Best LEGO Sets For Boys

The last decade LEGOs have evolved to include new themes that are on par with the generation of children. The classic games of LEGO are still there because well, they are classics! But, if you are looking for something different for your son, you can read through the choices in this review. The list contains amazing LEGO toys for boys between the age of 4-years and 14-years.

Best LEGO Sets For Boys

LEGO City Police Station 60141 Building Kit with Cop Car, Jail Cell and Helicopter

The toy’s mission is for the police force to capture bad guys and put them behind bars. It comes with 894 pieces to build an elaborate 3-story police station with three offices, a garage, a watchtower, and a rooftop helipad. It will take time and dedication for a child to construct the police station. The police station has modern features like long windows. It is a beautiful structure in general.

It has seven figurines that include four police and three crooks. The toy also has a helicopter for aerial tactical advantage when searching for bandits. There are a police car and a motorbike for pursuing criminals on the ground. The thieves get a truck with a cherry-pick in the back. Many accessories come with the game. Creative boys can use various accessories to make the jail cells and police office more realistic.

The toy is compatible with several LEGO police city games to build a more elaborate toy. Combining two toys is fantastic when your son has friends over so they can play together. It is great for boys who are 6-12 years old. It is the perfect choice for kids with interest in police work, crime-fighting, or high-speed chases. The toy has accessories like toilets, handcuffs, windows, mugs, weapons, and tools, among other things. The game has a variety of things that will keep a child engaged for a long time.

LEGO Architecture New York City 21028, Skyline Collection, Building Block

The toy has 598 pieces which build iconic buildings like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and the Chrysler Building. The parts for the skyline of New York City come in real-life colors of the buildings. The buildings are a scale in size of the New York Skyline. What you end up with is a realistic toy of New York Skyline. It comes with a base plate for New York City with the building names on the plate. There is a guide that has instructions on how to connect the LEGOs to build successfully. The booklet has details about the design and architecture of the buildings. Also, children can learn the history of the buildings as they play with the toy.

The Skyline of New York is among the best in the world, even though it has over 200 buildings. The toy is suitable for boys who are interested in New York, history, architecture, and traveling. It is appropriate for boys who are 12 years old and above. The toy is educational, and it educates children about the history of New York and the architectural design of the most famous buildings in the city.

LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box, 10698

The Classic Large Creative Brick Box is a LEGO toy that is full of possibilities. The fact that the 790 pieces don’t build a specific item gives boys the freedom to try out different things. The toy includes six wheels, eight types of windows, six rims, and three sets of eyes, two base plates, and doors. It comes with 33 bright colors that will makes anything your son build pop out. It also gives creative kids something that will help achieve their design visions. The joy of this game is that your child can think of something new to make every new day. The box comes with a brick separator for disassembling the structures.

The game is suitable for kids who are 4-years old and above. You can search online for fun structures to build once your son grows older. You can easily find designs with instructions on how to create different structures. The game is suitable for kids who love architecture, building with hands, design, and urban planning. The collection is compatible with other LEGO kits. The set can be useful in the future for building complementary structures with other building block toys.

LEGO Architecture London 21034, Skyline Collection Gift

The toy has 468 pieces that build famous landmarks like the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the Nelson Column, and other iconic buildings. The toy comes with a base plate with the name London imprinted on the size. The child can learn the architectural design for the landmarks. It also gives the child a history lesson on the monuments. The pieces are in the real color of the buildings for London City. Therefore, the complete toy looks like a miniature version of the city of London. The full version can be a decoration for your living area or the boy’s bedroom. The game comes with an instruction book. It directs the kid on how to join the pieces together to build the Skyline of London successfully.

The set can promote creativity in a child while education the child about one of the largest cities in the world. The toy is suitable for boys who are 12 years and above. A child with interest in architecture, history, traveling, and the city of London will appreciate the toy. It will also keep a child occupied as they figure out how everything fits.

LEGO Ninjago Movie Fire Mech 70615 Building Kit

The toy comes with 944 pieces to build an action-filled setting of the Ninjago city. The set makes a considerable villain that the ninjas have to fight to keep the city safe. Children who are fans of the LEGO Ninjago movie will high appreciate getting the game as a gift. It is a complex game, which is suitable for boys who are 12-14 years old.

Building the set may take a while keeping a child busy during the weekends or the holidays. Once it is complete, the boy can reenact battles from the movie and create epic battles. The ninjas can prevent the villain from hurting innocent civilians. The set comes with the ninjas Zane, Hammer Head, Jelly, and the famous red ninja, Kai. It also has two shoulder discs, a mini figure cockpit for the villain, and non-shooting fire blasters.

