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KidKraft Sparkle MansionOne of the greatest assets that any child has is their imagination. It drives their life, gives them hope and allows them to believe that anything is possible in life and that they can make the most out of it. However, simply having a creative mind is not the end of things. You need to make sure that you nurture this vital art in the child and let them explore it to their full potential. For this, you need to make sure that you provide them with the tools that they need to realize it. One of the best ways to do this is by getting them games and toys that allow them to cross the normal boundaries of creativity with results that they can see. Do not forget that complementing them also goes along in building their confidence.

As for the toys, it can be a tricky affair since there are many that are currently available but you will be amazed by what you can get with a little research but that is not the case in this instance. The one that comes highly recommended is the KidKraft sparkle mansion and even more so when your little one is a girl. However, it has certain aspects that might appeal to boys. Here is more about it and how it could be the perfect toy for your baby to provide them with unlimited playing time while at the same time nurturing their creativity to heights that you would find unbelievable.

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One of the greatest limitation that children have to their imagination is the size of the toys that they get to use. You will be amazed how much more they can do with a toy that is slightly larger. It helps to open them to a world of ideas and possibilities which is why the KidKraft Sparkle Dollhouse might be a great idea. Its sheer size alone is enough to make your child’s eyes light up with ideas. It measures about four feet high and four feet wide. It is easily going to be the biggest toy that the child has. It is more likely going to be bigger than the child which only gives them more erratic ideas.

Because of its size, the dollhouse has the ability to accommodate more than one child at the same time. This is a great feature that allows the children to bring their creativity together as they take on planning and placing the pieces the come with the KidKraft Sparkle Mansion Modern Dollhouse. It also allows the children to learn some valuable lessons like the importance of sharing as well as the fact that sharing can also be plenty of fun and can help them grow to be better human beings.

The size of the dollhouse might be a concern to some parents who do not want to invest in something that will fall into pieces once at home. Children tend to be rough and experimental and hence you want to make a purchase that will be able to survive the abuse. The KidKraft dollhouse sparkle mansion is built using MDF which is a durable type of wood that ensures that it is able to take the abuse and last for a long time even after the child has outgrown it. The MDF boards also ensure that the structure of the dollhouse is strong and sturdy to hold the weight of the child if they happen to lean on it when they are playing hence this can also be considered to be a safety feature.

The house for dolls also comes with a number of diverse and different pieces that are detailed and very interesting. The KidKraft dollhouse furniture features 30 pieces that have been carefully crafted to offer the best and most realistic feeling when placing them in the dollhouse. If you find his impossible, consider the fact that the pieces include lighting and sound for pieces like the keyboard. There is also a lampstand and even has moving parts like an elevator and doors.

These allow the child to think out as wild as they would like and get to enjoy the different features that would be offered by this one of a kind KidKraft dollhouse sparkle mansion. It is not the typical Barbie dollhouse and even though the entire setup might be appealing to girls more, the moving parts, lights and sounds might make it a great buy for boys as well.

The bright colors and set up that has been used to make the set up makes it even more appealing to children so you can rest assured that you will be making a great purchase and one that your child ecstatic about.

As for the assembly, there is not much to worry about. You might have to help the child with this but it is relatively easy and you will find it to be quite the advantage and a walk in the park. Consider it to be a time to bond with your child.

IF you are looking to score some much needed points for the parent of the year award in your child’s eyes, then this is the greatest way to go about it. It will not cost you too much and the fun that your child will have with this is definitely going to be worth every penny that you spend on it. After all, what matters is that the little angel is happy and healthy.


It has a cute design that it appealing to children. It Provides for endless hours of fun helping the child to stay out of your way without having to worry about what they are doing or whether they are safe.

The KidKraft dollhouse furniture comprises of some really good pieces that make for great décor.

It is durable and can withstand the adverse use by the child. Above all it is not your typical miniature dollhouse.


It is quite hard to set up and does not come with the needed tools for this. However, you can always watch setting up videos and other helpful material to help you set it up.


If you are looking to get your kid so excited they can’t eve express it, then the KidKraft dollhouse mansion is definitely a worthy item to consider. It has all the features that most children love and above all, it gives a smile to the one person that you love making happy. Your little champion.

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