Choosing a great outdoor toys that your kid will enjoy

The last thing any parent needs is spending their hard-earned money on toys or playing equipment that their kid will not use. It is even worse spending money on a toy that puts your child in any sort of danger. Additionally a great outdoor toy is interesting enough to capture your kids attention and retain (keep in mind that it is competing with computer games and TV). So how do I choose a captivating and safe outdoor toy for my little one? Here are some tips that will come in handy:

Select age appropriate toys

Select age appropriate toys

A toddler needs a different outdoor toy from an older kid who is about 6 years. Take your time to research exhaustively so as to ascertain which toy is best for a particular age group. Here are some suggestions:

Young children from age 2 to 4

kid on swing

At this age your little one is a toddler who starting to explore the outside world. While they able to move and jump around, they are still not physically ready for a bikes or scooters. However, it is still important to take them outdoors and there are tonnes of playing equipment that they will enjoy including swings and slides, kiddie pools and cars. These are the perfect toys to keep them engaged as they play outside the house.

School going age from 5 to 8

kid playing soccer

By the time your child begins going to school, they are able to more on their own and are ready for more outdoor adventure. Some great outdoor toys for kids of this age include: water guns, roller blades, bikes, scooters, hula hoops and jump ropes. Additionally, this is the perfect age to introduce water sports such as soccer and basketball. A soccer ball or basketball and hoop are a perfect gift for your little one at this age.

Choose a toy that is more fun when used outside

kid playing outdoors

The last thing you need is buy an outdoor troy then realise that your kids are just using it to play indoors. The objective of buying an outdoor toy in the first place is to encourage and motivate your little goober to get outside more.

Specifically look for toys that encourage physical activity

kids active outside

One of leading reasons most parents what their kids outside is so that they can regularly engage in physical activity. A toy such as a soccer ball or hula hoop is guaranteed to  get your kid moving. This makes it a great option.

It is best to stay away from electronics

While there are many electronic toys that will be great for outdoor play, they are a not advisable. This is because of safety concerns.

Get the entire neighborhood involved

neighbourhood kids playing

If you live in a neighbourhood full of kids then look for toys that encourage team work and will encourage interactive group play. This way outdoor play will be a time to have fun, learn and interact. It also doesn’t hurt the kids will be safer since it is easy to organise adult supervision as the kids play together.

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