How to Make a Custom Magnet – Perfect DIY Activity for Kids!

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Did you know that there are so many ways that you could use old family photos and cards instead of stashing them in the attic to collect dust and cobwebs. Not only are some of these ways artistic but they give more value to the cards and keep old and valuable memories fresh in the minds and especially those of children. One of the ways that you can make use of those cards and old photos or even recent one is by using them to make photo magnets. It is an ingenious way of framing your photos so to speak without using too many resources and you are able to create some great and interesting varieties that kids find more fun and easily relate to. You can then use the Fridge as your converse and stick these there. But first you have to know how to make them.

panda-303949_1280Why should I make DIY photo magnets with my kids?

There are many reasons that parents think of DIY projects and this is one of those that are not really about saving but primarily about the family but now that we mention it, it is cheaper to make them at home than having to buy them.

They provide a lot of fun for the young and very inquisitive minds and gives them a chance to learn something new. Needless to mention, this also allows them to make something great out of those photos that they have collected over the years and make something cool that they can even show off to their friends.

The bonding that goes around in the family as you get to do this is unmatched and provides for some great quality time without the distraction of technology and things like the TV. You might have to switch off your phone though unless you want to be the party pauper by having your friends call you over for some beer.

Building DIY photo magnets is an activity that helps to create and nurture the artistic side of a child. Photo magnets are a great idea and they allow the child to venture into their creativity during the process as long as you give them the leeway to do this. You have to make sure that you have a great experience at this and that makes it much easier for you to let them learn that they do not have any limits.

There is a lot of pride that and self -worth that grows in a child when they see that they are able to complete something of their own and they have an avenue to showcase in this case the show casing avenue being the space provided by the fridge. It builds their self-esteem and belief and allows them to believe that they can do much more. This is not only with photo magnet making but also applies with most of the DIY project.

The time you invest with the child sifting through the old photos and cards and the process of making the photos is valuable to them. IF you can sit there with them for that long and help them create something that cool, then you must really love them. The best thing about kids is the fact that they value the really valuable things. Giving them your time to them is far more important than giving them money. They know and understand what really matters and a great DIY project like this definitely shows them how much you value them.

Making photo magnets is also a great way to store old memories in new and creative packages which renews them and gives them new meanings. It also makes it harder for you to forget the moments and offers a great chance to the children to be able to relieve some of the greatest occasions in their lives even the ones that they cannot remember like when they took their first step.

If that is not more than enough reasons to want to consider taking your own time with your kid to give making a photo magnet a home a try then there is probably nothing else that could convince. If you won’t do it for you, then why not for the little chap? Wait until you see how his eyes will light up once you are done. It is a very satisfying experience and one that you should definitely try out.

Now that you have more than enough reasons to go for a photo magnet in your next session of family time now you need to know how to go about it and make great DIY refrigerator magnets.

How to make Photo magnets

It will take a couple of steps to be able to complete this but in the end it will be well worth the trouble without a doubt. First we will have a look at some of the things that you will need for your customized fridge magnets.


  • Holiday cards and the photographs that you would like to use.
  • Clear accent gems
  • A black market
  • Magnet tape
  • Scissors
  • Mod podge

And some time and family to put the project together with you. It makes the experience more valuable. You can even have a camera around to take photos and maybe you can use those on your next photo magnet making session. Anyway, let’s get started on how to make to make photo magnets.

Get your photos and cards

First, you will need to collect all the photos and cards that you will like to have while making the magnets. It is a great idea to let each member of the family to pick a couple that are sentimental to them or you can sit down together and brainstorm on the ones that make the cut. Remember that the whole aim of doing this is to immortalize memories and so you want to pick the photos and cards that have the greatest value to you as a family as well as to every member of the family. The first step on how to make your own magnet is to make sure that you pick photos that will have real depth.



Once you have picked the photos that you would like to use for your customized fridge magnets, the next step is to resize them. There are two ways that you can go about this depending on the format of the photos. If they are on a digital platform and have not been printed out, you can start by resizing and designing the photos as you would like before having them printed this cuts out a great chunk of the work. If they have already been printed this is where your clear accent gems come in handy. However while buying the gems you might want to get them in different shapes and sizes so that you are able to get personalized fridge magnets that vary in size and shape and definitely have a better look once they are done.

Take the clear accent gem of your preferred shape and size and place it on the area of the photo that you would like to use for the customized refrigerator magnet and use the black marker to mark around the area. Try and stay as close as you can to outline of the clear accent gems as you can to makes sure that the shape is distinct and precise.

Make the cut outs

Once you have outline the photos make sure you keep each photo with its clear accent design. A simple way to do this would be to cut out the photos one after so they do not get mixed up. This is the one area of the DIY project that you might not want to let your child participate because they could easily injure themselves with the scissor blades. However you could let them have a blast picking out the shapes and drawing the cutouts and picking the areas of the photos that they want to keep. Try and make them as involved as possible to the point where it feels that they have done most of the work. This helps them to feel more accomplished.


Glue them together

Once you are done making the cut outs, you need to glue them and their respective clear accent gems together. The best glue for this would be Mod Podge because it dries clear and hence it allows you to make more mistakes and does not punish you for them. This is yet another area where you do not want your child participating. But because you do not want them to feel like you do not believe they can do something you can introduce a chain of action as I would like to call it and it works great in most DIY projects where children are involved. You assign each person duties according to their age and preference and leave the ones that are more risky to the adults.

In this instance for example after picking the photos, you can have one child pick the clear accents of their choice and the photos to go with them, the other marks out the outlines you do the cut outs and your wife can do the gluing and then have the children take over again to the end. Sounds pretty simple and fun right? It is! No one feels left out and the kids remain safe.

Back to how to make your own magnets

When applying the mod podge, make sure that you coat the flat side of the clear accent gem as well to help it stick properly and strongly. Once all the gems and photos have been cut and glued to their respective gems, allows for an hour or two for them to dry. You can use this time to look for something great to do like play hide and seek or better yet start cleaning the canvas on which the finished products will be hang and this is fridge door. If you had other custom photo magnets up there, this would be a great time for you to be able to remove them or any other pieces that you feel have outlived their welcome on the door.


As hard as the term sounds, it is quite simple. It entails jolting to your local store and buying a magnetic strip which you can cut into small pieces and use the Mod Podge once again to glue it to the gems. Quite simple right? You might want to stick to the gluing because with all the excitement that the kids will be having as they see the photo magnets DIY slowly come to life they are more prone to be clumsy and forget and touch their eyes with the glue. To be on the safe side, you can do this on your own then assign something that is much safer to them.

Get them on the canvas

After gluing the magnetic strip to the clear accent gems, your job is just about done but that does not mean that you should wipe your hands and walk out. Being the captain of the photo magnet DIY ship means that you are the last on the floor. However, on this next step they little angels might not need much help from you unless you have a humongous fridge and they want to put their new pieces high up. You know, where mum cannot reach them? Then you have to lift them up occasionally. Quiet the workout for you but a lot of fun for them. Nevertheless, your great family fun time is over but the best thing is you might have just created new memories that you can use to make your next photo magnets.

During the period that you are making the photo magnets, it is important to make it about the children as much as possible. As much as it might be fun to have a couple of your moments up there have a great and funny ways of suggesting this to the kids so they feel that they are doing it for their own good and not so you can get a chance to keep those memories as well.Other than that, having DIY photo magnet making session is a great way to kill some time and have some family bonding time while digging up some great memories from back in the day.

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