Do Children’s Toys really influence their career choices?


There are many claims that gender-specific toys end up harming a girl’s career opportunities. Is this really true? Can the toys we buy out kids shape their future prospects in the job market? This is an important question to every parent since all we are dedicated in doing is raising all-round individuals who will be successful in whatever they take on.

There is no doubt that toys do play a role in shaping the people we become

Think about it no matter how old you are, you still have a memory of your favourite toys as a kid. It might be toys cars, building blocks, tea set or a doll house. Did this toy shape who you became later on in life? This is an intriguing question that this article covers exhaustively.

According to experts toys don’t play a big role over the career you choose…

science starts at home

Research and numerous reliable studies have ascertained that toys don’t have a big impact on what you choose to become later on in life. Just because you played with doll houses as a kid does not mean that you will become a nanny or full time mother. Just because building blocks were your favourite does not mean that you will become a construction worker.

encourage kid to do science

The biggest effect on what you kids will choose to take on as adults is how they are raised, who influences them, the roles they take on at home, the mental capabilities and generally what they are interested in and whether as a parent you take the prerogative to help them pursue their interest.

mum playing piano with kids

For instance if your kid   shows a love and talent for music at an early age, it is up to you to motivate them by signing them up for classes and buying them musical instrument to practice.


Sometimes what begins as a hobby becomes a passion and later on turns into a full time career. With some research you will realize that most world famous musicians started as children and gradually. Even if you buy your little girl a doll house, there is nothing wrong with it. The most important thing is that when they finally go to school encourage them to take on science and Maths,. This means that no matter the gender STEM toys are important (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). These toys are specifically designed to help your kid develop an interest in science and mathematical related fields.

educationsl toy 6 year old

The best thing you can do for your child is give them options. Expose them to a variety of things and let the make a choice on what intrigues them. Denying them a chance to be exposed to everything limits their career options. For instance; if they show a love for art, do not force science on them. Let them explore their interest. Your job a parent is to raise a responsible individual who is able to follow through on what they choose to pursue. AS for toys buy them what can help them develop, what is fun and challenging and also what fosters creativity and mentally stimulates them.

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