KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse with Furniture Review

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse with FurnitureToys play a great role in the development of a child. They are more than a pass time for them. They help to develop their skills hence the importance of making sure that they get their play time. However, a great deal of toys focus on helping the children get active and work on their muscular and cardiovascular aspects. There are very few toys out there that help to build a child memory, increase their brain power of even harness their creativity which is sad considering that creativity and believing in it is one of the most vital lessons that you will teach your child in their life. You can get started them on this road by getting them a dollhouse.

At the mention of dollhouses, the one that comes to mind almost instantaneously is the KidKraft majestic mansion. It has a great deal of features that will definitely help to nurture the child’s creativity and at the same time, this provides for some great fun for the child. It is one of those buys that will not disappoint especially if you happen to have a baby girl. There is a lot of uniqueness with the KidKraft majestic mansion dollhouse 65252 which ensures that you have a great experience and also the child can exercise their ideas in a humongous and space filled environment.

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Wondering what the KidKraft mansion doll house has to offer and what makes it such a great toy for most children. Here are a number of features that explain its greatness and some of which could help you make the right decision with regards to buying an appropriate toy for your child.

Children in most instances are used to getting dolls that are far smaller than them. Other than playing, such toys are not usually of much help to the child. Their size alone locks out of most of the ideas they have and limits the others. However, the KidKraft majestic mansion does not fall in the same category with such toys. In fact, it would be safe to consider the dollhouse a giant as it stands at 53 inches high, 14 inches wide and about 51 inches wide. That is more than 4 feet in height which is significantly taller than most 3 to 5 year olds. With such amounts of space, the possibilities for your child are endless and this ensures that the child can exercise anything that comes to their mind.

The space would not be worth much if it did not come with a supporting cast that makes it easier for your baby to make use of it. That is why the KidKraft dollhouse furniture set comes with a vast variety of pieces that the child can play around with. These are not like any other plasticky or woody pieces that you find. They have been well thought out and are very detailed. It helps the child to associate with the real thing. To get a picture of how detailed the set is, it comes with fully functional garage doors and a moving in-door elevator which is quite savvy.

That is not all, the KidKraft majestic mansion dollhouse with furniture is made from 100% wood for two reasons. The first is to ensure that the structure is stable and durable. This way it is able to outlive and survive the abuse it will take during play time and continue providing valuable fun hours without requiring regular repairs. Also, wood is a natural product and hence is not harmful to children compared to having products that are made from PVC. Also, it is worth noting that wood offers for a sturdy structure that is able to support the weight of the child Incase they trip during the fall. Weighing in at 61 pounds, if your child happens to lean on the majestic doll house mansion they unit will be able to support them instead of readily falling over. It is something that will help parents to get around with their duties in peace instead of dashing to be play room every time they hear a thud.

There are other great features that are included in the dollhouse. Some of them are for the sake of giving the room detail and ensuring that it is as realistic as possible. These include the molded plastic stair case, the movable garage door and even the elevator. It also comes with 8 rooms that the child can decorate as they like and provide for mountains of unending fun as well as wide viewing windows that make it much easier for the child to see what they have been able to achieve with their creativity at a different angle which is quite exciting.

There are many more features that the KidKraft mansion dollhouse has to offer. These are just a few of the ones that really make the difference and for lack of a better word, the headliners. There is a lot more it has to offer and once you make the purchase, you will notice that each of them has been carefully crafted to fit the needs of the child and their taste. Among these is the collection of colors both for the dollhouse as well as KidKraft dollhouse furniture set.


It has a great deal of uses which include imaginative play, indoor, creativity development for the young children and even provides for a great time for family bonding.

It has an appealing design and color especially towards the children that makes it easier for them to like the dollhouse. It also comes with a vast variety of décor that is well detailed and allows for even more use.

The product is quite durable which is evident by the materials that have been used in its construction. It also comes great dimensions to allow for unlimited creativity.


The setup is quite heavy weighing about 61 pounds. This poses a serious challenge to the kids. It also makes assembling it difficult given the heftiness. However, your kids could use a little help when it comes to using this great dollhouse.


It is evident that this is a great purchase even with the little hiccups. It is one product that you do not have to worry if the baby will like. Chances are you will have more trouble to keep her away from it than getting her to use it. Not only will you be able to offer plenty of fun but a lot of lessons and building creativity as well.

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