Best Basketball Shoes for Kids 2018

1. Nike Kids Air Max Stutter Step 2 2. Nike Kids Air Max Stutter Step 2 3. Under Armour Kids’ Grade School UA Jet Basketball Shoes
Nike Kids Air Max Stutter Step 21 Nike Kids Air Max Stutter Step 2 Under Armour Kids’ Grade School UA Jet Basketball Shoes
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Basketball has overtime increased in popularity and its allure is hard for many young souls to shun. It has pace, fashion and swagger. Everything that a little tuck hopes they can be able to achieve in life. Unlike building a personality that has the same features, the sport is not costly and also tends to be a lot of fun. Perhaps the same reason why most parents love it as well.

Before you are able to play the sport, you first need the appropriate gear to get you going. The most essential part of the gear would be the basketball sneaker. The only problem is, unlike in the past where Nike dominated the market there are a bundle of other brands in the market and the designs for the shoes have blossomed. It is therefore difficult for any parent to get the best basketball shoes for kids. Emphasis here goes to the term difficult not impossible. It is especially tasking if you don’t have prior information regarding the best youth basketball shoe.

What Is The Best Basketball Shoes For Kids?

1. Nike Kids Air Max Stutter Step 2See the current price here!5/5
2. Nike Kids Air Max Stutter Step 2See the current price here!4.5/5
3. Under Armour Kids’ Grade School UA Jet Basketball ShoesSee the current price here!4.25/5
4. Adidas Performance NXT LVL SPD Next Level Speed 3 K Basketball ShoeSee the current price here!4/5
5. Adidas Performance Isolation 2 K Basketball Shoe See the current price here!4/5

What are the best kids basketball shoes?

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Things to Consider when Buying a Basketball Shoe

To get you started on your journey to getting the best basketball shoe for kids, you will need to know what you need to prioritize and what will make the shoe a better fit for your kid. You need to keep in mind that there are a couple of things that you need to consider while at this so you have to patient and go into the market with an open mind. This way, you maximize your chances of getting a great shoe that will offer your child the service that he needs and at the same time prove to be worth the time and money that you spent.

Before you get into this, you need to know that any sneaker is just that. A sneaker. It might help inflate your ego on the court and improve your confidence. However, a sneaker regardless of how expensive or dynamic it is, it does not make your game any better. It’s only meant to help you be more comfortable on the court.


With that out of the way, you can now start weighing your option. Now with sneakers, it is possible to get a good pair at a low price. So first, you need to have a price range to work with. This ensures that you reduce the scope of searching and you have a much easier time while making the search. Simple set your budget and stick to it. Especially given that this is for kids whose skill level is not that great, a cheap and good pair would still work pretty well.

Body type and size

Most of the best basketball shoes for kids are designed after certain signature players. This provides the parents with a certain comparison chart. Note that each of the signature sneaker is made to fit the corresponding player. Hence you can pick out one by comparing your child to the athlete that they are closest to in terms of physical aspects. For instance, the sneakers that are meant for LeBron James are fit for big guys that require a lot of support. For smaller players that need a lot of mobility, then the KD line or other sneakers that emphasis on speed would be a better fit for your kid.

Skill level

It is important as a parent to consider the skill level of the child while buying them the best basketball shoe for kids. You need to keep a level head when making the purchase and ensure that you don’t run into problems by avoiding the hype that comes with basketball sneakers. With the skill level you need to consider if your child is out there grinding every single day of the week or just a once a week type of player. Their commitment to the game dictates the kind of commitment that they should demand from their sneaker and hence the type of sneaker that you should buy.


Regardless of the type of player or the age of the child, comfort is paramount when buying basketball sneakers for your child. As much as it might be hard to find a good shoe with the comfort that you demand without the latest technology, one thing is for sure, there are different attributes that come with the different types of cushionings that you will find in the market. Typically, there are two primary types of cushioning that you will find with sneakers. The air and foam cushioning. The only difference with the two is the responsiveness with the former being much better.

