Willowbrook Girls’ Dolls Review

Willowbrook Girls’ DollsFor the longest time, little girls have always upheld the fact that the Barbie doll is the greatest toy they can have. While this has held on for a long time, it is slowly starting to weather out as children are becoming brighter and more creative. Their minds are more empowered, and they have more drive in their life at a very tender age. This is witnessed by the height of things that children are achieving at a very tender age. The number of kids hitting college at astonishingly tender years is quite high and, even more, impressive, there are children who are running their own business at that tender age.

Which is why, it is important to have new kinds of dolls that encompass beauty in a new way, and that helps to let your little girl know that at a tender age, being themselves is more important than having the perfect skin or having long curly hair. You also want to them to have toys that can replicate the dreams of your child and give them a companion that teaches them the value of those dreams in the best and most friendly ways. That is why the willow brook girl’s dolls would be a very great idea and could most likely be the next great idea that could change how little girls spend their playtime and how they can benefit from it.

What are the Willowbrook girls’ dolls?

These dolls are a series of 7 dolls that have a profound and creative story as well as differing personality. They are aged five, and each of them has a different ambition and goal in life. What brings them together other than their goals is the friendship they share and the fact that they are in the same school. The dolls represent a vast majority of the races in America and, more importantly, the dreams and ambitions of most girls that are at that age.

For instance, the first doll in the production line: The Cara doll is half Latina and hopes to be an entrepreneur and has a profound love for arts and crafts. She has started a business with the rest of the Willowbrook girls courtesy of her latest DIY project.

Cara’s friends who also complete the other seven characters in the doll line include Mackenzie who is the president of her class, Rory Rosenstein who want to be an engineer, Maya Martinez who aspires to be a scientist, Anjali Shah who wishes to be an actress, Perry Yu who wishes to be a journalist and one who travels around the world and Bailey Fox who wants to finally execute some reforms in the education sector.

It is easy to see why these dolls would resonate so well with most young girls. The ambitions that have been created by the characters are similar to what most of the young girls aspire to be at the same age. Having a doll that shares the vision as them offers them a great avenue to believe that they can achieve what they aspire.

The characters are backed up by stories that create depth in their life and make them more believable and relatable to little girls around the same age. The stories are geared to change the idea of beauty among girls away from the traditional tiara and great skin. With this new range of dolls, girls are taught that being beautiful is about being themselves and what makes their hearts tick.

Why these dolls are a great companion for your child

It is expected that upon release, these dolls will be a great hit and it is safe to say that with the kind of benefits that they have to offer, they do stand a chance of revolutionizing play time among little girls.

For starters, they allow the child to build their confidence by making them believe what real beauty is. For the longest time, little girls have always believed that beauty comes from make-up and wearing tiaras. Unfortunately, for the unique children that do not fall into this category, the message passed across is disheartening and makes them believe that they do not qualify as beautiful. It can be disheartening but with this new range of dolls, children will be empowered to love and appreciate themselves and the way they are. As a result, the child has improved self-esteem and self-confidence. Something every parent wants for their child.

There are seven dolls, and this offers a deep diversity both in culture since the toys are spread out across the board in all kinds of races. Children can use the opportunity presented by the variety to learn about other cultures. Play time is also more involving since there is more for the child to play with. It is also worth mentioning that the dolls come with play kits that have stories and other playtime accessories that make the dolls more appealing.

While the toys help to build the character of the child, they do not take away the fun of indulging in them. As much as children could plait, comb and even dress up the traditional dolls, they can also do the same with the Willowbrook girls’ dolls and at the same time, they get a chance to build their intelligence.

Children have a constant challenge in learning their character and their emerging stories which makes the dolls a regular toy that will ensure that the children can always look forward to spending time with them.

What is the flip side?

There is no single shred of doubt that this is a great toy to have both as a parent and for your child. It has an excellent character as well as a great story that allows the child to associate with the dolls. But, considering that it is for children, it might be harder for the children to associate the story to the dolls, however, with time they will catch up, and it forms a sound basis to teach your child that it is okay to dream, and they can dream as big as they want.


The Willowbrook girls will be a collection of dolls that not only offers your child some quality playtime but also works to improve their ideas, goals and, more importantly, their inner self. It is a doll that parents and children will fall in love with.

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