Big Girls’ Athena Goddess Costume Review

Big Girls' Athena Goddess CostumeDressing up is fun. One gets to be anyone and anything that they want to be. From a celebrity, an alien, a mythical creature or even a mythical Greek God if they see it fit to. There are kids and teens who love celebrities from their favorite superhero movies like superman and batman, and then there are those who are more in touch with their history and Greek mythology and love being Greek gods for a night exercising their all awesome and mighty power on their subjects. Speaking of Greek gods, Zeus, Apollo, Artemis, Hera, Poseidon and Athena are character gods who feature in many of the modern movies. Heading out into a store, you can get any of the character costumes for your teen. But before you do so, you should think it through first probably have a conversation with your daughter regarding the same. Chances are, of all the named gods above, she will go with Athena.

Athena is the Olympian goddess of wisdom. Of the three goddesses history teaches us of, she was the only one who remained a virgin, never getting married or falling into the sweet enchantments of the goddess of love, Aphrodite. While there is a lot to be told of this mythical Greek goddess, romance is not one of them. And this is probably one of the main reasons why teenage girls look to be her any chance they get, during Halloween and Greek themed events in school.

If you walk into many of the local costume stores, you will find many costumes designed to give the Athena look. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs. This makes the choosing more of a daunting task and complex to say the least – especially if you are working on a deadline. That said, and to help you land the best there is in the market, we have taken the liberty to provide you with a review of one of the best Greek Goddess Athena Costume.

Have your teenage daughter in this costume and you will be in awe of the transformation that will take place. The girl you drove to school the previous morning or kissed goodnight the previous night will be gone and you will be greeted by a Goddess to say the least. The colors, design, flow and scarf it comes with really does a great job. Your girl will undoubtedly be the prettiest in the party or event she will be attending. But let this not be the sole reason of you buying it. Below are the features that make it great in the market and the reason many people who look at it go into a trance and cannot help but purchase it.

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The very first thing you will notice and fall in love with before anything else is its color. What girl in her teens does not love pink?  Add to that the fact that it features a golden strip on its bust to give it an authentic Greek look.

When getting costumes, especially if you are shopping online, it is imperative that you get the sizing right. Sure many online stores will provide you with the option of returning it in the event it does not fit, but take into account the time that you will used up waiting for it to arrive and the amount of time that you will waste returning it and waiting for the company to send you another one. The best thing about this Athena costume for kids is the fact that it comes clearly labelled in sizes and the ages recommended for the particular sizes;small, medium or large. With the labelling, you cannot go wrong, even if you do not know what size your daughter is (highly unlikely), the age recommendations will do just fine.

Different costumes and designs accentuate lady curves differently.It can however be very difficult to judge just by looking at it. Where do the lines fall? Will they accentuate just the right places? Now you probably are thinking that this is the wrong thinking to have right? Well, not quite seeing that you are buying this for your teenage daughter, who has started to be self-aware. But while you might be one of those liberal parents, getting your daughter all she wants, you cannot possibly allow her to walk around with a costume too tight and all her cleavage showing. This is where this Athena costume for girls comes in handy. While it will accentuate your daughters curves perfectly and in the right places, it is not too tight and neither does it show too much cleavage to make you doubt your parenting skills. It is a flowing dress that is perfect for a young and respectable damsel like your daughter.

Last but not least, as you make a choice of the Athena Halloweencostume to get your child, have in mind that you need her to be safe especially if she will be coming back home when the sun has already set. To be safe while walking back home, she will need to have clothing that is bright and reflective. The Athena Goddess costume is perfect for this. Along with golden strips on the bust, it features a golden highly reflective headpiece.

The whole piece is made of polyester and is as such easy to clean and does not attract bits of cotton which can prove to be very annoying to say the least. Accentuating the whole costume is a scarf that is sewn to the costume itself. It therefore cannot be left behind after a night of fun.

Last but not least, a final piece of advice as you plan on purchasing the costume, to complete the Greek, Athena Goddess look, a pair of ballet flats are recommended.


Choosing the perfect costume can be tedious and complicated with all the varieties there are to choose from. With the above review, your search should have come to an end. Make this near perfect Athena Greek Goddess costume should be your choice.

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