How LEGO supports Child Development

How LEGO supports Child Development

One of the beneficial toys when it comes to prepare your kids for academic success are lego toys. They seem pretty simple but the skills that kids will learn from these toys are extremely beneficial in fostering skills that will help your kid throughout their life. Here are some skills that your little goober will acquire from playing legos regularly:’

Fine Motor Skills

Using LEGO is one of the best ways to build fine motor skills. They engage your skills hands, fingers and muscles se they pick them up. In fact most kids absolutely love the thrill of building using lego toys and they can do this for hours on end. By building their strong little muscles, kids will fine-tune their motor skills.

Cooperative Play

Cooperative Play

Lego is mostly a group game that encourages team work. It is easy for LEGO building to turn into imaginary bliss with adventurers ranging from animals, heros, villains and even family members.

Give kids a sense of accomplishments

When kids finish a task even at tender age you will notice that their faces beam at the site of their creations,. This sense of accomplishment encourages them to keep going even when the task is challenging. Legos are a perfect for giving your kids a sense of accomplishments, instilling self confidence and also making them excited to accomplish much more.


Building with Lego is extremely challenging for kids

Building with Lego is extremely challenging for kids in the beginning and this can heartbreak your kids. However human beings are born with a natural resilience that is why you will notice that no matter what your child will not give up on trying to arrange the Lego pieces. If they keep on going and this helps build persistence that will come in handy throughout life.


Solving a puzzle

Solving a puzzle

Whether they are doing it alone, in a group or with you they are solving a puzzle. When they are picking up the little Lego pieces to create something that sparks in their imagination, this is an indication that they are beginning to look at the pieces of the Lego pieces as part of a bigger puzzle that they need to solve.


How LEGO supports Science kids

One of the most important lessons that your kid will learn playing Legos is cause and effect. It is a lot of fun watching the thrill that your kid has to build the tallest tower they possibly can. As the tower gets higher and higher you will notice they are holding their breath as they try to build more. Soon the tower will start crumbling down. This is cause and effect in action! After all the foundation of Science is coming up with an idea and then trying to make it come to life, this is what your kid is doing playing Legos.


These are just a few of the skills that your child can develop and master by simply playing Legos from a tender age.

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