Which are the Best Educational Toys for Kids?

best educational toys

As your child develops, it is important that they are exposed to STEM (Science/Mathematic/ Engineering/Technology) and educational toys. This is because these toys require kids to engage in hands on tasks. This is a brilliant way to combine learning with fun. This article will guide you on choosing great educational toys that enhance physical, emotional, social and intellectual development

What makes a good educational toy in 2017?

A good educational toy is uniquely designed to target a child’s developmental milestones depending on the age group. Here is a comprehensive break down:

0 to 6 months

baby paying with legos

During the first three months, finding an educational toy is pretty easy because the toys appropriate for this age are pretty simple. For instance, a simple set of wooden blocks helps your baby grasp simple scientific basics (i.e, things falling on top of others helps with hand-eye-coordination and motor skill).

1 to 3 years /TODDLERS

toddler playing with educational toy

Between one to three years your little one will develop rapidly. This means you need to select educational toys that match development. Complicated toys that are much larger in size such as Duplo are a great start. This is the perfect age to start interactive activity sets and fascinating books that help to stimulate rapidly growing minds. This is also the best age to help them imitate real life acts such as pretending to cook, playing doctor and even throw in some gardening tools. At this age your little goober can start learning about colours.

As your child develops, it is important that they are exposed to STEM (Science/MATHEMATICS/ Engineering/Technology) and educational toys

Three to 6 year old children

educationsl toy 6 year old

When your kid is between age three and four, they will get numerous benefits playing complex building sets such as those with many moving parts like wheels and gears. They will also love playing with building blocks.  Additionally, kids in this age will be intrigued with planes, cars and other toys that imitate real-life machines.

Seven to 9 years

older kids with toys

The most challenging thing about picking a toy for a child at this age is finding one that is challenging but still not too difficult. Your kids at this time of his/her life when they are trying to make a transition between being kids and teenagers. Learning also becomes more complicated as they need to learn more things in school; A cool Math toy perhaps?

Where do I start from?

If this is your first time, you are probably wondering which toys to start with. Some safe choices include constructions toys, interactive toys and some shape blocks.

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