5 Exciting Science Kit Experiments that your Children can do at Home


One of the best ways to keep your kids busy and engaged at home is through getting them involved in fun science experiments that they will enjoy. Children will learn more and retain more knowledge when they carry out science experiments in a relaxed and fun environment. Take your time to research exhaustively so that you can ascertain the experiments that are kid friendly and also cover simple scientific experiments. It is advisable to take the prerogative to assemble the kit before the experiment starts. Here are some fun experiences to try out:

Create a Rainbow with your kid

A rainbow is one of those things in natures that amazes not only kids but adults who try to figure out how it comes about and are amazed at its marvelous colors. The best thing about this experiment is that it is easy and needs ingredients that are easily available at home. Simply take a full glass of water and then hold it over a plain piece of white paper.


The water will act just like a prism by bending and refracting the light which helps to separate the colors. It like the water in the glass actually acts like a huge raindrop! Let your kids carefully lift the glass full of water lower then higher to discover the effects that can be created. Also let the child document any effects they get, this introduces them to the concept of taking note which will come handy in school.

One of the best ways to keep your kids busy and engaged at home is through getting them involved in fun science experiments that they will enjoy

Teach your kid how to create invisible mischief messages

Are in the mood for some mischief? Creating your own invisible ink is a great idea to keep your child engaged and interested in exploring science. Sounds interesting huh! It’s pretty easy all you have to so is squeeze some lemon juice into a glass of water then mix it up thoroughly. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and use it to write something on the plain piece of paper.

using lemon to create secret messages


Give it to your kids and tell them how they can read the secret message. To read the message all they have to do is hold the paper very close to a light bulb. The light and heat from the bulb with help to oxidise lemon juice in the paper which ten turns brown revealing the secret message.

Teach your little goober how to create lava

How to Make a Volcano Erupt

With a little red food color, vinegar, baking soda, dish soap will be all you need to create your own lava flow at home. Experiment with your kids to discover the baking soda and vinegar ratio that makes the most active lava flow. Try different things that will make the experience more fun. How about modelling a volcano with clay then adding the vinegar in to watch your volcano erupt?

Floating paper clips

Floating paper clips

Inside a bowl of water gently place tissue paper on the surface of the water and a paper clip on top. Inside a bowl of water gently place tissue paper on the surface of the water. Proceed by gently pressing the tissues with the eraser end of a pencil. If the tissue sinks, the paperclip will remain floating on the surface tension. Try out different fluids apart from water to test out the different surface tension. Younger kids will need additional help with this experiment.

Help your child make a shiny penny

make coins shine again with your kid

Use a non-metallic bowl. Add a half cup of white vinegar and then add in a teaspoon of salt. Drop in old pennies, it is better to give your kid the role of gathering the older pennies. Count down to 10 with the kids and then rinse off the dirt from the pennies and set them on a paper towel. Try out different kinds of coins to see which ones become shinier.


parents laughing with kids

It is important for parents to know that learning does not have to be boring and dull nor does it have to occur in the classroom environment. With these 5 simple experiments, you will not only spend quality time with your kids, but will also create lifelong memories as they learn basic scientific principles. Who knows, you might also learn something new along the way!

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