Is Boxing safe for kids

They say – more the number of ears, more are the vines! However, for any notion ever stated in the world, more the number of ears, more is the number of myths. And, unfortunately, these myths, just like errors have a tendency of creeping into our lives inadvertently, and spread wilder than a forest fire!

Physical activities for all age groups have always been considered a to-do, rather a must-do. It not only helps to have a fit body but also a sound mind. The importance of such activities has been recognized and advised to incorporate in lives on a daily basis. However, with increasing sedentary lifestyle, people these days are avoiding this from their daily schedule. Children these days, unlike their adults, are getting involved in various activities and sports to keep them engaged physically, helping them grow in all spheres. A number of activities have been opted by children of a particular age group as per their interests, ranging from sketching, basketball to boxing. These activities are not just a leisure activity, instead many take up this a career option.

Although most of the activities are approved by most of the pediatricians and guardians, contrary to this, boxing is facing a tough fight against all the myths associated with it. The American Academy of Pediatrics has advised all the doctors to not approve kids for boxing in lieu of a probable danger of getting a lethal head injury. However, this advice by the academy has been disapproved globally by almost all boxers, trainers and supporters. In their view, boxing teaches the youth of strict discipline and work ethics, unlike any other sport.

The professional trainers, all across support the fact that boxing for youth is not a lethal challenge to take up. They say that it is not prone to giving head injuries, for most of the training for the beginners is done outdoors, stretching and practicing with the best punching bags. These punching bags have the probability of giving knuckle and hand injuries which are way less injurious than head injuries.

Since almost all boxing practices and actual challenges are done under coach supervision, it is always assured that no one enters the ring without the headgear that covers most parts of head and face protection against all major and minor injuries. Therefore, there are almost no chances of getting a head injury easily and frequently. A notable trainer has stated that head injuries, in fact, do not happen unless the opponent is of greater age. All of these points point to the direction that boxing isn’t that dangerous as quoted by the AAP.

Though many teenagers and youth are attracted to this sport not just for leisure but for other crucial aspects, we still encourage others to follow the league. It is advised to most of the young children to enroll themselves in a boxing course as it has many advantages. Enrolling in boxing at an early age not only keeps children physically fit, keeps child obesity at a bay and improves their concentration, it also opens a door for a career option for them.

Getting trained from the start years adds years of training, practice, and expertise in the sport, preparing the blooming buds to represent their states and nation, bringing forth fame and glory. In addition to this, it also helps to boost up the confidence, helping the weaker vessels to stand for themselves. For those who get involved in fights, or have chances of getting into a trouble, boxing comes as a top-notch rescue mission.

From the view of guardians, boxing has proved to be an ultimate solution to keep kids away from streets and engaged in something constructive, that teaches them self-discipline, work ethics and techniques all at the same time and that too in a fun and interactive manner.

With a belief that myths are meant to get associated with things, majorly due to lack of knowledge, it is advised to everyone reading this to encourage more kids to engage themselves in boxing and live a better and healthy life, for there are certainly more pros to this than the cons associated with the same, with a fact that both of these are inseparable as two sides of a coin.

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