Developmental play for your toddler

Playtime for kids especially toddlers should not only be funĀ  but is also the perfect time for your little explorer to learn something that will help them develop mentally, socially and academically. Keep in mind that at this age (when they are toddler) their brains are developing and generating rapidly.

At this age anything that further aids mental growth and stimulates them cognitively is very important in ensuring that they develop into all-round kids who will perform well academically and also have great social and communication skills. As parents we want the best for our kids, here is how to ensure your toddlers has a fun time playing and also learns something:

Structured play-times such as board games need energy breaks

If your little explorer is into board games it means that they love activities that challenge them mentally. The last thing you want is for the child to be mentally exhausted. This is harmful because it may cause your child to become fussy and completely loose interest in the game. The best way to ensure that they remain alert for long periods of time is to give them short energy breaks in between. These breaks are the perfect opportunity for your kids to have a much-needed mental break so that they are not overwhelmed.

Outdoor play is important

Helps to develop and enhance social skills

Playing indoors is great but it is important to ensure that your little one also has a chance to explore the outdoors. This means you need to invest in outdoor toys such as sporting equipment (balls, nets), trampolines, ride-on-toys, remote-controlled toys and play houses. When outdoors your toddler gets the chance to interact with nature and understands their surrounding better. This is a great time to begin teaching your little explorer how to take care of their environment through recycling. How about planting a tree with your kid? This will teach them environmental conservation at an early age.

Spend quality time with your child playing together regularly

family bonding

At this age your kid is learning how to form relationships, interact with other and conduct themselves in a public setting (they are about to go to school). Remember that charity begins at home so you need to show them how to play with each other. Spend quality time playing with your kids such as teaching them to ride a bike and playing board games together. While playing together teach them how to compete without disagreeing, how to communicate politely with others and generally how to form and maintain healthy relationship with others in their environment.


When they are toddlers, their brains are rapidly developing. This is the perfect time to mould them into the people you want them to become.