5 Important Reasons why Every Kid Needs to Play Outside in the Winter

Although it may be freezing cold and even blowing gales outside, there are still many reasons why your little goober needs to play outside during the winter. Just because it is cold does not mean they have to be confined in the house. So dress them up in warm clothes and give them the freedom to play outside in the rain and frost.

Kids will have a lot of fun playing in the fresh air even if it is cold

Playing outside in the winter is a great learning experience for your kid

mum playmg with kid in winter

Children learn and also master a lot of knowledge through play. Playing outside in different seasons helps them learn and understand their environment. You realize that as they grow up they ask a lot of questions about the seasons. Winter is the perfect opportunity for your little goober to happily jump into muddle puddles, hold ice, make snow balls and throw them around. Take them outside for some great family fun.

Kids learn to use new muscles

Kid running in snow

During the winter time children learn how to use different muscles other than the ones they use playing outside during the summertime and other seasons. Playing outside in winter kids learn to use their larger muscles to a great extent. This helps increases how much physical activity their body engages in which helps to support the development of motor skills and their general health at large. For instance, an icy path will require a child to use their leg muscles so that they balance more. Additionally, running in snow is also much harder than running in grass meaning their body is more engaged physically.

Playing outside in winter is great for your child’s immune system

Group of happy schoolchildren are running surrounded by snow.

While a stuffy and warm room makes for a great breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, a cold outdoors is more sanitary. Taking your child outside even in cold weather means your kid has a lot of space to run around and feel free.

Playing outside even in the winter will boost your kid’s vitamin D levels

While the sun can be pretty harmful if we are exposed to it too much, it is also harmful if we don’t get any sun at all. Did you know that vitamin D helps us feel happy and also helps to regulate emotional and metal moods? Even in the winter playing outside still gives your kid some Vitamin D.

Helps to prevent cabin fever

Helps to prevent cabin fever

Most parent know that keeping your kid confined and coped up inside will most likely make them go stir crazy and they take you along for the crazy ride every time! You can stop this craziness from happening by bundling them up in warm clothes and heading outside regardless of the chilly weather.

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