The toy is compatible with other LEGO toys, and your son can do parodies with his friends. The gadget lets your toy play a hero saving the innocents. It is an excellent game for children who love battles, crime-fighting, and heroes. Building the will take time because figuring out 944 LEGO pieces is no easy task. However, it is a great option to get a boy from TV and video games for a while.

LEGO Architecture White House 21006

What isn’t interesting about the white house? People go to see the white house in Washington, DC. It would be an excellent addition for boys who enjoy architecture games. The toy has 560 LEGO pieces that make a believable diorama of the white house building. The parts are up to scale, and the final product will be a version of the white house your child can be proud to have built. The model comes with a base plate with the name ‘white house” imprinted on it. The complete white house will be 9 inches high, which is a decent size. There is a booklet that has instructions on how to complete the set. The booklet provides a lesson in the history of the building. The details are an essential part of American history.

Some of the facts that the child will learn to include that President George Washington chose the design in 1792. The White House is the most potent and famous statehouse in the world. The model can open the door to discussing American history. It is also a fun way to show your child that learning about American history can be fun. The toy is suitable for kids who are 12 years and above. Therefore, you need to be ready to answer a couple of questions about American history. Alternatively, you can find the appropriate reading material when you don’t have all the answers. It is a treat for boys who love architecture, history, the White House, legislature, and politics.

LEGO Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Hogwarts Whomping Willow 75953 Building Kit

The scene where Ron Weasley steals his father’s invisible car to go to Hogwarts with Harry Potter and landing on a whomping tree isn’t a scene any Harry Potter fan can forget. The Chamber of Secrets Hogwarts set brings that scene to life. The whomping willow in the set rotates to indicate irritation. The challenge of the game is to get Ron and Harry Safely to Hogwarts without landing on the tree.

The set comes with 753 pieces, which include a whomping willow features, six mini figurines, Harry’s owl Hedwig, suitcases, wands, candles, a broom, and a table among others. The characters are Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Finnigan, and Filch. The child can play a gem escaping Snape or getting the three characters into mischief while hiding from Filch.

The task is to build 3- story Hogwarts with the chamber of secrets, a portion of Snape’s office, and the dormitory. The castle is such a site, and your son can reenact a few scenes from the movie. It is also compatible with other Hogwarts LEGO toys for more fun. It is suitable for boys who are 8-12 years old. The toy is great for kids interested in magic, Harry Potter, Architecture, and the Hogwarts series.

LEGO City Police High-Speed Chase, 60138 Building Toy

The toy comes with 294 pieces that include four characters, a police car, a private car, two gold bars, and handcuffs, among other things. The figures represent a female police pilot, Chase McCain, Male police, and the crook. Playing high-speed chases as a police officer in the attempt to catch a criminal instills a sense of good and evil in a child. The helicopter is easy to construct and put everything in place. It will keep your child busy for a while. There are so many scenarios that a child can imagine where a crook does something wrong, and the cops have to arrest the criminal.

The cars in the game resemble a sports car adding to the excitement of the chase. The helicopter is a useful tool for spot crimes and keeps up with the crook during the hunt. The pieces have a barricade that the kid can use to block the crooks sports car. The helicopter has a hook that can snag the crook’s car. The rotors of the helicopter rotate, adding a level of authenticity to the game. It is suitable for boys between the ages of 5-12 years old who have an interest in the law, police, sports cars, fighting, and high-speed chase. The set is compatible with other LEGO City Police and construction games to build an elaborate environment for the police to fight crime.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express 75955 Building Kit

The toy gets inspiration for the Harry Potter movie series. Boys need to build the Hogwarts Express on the track at platform 9′ waiting for students to get in and head to Hogwarts. The toy is a favorite of parents and children who are die-hard fans of Harry Potter. The toy is so much fun for kids reenacting the train station. The complete work is a work of art with a close resemblance to the platform in the movie.

It comes worth 801 pieces to build the train and the platform. The toy is compatible with other Hogwarts LEGO series making it an impressive set for a Hogwarts collection. There are accessories, including a candy trolley, where kids can buy candy on the way to Hogwarts. Other accessories include four wands, luggage, the Kings Cross station sign.

The characters include Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Remus Lupin, the trolley witch, scrabbers, and a dementor. The can be a part of others to create a variety of dramatic scenes on the train and the platform. The toy is suitable for boys who are 8-14 years old. The 801 pieces may take a while to put together and complete the set. It will be great fun moving the Hogwarts express to transport young wizards and witches to the school of wizardry.

