5 Positive Role Models for your daughter

role models to girls

As parents in this modern age, the internet is a scary thing. No matter how much you try to protect your kid from all the evils on the internet, there in no way they can live in a vacuum. Sooner or later they will be exposed to the internet. While there are many dangers online, it is not all bad; there are many positive things they can learn online.

our daughters are in desperate need of role models TO admire and emulate

Positive role models for daughters are important especially in the age where Hannah Montana grows up to become a weed smoking and ass twerking fanatic. To make it even worse the Kardashians are the most famous family in the world, keep in mind that the youngest started having plastic surgery while still a teen. In world where this is who our daughters are exposed to, they are in desperate need of role models admire and emulate:

5 Role Models for your little princess


JK Rowling

Most girls have no clue that the person responsible for the entire Harry Potter series is woman. She is from a very humble background but quickly grew to become one of the richest and most inspirational women in the world. Her life is a story of tragedy and great triumph. When Rowling was writing the first ever Harry Potter book, she was just a struggling single mother trying to make ends meet. This did not deter her from achieving her dream of becoming a successful writer. After a long struggle she managed to get her first Harry Potter published then turned into a movie, then a sequel

A role model that your daughter can relate to encourages them to keep going even when they face obstacles

Get your kid hooked on Harry Potter by introducing them to it at a young age (when you are teaching them about books and reading). This sets the background to later tell them about JK Rowling. This brilliant and motivational woman is the perfect example of how hard work and persistence can pay off.

Amelia Earhart

This inspirational woman is a famous author and pilot who is pretty much the female version of Indiana Jones. Amelia was the first ever female pilot to fly on her own across the Atlantic Ocean. Apart from this she has set numerous other world records flying. She is evidence and proof to your daughter than they can be anything they want to be as .long as they put in the hard work and are dedicated to making it happen.

Amelia Earhart

She is also the best way to get you daughter interested in Science based subjects such as MATHS AND physics. This is because at a time when women were considered just housewives and mothers, she had the courage and resilience to learn science and become a renowned pilot.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams

This phenomenally strong and resilient woman is a great role model for little girls all over the world. She is widely regarded by most experts as the most versatile, talented and hardworking woman in the history. She is a product of hard work, commitment and persistence. She competed in sport that is dominated by Caucasians at a time when she had no role models to look up to. Despite not having the typical body type considered beautiful today, she is confident and believe in herself.


Marie Curie

Mary Curie was an extremely successful and brilliant scientist who despite all odds conducted pioneering research and successful experiments on radioactivity. In fact Marie Curie was the first woman to ever win a Nobel Prize. As if this is not enough, Marie Curie was also the first scientist of either gender to win a Nobel Prize in two different sciences.

Marie Curie

If you want your little princess to be confident in herself academically especially when it comes to science then this is a great role model to introduce them to. She is prove that what men can do women can do even better.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

If you want your daughter to know that they can be academically successful, well spoken, inspirational and brilliant at the same time then Mrs Obama is a great model. This confident woman rose beyond racial and gender discrimination to become a successful lawyer. She is also one of the most inspirational First Ladies in America. She is proof that a woman can do it all and have it all if they are determined.


Michelle Obama encouraging girls

In a world where our daughters are surrounded by role models who do not foster academic excellence and inner beauty these 5 incredible women will inspire your little princess to be great.

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