The outer sole

The only thing that has become much easier with time when picking out the best youth basketball shoes is picking one that has the best traction. However, the challenge has become being able to pick one that is able to work on multiple surfaces and work diligently. To hit a home-run with this feature, you have to make sure that the outer sole is made of rubber and also, you need to look at the thickness of the rubber as well.  You also need to consider the softness of the rubber and the pattern. This ensures that the shoe is able to offer maximum traction for the child and at the same time, does not reduce the mobility of the child and their foot.


With basketball sneakers, the materials that are used in the making of the shoe are as important as how the shoe fits to the leg of the user. Most of the sneakers in the market are made for players with a narrow foot which is okay for most children. However, you have to know that while this might not be much of a concern, you have to also weigh in the materials that the shoe will be used for the shoe, if your child has big and wide feet, they are better off with shoes that have been made from the more natural materials. Durable plastic is a good fit if the child does not have demanding fit. But for those with wider feet, this could prove to be a sad experience. While fitting, it is important to make sure that you go up ½ a size. It gives the foot more room to play around as the child moves around the court.


Without a doubt, you don’t want to be doing more sneaker shopping in just a month. If you don’t weight your options right, you might find yourself in this bracket. However, you want a shoe that will not disappoint and fall apart in the middle of a game. It would be really embarrassing for your child. For this, you’re better off with sneakers that are made from natural materials like leather and suede. They might cost you more but in the long run, they do pay for themselves.


The last thing that you will look into when buying the best youth basketball shoe is the style. While aesthetics are a great addition to the shoe, they are not necessary and in most cases will not contribute to the comfort of the shoe or the experience. That is why the style is really a non-factor. But if you can manage to squeeze it in after you have found a shoe that also addresses the issues that matter, then without a doubt you can opt for the sneaker.


Kids Basketball Shoes Reviews

Getting the right sneaker might not prove to be the best experience for most parents. It does take quite some time before you’re able to understand the scales. You might buy a couple that are not so great. But that does not mean you’re a failure. If you find buying the best basketball shoes for kids to be hill work, some reviews of the best youth basketball shoes could come in handy. Here are some of such reviews that will definitely be of great help.

Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Kids 2018

Nike Kids Air Max Stutter Step 211. Nike Kids Air Max Stutter Step 2

When it comes to basketball shoes, Nike is the oldest name in the Game. As such, they have had time to try and practice with different designs and prototypes. Rightfully, they have among the most functional designs and definitely some that you’re going to love. The Stutter Step 2 is one of those shoes that encompasses a classic look with modern features.

It has a mesh material that allows for breathability while using the shoe reducing sweating inside the shoe and hence offering better inner traction and comfort for the player. It also has a rubber sole that is durable, flexible and has a pattern that allows it to grip on virtually any ground. There is an air-sole unit at the heal to help distribute shock and impact for safer play and a more comfortable fee and the multi directional herringbone outsole also ensures traction for multidirectional players at all times.

All the features that the shoe has to offer are beneficial to the user. From the breathable mesh, the rubber sole and the air sole. These are features that make the shoe more comfortable and definitely much safer.

Because of their convention overall design, most kids and especially those of a younger age might find the shoe slightly heavy and it might limit their ability to react. Other than that, it is a great and durable shoe with great aesthetics that every child will love.

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Nike Kids Air Max Stutter Step 22. Nike Kids Air Max Stutter Step 2

This is more or the less the same as the previously reviewed version but it has a couple of different additions and features that set it apart and allow it to appeal to an entirely different range of players. For starters, the shoe has been made with patented leather making it ideal for players with all kinds of feet and also very durable. It has the conventional rubber sole that allows for use in almost any kind of ground and also offers dynamic support.

It has a split toe design that allows the shoe to move with your foot as your play in amore natural motion and also has an aggressive Phylon design and an air unit at the heel that helps to curb the pressure and improve on cushioning.

