5 Practical Tips for choosing the best educational Toys for your child

5 Practical Tips for choosing the best educational Toys for your child

One of the biggest joys of parenthood is watching your kid grow and learn. You can help your child enjoy the learning process by thoughtfully choosing toys that will actually promote and nurture vital skills such as problem solving, creative thinking, language and communication skills and emotional-social growth. According to numerous studies by reliable sources, interactive and hands on educational toys are very helpful in boosting cognitive skills and contributing to success academically.

The problem most parents face when it comes to choosing educational toys is that there are so many great options to choose from. Most parents have no idea what kind of toy will captivate their kid for more than just a few days and still support mental development. We have done all the research for you; here are a few helpful tips

  • Select toys that match your kid’s abilities and interests

Every child is different from the other, while some love music other are more interested in taking part tings then bringing them back together. Keep in mind that for a toy to aid in your child mental development and cognitive function, it must be interesting and intriguing to them. If you realize that your child is intrigued by dinosaurs, games and toys with prehistoric concepts are likely to be a great educational tool.

interactive and hands on educational toys are very helpful in boosting cognitive skills and contributing to success academically

Additionally, keep in your mind kid’s age when it comes to picking a great educational toy. As a rule of thumb; a great educational toy should not only be challenging enough to be fun but also not too difficult to frustrate your little goober.

  • Go for open-ended toys and your kids can use in a variety of ways

A great and pretty safe choice when it comes to open-ended toys educational toys such as building bricks, art s and crafts materials and builders. These are a great option because they can be used by your kid over and over again. Additionally, these toys actually grow with your kid because while they may not be very intrigued with them the first time, as they learn to be more creative with them, they appreciate them more.

Another amazing benefit of choosing open-ended toys is that most of them encourage STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  Open ended toys are a great way for your kid to learn in a non-intimidating and fun way.

  • Select educational toys which park imagination and also provide your kid opportunities to play pretend

kid playing pretend

Pretend play is one of the best way for a growing kids especially a toddler to develop creatively while nurturing both language and literacy skill. When most kids take part in pretend play, they are able to develop new vocabulary since they take on different characters and act out a range of situations. Play pretend foods and kitchen sets quickly become restaurants. Play animals and blocks will encourage your kids to build a miniature city or zoo.

  • Go for educational toys that promote collaborative skills and social skills

educational toys that promote collaborative skills and social skills

Toys that actively encourage and promote cooperation come in handy in helping your child develop social and communication skills at a tender age. An obvious choice is board games, builders, puzzles and experimental kits. These toys are great at showing your kid how to play in turns and how to share and also compromise. For older kids, such toys are a great way to learn how to play and work collaboratively.



  • Purposefully seek out educational toys which motivate your kid to explore the real world

Educational toys which invite your child to explore their environment are the best way to stimulate their desire to learn and also spark their natural curiosity. A set of binoculars might just be what you need to get your little goober want to explore the outdoors. Follow this up by reading educational and entertaining books on the environment. For instance buy your kid a set of binoculars and then take them on a nature fun nature walk where they can explore vegetation. Later on show them an illustrative book on plants.

  • Choose educational toys which involve language and Mathematics and most importantly are age appropriate


Numerous reliable studies have ascertained that board games come in handy in boosting your child’s Mathematical and problem solving skills. For very young kids, playing board games regularly is the best way to build counting skill. Board games also involve a lot of strategising and problem solving which will build and nurture Mathematical and cognitive skills.


As a rule of thumb, always choose toys in attractive, bright, vivid and contrasting colours. This is because mental and visual perception of children is still quite limited and restricted. A good educational toy will capture your child’s attention and also challenge them to keep learning.

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