How to Keep your Kid Safe as He Plays Outdoors

The number one concern for most parents as their kids play outdoors is safety. While safety is extremely important, it should deter your kids from having the freedom to play outside without fear. Apart from the fear of injury there is also the fear that your kid can fall victim of abductors who are searching for kids to take advantage of. For your own peace of mind and your child’s safety here are tips that will definitely pay off:

Adult supervision is compulsory


Kids cannot safely play outside without the supervision of an adult. Supervision is different from instructing and ordering around the kids. The job of the adult is to just ensure that all the kids are safe and sound while playing and they are not any danger or threat of injury. Additionally, the adult will also ensure that kids do not end up hurting each other (this happens a lot when kids are left unsupervised). Adult supervision depends on where the kids are.

If they are at home all that is needed is a responsible adult who can check up on the kids at least every ten minutes. When it is completely outside the home such as in a park an adult needs to be there consistently. It is important that the child does not interrupt the kids as they go about with their activities since this will interrupt how they play and interact with each other.

Talk to your kids about some of the risks they are exposed to when playing outdoors

kid talking to stranger

From the time they are toddlers kids are able to understand and implement what you tell them to do consistently. Talk to your kids regularly and give them easy-to-follow tips that will help them stay safe when they playing outdoors. Teach them about avoiding strangers, avoiding physical injury and how to interact with other kids peacefully.

teach kids vigilance with strangers

It is important to teach your children the common tricks that most kidnappers play while trying to lure kids. This will ensure that your kids is always on alert also inform the on the importance of avoiding strangers especially those who are suspiciously too kind. Start early because they are never too young. Talk to them often and you will be surprised at how much they will learn within a short period of time.

In case of siblings always put one person in charge of the others

siblings taking care of each other outside

If you have more than one kid it is best to let them play outside together so that one is in charge of the rest. Teaching them from a tender age on the importance of obeying authority will make this more effective. This will ensure that no matter where your kids are they know that the older sibling is a representation of you. This will only work if the elder sibling also follows instructions and knows that they need to lead by example and always be kind and authoritative to the others.

Kids must dress appropriately

Inappropriate Dressing For Kids

We live in a world full of deviants who will take any opportunity to put our kids in danger. Don’t motivate these deviants any further by not protecting your kids. While playing dress up in the house is perfectly normal and safe, doing it outside the house will attract the wrong attention and ca put your little princess at more risk. Keep the pedophiles away by ensuring kids are dressed appropriately at all times. Additionally, kids also need to be dressed appropriately depending on weather. If it is cold then they must be warm but still comfortable.

Know your neighborhood

neighborhood parents talking

There is no way you will keep your kid safe outside if you don’t know your neighborhood well. Know which parts of the neighborhood are safe and where your kids must avoid at all costs. Tell your kids and go a step further by actually showing them physically which parts of the neighborhood are safe and where they must avoid when laying.

Teach road safety

Teach kids road safety

If your kids will be playing outdoors then it is important they know at least the basics of road safety such as crossing the road, understand the traffic lights and also know that they cannot under any circumstance play on the road. These basic rules can be the difference between life and death especially if your neighborhood is next to a very busy road. Hope these simple tips will help keep your little one safe. Let them have a little fun outside but also take precautions to ensure that they are always safe.

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