LEGO Jurassic World Raptor Rampage 75917 Building Kit

The Jurassic movie was a hit with boys because it was action filled with an evil scientist, dangerous dinosaurs, and a hero gamekeeper. The set is a great toy to reenact the thrilling adventures of Owen with Claire and raptors Blue and Delta. The game builds a mobile with a revolving top, a cockpit, and a decent back interior.

The set has four raptors, three characters, a mobile, Owen’s motorbike, Claire’s mobile phone and a knife. The toy comes with 324 pieces that will keep your son busy for a while. It is suitable for kids who are 6-12 years old. It can be challenging for children below 6-years old. The set is challenging enough to keep your boy excited about finishing the game. The raptors come with posable limbs so they can act as d├ęcor for a boy’s room when he isn’t playing.

Once the set is complete, your son can reenact scenes where the Jurassic world threatens to collapse, but Owen saves it. Ideas are easy to generate from the movie series. Your kid can invite a friend over to play for hours. The game will promote creativity and imagination in your son. It will also keep him busy so that you can do chores or just rest.

LEGO Education Fairytale and Historic Mini Figures Set

The game comes with 227 pieces that can build 20 mini-figures that will keep your son engaged for hours playing with the set. The set contains characters from fairy tales and different cultures. It is also compatible with other LEGO sets for more fun. The child can reenact a variety of fairy tales from movies he knows. It is suitable for boys who are 4-years old and above.

The set includes kings, queens, mermaids, wizards, among other characters. The child needs to learn the things that each mini-figure does to play the roles of the character appropriately. Some of the characters like a king and queen, kids may know their roles. Your child can be a king, rule, go to battles, and ensure that the people of his kingdom are doing well. Other characters may prompt your child to ask you questions about the garments, roles where they are from, and so forth. The kid’s motivation will be to learn more about his toys. In the long run, he will know about different cultures and how things work.

The set is a good reason to invite other kids to play with your son. Five children can choose characters and create a setting to play with the toys. The pieces of the toy may not be many, but they provoke a boy to ask questions about a variety of things. It also comes with a bunch of accessories like a variety of bottoms, flowers, wands, and hats, among others.

Shopping Guide

There are several things to consider when buying a LEGO set for a boy. The right set can be a source of joy for your kid. It can also get him to get off the screen and play. The toys usually engage the creative side of your child, which is excellent for balanced development. Here are some of the tips to assist you in choosing the best LEGO toy set for your boy.

Age: Most of the toys have an age limit depending on the complexity of the game. The LEGO games are advisable for children who are 4-years and above. Kids below 4-years may lack the motor skills and brain capacity to assemble a LEGO set. There are different games for different age groups. Choose the right age group of your son. If you choose a game from a higher age group, it may be too complicated for him to put together. Remember, LEGO games are compatible. You can always add another toy when your child begins to lose interest. Two toys can build a more elaborate game.

Interests: The LEGO brand has a wide variety of themes for the games. You know what your son likes and that’s what you should buy. If you are not sure, ask him if he has a favorite LEGO game. The interests of young kids change so fast. Asking ensures you do not buy a game that he hasn’t already outgrown. Alternatively, go with classic games that can interest any young boy.

Educational and Skill Building: LEGOs encourage creativity and wild imagination in children. The right game will promote creativity in your son. Some games like the ones that include cit skylines and famous buildings come with additional information about the historic sites. History is a subject kids have to learn in school, and using games to teach your child history can create an interest in him when he is young. The game should help children to build motor skills as they grow. It also makes problem-solving skills in young boys, which can be useful in the future.

Social Interaction: The right game will encourage social interaction between your son and his friends. If he gets a cool toy, he will want to show it off to his friends. Also, finding a game that is suitable for a single player or multiple players is excellent for your child. Older boys who get games with many pieces can invite friends to assist them in building the set. It will be fun for your son to have something interesting to do with friends.

Best Pick

The best pick for boys is the LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box, 10698, because it allows boys to explore their creativity. The set doesn’t come with a mission, and boys can try to construct a variety of buildings, cars, figurines, and so much more. The game comes with a range of accessories to keep kids interested for long. Another fantastic set is the Lego Police Station 60141 Building Kit, which is excellent for boys interested in crime-fighting. You can go wrong with the police and robber set for active boys. The high speed chases to catch bad guys will keep your boy busy for a long time.

The two sets have features that entertain boys allowing them to think of exciting ways to play the game. There are other options for kids who have different interests. However, the two picks are classic games that each boy plays at some point in their lives. Therefore, when choices are overwhelming, you can choose one of the two games.


This review should give you a good idea about the best LEGO games in the market today. The choices above are great as a gift for boys. You just need to pick the one that represents the interest of your child. Alternatively, choose one of the best pick toys.

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