Factors to take into consideration before buying a new toy for your gifted child

When a parent buys a toy for a child, it is with the hope that the kids will enjoy the toy and have fun. Most parents base their decisions on what they liked while they were young. On the other hand others buy toys based on their popularity of the toys at that particular time. All children are not the same; there are a few gifted kids who more mentally astute as compared to other around them. Here are some factors to take into consideration before buying a new toy for your gifted little goober:

Factors to take into consideration when choosing toys for gifted kids

Gifted kids constantly need to be challenged

Gifted kids enjoy using their minds and also thrive when they are trying to figure things out. This means that toys for gifted kids need to be mentally challenging and stimulating. The challenge must be intentional and should not be because the toy is poorly designed. Go for a toy that allows your kids to exercise their minds such as puzzles and board games.

Gifted kids need toys that foster creativity

Another important factor to take into consideration when it comes to choosing toys for gifted kids is creativity. A toy that allows your kid to be creative will help to mentally stimulate your child. Mental stimulation comes from imaginative play because your kids will be intellectually challenged.

Go for toys that align with your child’s interests

If your gifted child is already of school-going age, it is best to look for a toy that will feed your kid’s interest. For instance if your kid loves Mathematics, how about a calculator that can help them solve age appropriate math problems. If they are into learning new languages, go for language-based games such as Mad Gab. Gifted kids need exposure to al their environment and the world at large has to offer.

Should I buy a toy based on gender?

Today most toys are marketed as either for girls or boys. This leaves many parents wondering; should I buy my gifted kid toys based on their gender? For instance trucks and car toys are marketed for boys while dolls and doll houses are marketed for girls. When it comes to a gifted child, the primary concern should be whether the toy is challenging, mentally stimulating and fosters creativity. Studies have suggested that most gifted girls love science while gifted boys love anything involving art.

Should I buy toys based on my child’s age even if they are gifted?

Parents of a gifted child just like any other parent wonders whether they need to buy a toy based on age. According to leading child psychologists, kids who are intellectually advanced are able to enjoy toys that are meant for older kids.  If you buy them toys of their age you will notice that they easily get bored and loose interest in the toys. When it comes to age as a consideration when buying ypour child a toy you don’t need to worry too much about age but rather pay close attention to the subject matter ( for instance it should not be sexually oriented).