Why every kid should play outdoors daily


We live in a generation where our kids are obsessed with technological devices. Our kids rarely play outside all they do is play video games, watch TV and obsessively use their phones or computers to access the internet. According to numerous studies, staying indoors all day everyday has a negative impact on our kids’ health and general development. Additionally, research has also ascertained that kids can accrue a lot of benefits by simply playing outdoors on a daily basis. These include:


kids learning outside

Knowledgeable and experienced child psychologists agree that playing outside on a regular basis help kids develop enhanced learning abilities. These learning abilities will come in handy when the child ultimately goes to school. All a parent has to do use outdoor toys that are also educational. When kids consistently learn something while playing outside they begin viewing learning as an ongoing process and not just a strict exercise that is confined to the classroom.

research has ascertained that kids can accrue a lot of benefits by simply playing outdoors on a daily basis

Fosters Creativity

Unplug your kids

At a time when most kids only think about computer games, TV and the internet, Playing outdoors is a welcome distraction that will help get their creative juices running. Unlike indoors where all they have is technological deice, outside they are exposed to nature and many other things that can inspire creativity. Away from the confinement and constraints of indoor play, your little one’s imagination will be stimulated by everything that is around them.


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There are many health benefits that your kid can accrue from playing outside. When there is more room to play freely, your child will generally be more active. If they play outside everyday it will come in handy in building strong bones and this will substantially boost their fitness levels. Additionally, it also enables them to burn off extra calories and energy. It also doesn’t hurt that when they are outside everyday they are able to naturally absorb vitamin D, which when insufficient leads to Rickets.

Helps to develop and enhance social skills

Helps to develop and enhance social skills

Playing outdoors everyday means a chance to interact with other kids. Don’t just limit outdoor playing to simply playing the backyard. Instead arrange for play dates with friends and other kids from the neighbourhood. This makes outdoor play not just a chance to exercise the body and have fun but also an opportunity to be social and interact with others. Let playing outside be an opportunity for your kid to make a new friend and also sharpen their communication skills.

Great way to boost your kid’s confidence and give them a sense of responsibility

Great way to boost your kid’s confidence and give them a sense of responsibility

Keeping a child indoors means that they never get the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone. Regularly getting kids out of their comfort zone will make them more confident and self assured in everything that they do. It also communicate to the kids that you trust and believe in them. Every time that they go outside give them a simple set of rules that they can easily adhere to. This give them a sense of responsibility that will prove useful as they get older.

Give your kids sense of independence

Give your kids sense of independence

The aim of every kid is to raise a kid who is self sufficient and able to take care of themselves and be responsible without any supervision. One of the best ways to achieve this is through letting your kid go outside to play and interact on a daily basis. When they realize that they are able to survive and have fun without your help and supervision, it inculcates a sense of responsible independence and self reliance that will help them throughout their life.

Play outdoors daily is an opportunity to explore and learn more about their environment

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Children learn by doing and seeing. This means that if you want to learn and understand what goes in their environment then you need to allow them to go outside once in a while. While outdoors it is quite risky, it is also a chance for your kid to explore and learn more about their environment. Simple outdoor games such as playing on trails will inculcate the ability to push the boundaries and master risk assessment. As they play outside daily they become more confident and also have the self believe to try out new things without necessarily being instructed by adults.

Children learn by doing and seeing