Best Fidget Toys 2020

1. Tangle Jr. Original Fidget Toy Review 2. Toysmith Wood Fidget Puzzle 3. Hyperflex Stretchy String
Tangle Jr. Original Fidget Toy Toysmith Wood Fidget Puzzle Hyperflex Stretchy String
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Most people would not understand what fidget toys are. But those in the special education field might know a thing or two about them. If you happen to be those that don’t know what they are, perhaps you might want to start with some basics on what fidget toys are and what you can do with them.  They are self-regulation tools that help you with improving focus whether on yourself or in another person or even child. They also help in calming, improving attention and even active listening especially in children that are hyper-active. They are perfect educational toys!

As an educator or a person who happens to mingle with children a lot, you might have noticed that one restless child in a class. They always want to get up and go to the loo, drink water and if none of those are granted, they will try to look for stuff which they aren’t even sure of in their desks. This is a condition that is referred to as attention deficit disorder and fidget toys could come in handy when dealing with such children.

They are not for children alone. Fidget toys can also be used by adults who want to lock their focus without feeling too locked down. They allow you to zero in on your thoughts while providing a more than enough diversion to allow you keep up with your thoughts.

There are plenty of fidget toys in the market and there are even some that can be made right from the comfort of your home. However, whether you decide to buy or make one, you have to make sure that the toy is able to serve the purposefully and not only improve attention but also provide some level of fun. Otherwise, the subject that is intended to use them might not like them. Here are some of the best fidget toys that you could consider getting.

What Is The Best Fidget Toy For Kids?

1. Tangle Jr. Original Fidget Toy See the current price here!5/5
2. Toysmith Wood Fidget PuzzleSee the current price here!4.5/5
3. Hyperflex Stretchy StringSee the current price here!4.25/5

Top 3 Best Fidget Toys 2020

Tangle Jr. Original Fidget Toy1. Tangle Jr. Original Fidget Toy

There are quite a number of fun areas when it comes to this toy. You could start with the fact that it comes in sets of three. You get three different toys, three different colors and three times the amount of fun. It provides an excellent learning tool from its different colors to helping the child calm down and be able to learn something new.

Since most of the products always claim to be the best at solving the different puzzles that they are meant for, you don’t have to do the same for this one if you read that it is highly recommended for children that have ADHD and autism. You can check with the different therapists and teachers and you will see why this could be the best solution for your young one. It has a great deal of puzzles that are simple but interesting enough for the child to stay still for hours.

The Tangle Jr. Toy has been made to be extremely portable and can be used by the child in almost any setting as long as they are not making use of their hands for any other thing. The toy can be used in classes and even long car trips in which kids tend to get very irritable or even in a plane. The toy is completely safe and helps to occupy the hands of the child or even adult so they can free up their brain and get the best possible experience when it comes to learning. It helps to release tension in the body of the subject so they can relax their mind. The toy fits around the fingers and palm of a person presenting a great play toy that it not too large that it distracts the eyes and the mind.

There are plenty of reasons which would make buying the Tangle Jr. a wise buy. Among them is its ability to relax the body and increase finger dexterity and also its portable nature that allows it to be used in just about any setting. Ultimately, it is also a great toy to have around if you’re looking to make those long trips look shorter and make them more fun. Also, this is a toy that ideal for both adults and children with or without attention disorders.

As much as the toy might come as a great tool for children and adults, it cannot be used by children that are under 36 months of age because of its small parts other than that, you should find the different colored links to be quite absorbing and very fun.

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Toysmith Wood Fidget Puzzle2. Toysmith Wood Fidget Puzzle

Another great fidget toy that has the same idea as the Tangle Jr. but a different mode of functioning is the Toysmith Wood Fidget puzzle. It is made up of twelve small blocks of wood that are about half an inch thick each. The small interlocking blocks make it superbly easy for you to get the most diverse toy since you can use them to make any shape you want. As a result, you have a great fidget toy that will keep a child or even an adult occupied for hours. With that in mind, you get the chance to teach, learn or articulate a lot more without placing yourself under pressure.

Albeit simple, the toys has colorful cubes that are appeasing to the eye and very interesting. You get a single piece upon purchase but this does not make it any less interesting. The 12 blocks can be stacked in anyway that you prefer or you can come up with. Other than helping to keep the child calm long enough for them to be able to absorb something, the toy will definitely work on their creativity and belief that they can achieve anything that they can come up with in their minds.

