5 Effective ways to encourage independence in your toddler

‘Let me do it!’ ‘No mama, I don’t need your help!’’ are you starting to hear this phrases in your household? It is an indication that your little goober is growing up and has started desiring independence. The minute you start hearing these phrases it is a sign that your child envies independence and wants a chance to showcase capability.  Contrary to common opinion this is not a bad thing, toddlers become more independent as they learn to master new skills.

Continue offering them unconditional love and support but continue providing them opportunities for exploration. When you give them some independence you will be encouraging their curiosity and also help them engage in rich experiences. This will help your toddler become more independent and also make his capabilities grown significantly. Parenting a toddler needs a lot of patience and it can be trying even challenging at times. It is very important to try as much as possible to curb your frustrations and set the limits while also honoring your toddler’s desire and need for independence. These 5 practical tips will help you encourage your toddler to be more independent:

Never do for them what they are capable of doing for themselves

It will definitely take longer for your toddler to tie their shoe laces, put on their socks and comb their hair. Allow them to do it themselves even if it takes much lower because they will feel a sense of accomplishment when they are done. You will realise that they will be beaming with pride and will most probably show off what they have done. Congratulate them and encourage them to learn more. For instance if she combs her hair today, congratulate her then show here how to tie it up in a ponytail. This will encourage her to keep learning.

Ensure your home is toddler proof

When they become toddler they are more vulnerable to any hazards around the house. This is because they explore everything and want to do everything without help. Ensure that your home is safe for exploration through toddler-proofing. Constantly being told ‘don’t touch that’, ‘leave that alone’ or ‘get away from that’ will only make them afraid to explore their environment. Toddler-proofing makes your little one feel free and confident to go out and about.

Provide your toddler with choices/options

Allow your little one to make their own choices by giving them a variety to select from. Instead of asking your kid what they want for breakfast how about asking ‘Will you have pancakes or cereals for breakfast? When kids are given choices at this young age they feel like they have some independence and control over what affects them. Be sure to honor your toddler’s wishes, this reinforces that they made a great choice.

Assign your kids age appropriate tasks that they are able to accomplish

toddlers tasks

Encourage your toddler to be more independent by assigning them tasks that they are able to complete without too much difficulty. This can be a simple task such as putting all the dirty clothes in the hamper or putting away their toys. When you assign them tasks that they can accomplish, it not only gives them a sense of responsibility but also encourages them to take on more.

Encourage your toddler to take risks

The more risks they take the bolder they become. Encourage your child’s independence and boldness by enabling them start something new and see it through.