not throw of your mature color palette, then this would be a great idea. Luckily it does not offer you comfort at the expense of the baby.


On the other hand, you have some areas that could use some sort of improvement. The most notable is the distance of the knobs. In younger kids, it would hard for both knobs to fit in the mouth at the same time which means they can only use one side of the knobs. It doesn’t get to affect the performance of the teether as such because the baby can comfortably use one of the knobs but it makes slightly complex for the baby to steer. Other than that, everything else about the teether seems to have a thumbs up from both parents and toddlers alike.


Getting a great teether always requires the parents to make another sacrifice be it to their décor or their color stricken eyes. Now that you’re at your breaking, it would be easy for you flip and this teether will make sure that you keep your sanity and your child is able to sooth their gums. After all, you do need each other in their best behavior in order to get along and keep building the bonds.

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