When it comes to age, the toy can does not really have a limit. It can be used by children that are as young as three years all the way to adults and even seniors. It helps to work on coordination other than calming the overactive child down and improves creativity. For the little ones that might not have started school yet, this would be a great teaching tool that can be used in helping the child identify the most basic colors and also the different shapes since the blocks can be linked to offer you different shapes or figures.

The Toysmith Wood Fidget Puzzle has been built solely to improve tactile perception. For those that might not be familiar with the term, this is the brains ability to understand what the hands are feeling. Which is why this toy is also great for the sake of hand eye coordination as well as helping the child improve their cognition skills. It is also a toy that you can use in as many ways as you please to teach the child something new or even basic items like colors and shapes.

As you would expect, the opportunity for a child to learn would not be the only benefit associated with such a handy toy. Its simplicity does not limit the child’s creativity and allows them to use the small blocks to come up with big ideas without feeling overwhelmed. Since the fidget toy is made of wood, it is completely safe for the child and does not pose any harm since the blocks are sizeable enough. You present your child with a safe but very critical toy and best of all, at a very friendly price.

However, owing partly to the nature of the cubes, the toy cannot be used for children that are below three years. This is also because children in that ae group have yet a lot to learn to be able to understand how they can use such a toy efficiently and effectively. If you really want to have a child use this, it is best that they do it under your very keen supervision to prevent unforeseen dangers.

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Hyperflex Stretchy String3. Hyperflex Stretchy String

Children and even adults like testing the limits of little things. It is the first experiment most people will try out to see how far they can push or pull something. These little 12 inch strings are definitely something that will have a lot of their using gawping in surprise.

They come in a simple and easy to use package that comprises of two small strings that can come in any variation of colors that range from Blue, Green, Orange or even pink. Needless to mention, these are colors that most children would find are very appealing and attractive. Which is one of the goals of this stand out fidget toy.

The fun clown props as they are also referred to as are perfect for use by children of all ages and even adults. They have a relatively easy mode of operation which is why they are highly preferred. But as simple as it maybe, it is also something that children and adults like doing equally. Stretching.

The small rubbery strings are able to stretch from a simple 12 inches to a staggering one foot in length each. If you tie them up together, you can be able to pull them up to two feet. It is quite a record breaking stretch and it is what keeps this little and simple fidget toys very interesting.You can keep testing the limits of the toy. Luckily, this is not the only thing that the toy can be able to do. You can also tie it up, wrap it or watch it snap back into shape each of which are just as interesting as watching stretch unlimitedly.

Because of the soft and squishy nature of the rope, you can also be able to squeeze it in your hands which helps to improve tactile perception. The other features help to improve sensory functions and at the same time work on the hand eye coordination. While this is a very simple toy that comes at a very cost friendly price, the uses that it can be put into are by far very complex and very benefiting to both children that have attention disorder and those that are upright as well as adults.

Buying these small strands of a squishy, stretchy rope also has a couple of benefits that are attached to it. These include its affordable nature and the different tasks that it can be able to accomplish among them being building sensory function and enhancing tactile perception. Its simplicity also makes it very attractive to children and ensure that nothing seems out of the ordinary especially because children love staying in their comfort zones.

In case they feel overly adventurous, the record breaking stretch ability of the strings would serve as a great way to explore their horizons and also offer a great way to keep the child calm and in one location. The toy can be used in a number of unlimited setting since it does not require a lot of playing space and can also be used at virtually any time.

However, because the initial size of the strings are very small and the material that has been used in their making makes them quite easy to swallow, the age limit for children that can use this fidget toy is restricted at above five years. You should know that children tend to throw anything they come across in their mouths. Hence the reason why it is best to use this toy with children that are above 5 years of age.

There is no doubt the value that fidget toys add to the learning curve of young children and especially those that have a trouble attention. As much as they might seem simple in appearance and even have a floor cost, the contributions that they offer to the learning of children and even the development of their bodies is very critical to the point that it can’t be quantified.

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They also have the same effect on adults. At times, getting yourself to relax enough for you to be able to clearly think can be a struggle. Your eyes and hands will constantly see things that are quite attractive and as a result, you might find it hard to concentrate. Having a fidget toy allows you to lock down your thoughts and concentrate. Luckily, you now have a couple that you can consider when you want to purchase one.

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