For parents that are looking for a great shoe that will be to last for long while going toe to toe with every demand that will be requested of it, this would be the best basketball shoe for kids. It is attractive, has a great design and offer optimum support and movement for the child.

However, because of the high cut design, it does pack a couple of extra pounds and as if that is not enough, it does not feature a mesh. But for the latter, all you have to do is wear the shoe with cotton socks and you should be safe.

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Under Armour Kids’ Grade School UA Jet Basketball Shoes3. Under Armour Kids’ Grade School UA Jet Basketball Shoes

Under Armour is a shoe company that has been on a recent surge behind the back of NBA superstar Stephen Curry. Most of their shoes have been made in relation to curry’s style of play which means that they are ideal for kids and especially those that love speed and quick on their heels.

The shoe is made from a synthetic material which means that while it might not be as durable as some of the other natural materials, with the right fit, it can last just as long. The shoe is built to offer the player lateral and medial stability allowing them to be much faster on their feet while remaining more stable. The top has a soft collar foam that helps to add comfort and additional support to the ankle and at the same time, you also get a full length, molded EVA sock liner and a full-length EVA foam midsole that offers cushioning and support.

The sole is made of rubber and has a multi-directional traction pattern that offers improved and sure-footed lateral and linear movement. Everything that you could ask for and more.

There is no doubt that this is a shoe built for the young players that are quick on feet and rely on their speed to flourish. It offers superior ankle support and enhances your need for speed with a lightweight design and materials.

The shoe might not be able to last long because of the use of the synthetic material. However, should you manage to get the fit right, it should be able to last long enough to give your value for your money.

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Adidas Performance NXT LVL SPD Next Level Speed 3 K Basketball Shoe4. Adidas Performance NXT LVL SPD Next Level Speed 3 K Basketball Shoe

This is among the best youth basketball shoe for those that love a high quality sneaker that has a great look to go with it. It offers a wide range of features among them being a rubber sole a high top design that offers improved support for the ankles and also offers perforations that ensure breathability with contrast geo-print for a great finish.

For comfort, the shoe employs an EVA sock liner and also has a cushioned geo-fit ankle collar. It also has a torsion system that allows for mobility and stability of the midfoot. The rubber sole is a non-mark for better traction and multi-directional movement.

the high-top build offers improved support for the ankles, the rubber sole gives better traction for quicker change of direction and the EVA sockline offers comfort which are all great benefits to the user of the shoe that improve the experience and make the shoe a better fit.

However, this has also been made from a synthetic material. But, in this case, this is a high quality material that will still be able to last for a long time to come without any worries.

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Adidas Performance Isolation 2 K Basketball Shoe5. Adidas Performance Isolation 2 K Basketball Shoe

For parents and young players that are looking for a simple shoe that means business on the court, this would be a great fit, it has a foam outlay just above the rubber sole that helps to absorb most of the shock that is generated through landing after high jumps and it also offers quite the comfortable feel.

Other features include the leather coated synthetic upper for increased durability and light weight shoe that maximizes on the players reliance for speed. The shoe also has perforations on the sides, a mesh tongue and a textile collar all of which help to maximize on the breathability of the shoe and reduce sweating.

Another impressive feature is the TORSION that helps to provide adaptive midfoot support and there is also a comfortable textile lining for added comfort and a better and snugger fit to the shoe.

One of the benefits that this show has to offer is the fact that it comes in a wide array of colors that players can choose from. The massive foam lining for shock absorption and the rubber sole are all great additions that help to improve on comfort and the safety of the feet of the player. The synthetic material is reinforced which allows it to last longer.

On the other hand, synthetic is will always remain to be that. It is not as durable as leather or suede. But, it does reduce on the weight of the shoe and makes the shoe much more suitable for fast players with dynamic footwork.

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If you’re to buy the best basketball shoes for kids, then you have to know that there is a lot that you have to consider. It’s not about stepping out and coming with a flashy and great looking shoe. You have to consider all the underlying factors. These are what matter when getting good basketball shoes and especially for the kids or youth.