Basketball Drills Every Young Player Must Know

Perhaps basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world right now. If you want to engage your children in sports, it’s one of the best choices. Now, sharpening your basketball skills requires tremendous training. There’s no easy way to becoming the basketball MVP. Here are the following drills that every young player must know about:

1. Form Shooting

One of the most important drills is the form shooting. Encourage your children to do this on a regular basis to mold the muscle memory and develop great shooting skills that they can use to their advantage when they are playing. It’s also a great drill if your child wanted to be the best 3-point shooter on the team.

Form shooting can be done with one or two hands. It can be done far or close to the basket and slow or methodical.

2. Two ball dribbling

This drill is specifically designed to enhance the ball-handling skills of the young player. If your son lacks the dribbling skills, you may consider engaging him in two ball dribbling routine every day. Most of the players can dribble on their dominant hand, but what about the weaker one?

When doing this drill, make sure that your kid uses their weaker hand to improve their ball-handling skills in both hands. They should be able to develop proper coordination at the end of the day. If the player has the ability to dribble the ball using two hands, rest assured that he’ll be able to pull it off regardless if he is using his dominant or weak hand during the game.

3. Wall passing drill

Passing is also important in basketball. While most players overlook this skill, it is important that you develop good passing skills if you don’t want to miss opportunities in scoring.

Find a hard wall and stand approximately 15 feet away from it. Make sure that your hands are on both sides of the ball, the thumb should be pointing upward, and throw it as you flick your wrist. Make sure that your thumbs are pointed downward as you finish it.

4. One-one-one basketball

Playing one-on-one if a fun basketball drill. It will help your child determine his weak spots if he focuses on one player only. Aside from that, it helps to build the sportsmanship of your kid while he is playing. Make sure that you also imply the rules while they are playing, especially the dribble limits.

When you see your child improving, slowly introduce him to stronger and bigger players that you can find. In that way, he’ll be able to handle it in a real game.

These are just some of the basketball drills that you should introduce to your child if you wish to enhance his skills on the court. Now, doing these drills every day will help your children to play great during real games. Always remember that all basketball star players have gone through immense basketball drills and there is no reason for your child not to, especially if he is passionate about playing basketball.

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