Why Kids Need to Spend Time in Nature

In the eighties a biologist from Harvard University-Edward O. Wilson came up with a theory known as biophilia. According to this theory human beings are instinctively drawn to their natural surroundings. Many parents of this generation question Wilson’s theory because most modern kids have a clear preference for just sitting on a couch in front of a screen all day everyday when they are not in school.

human beings are instinctively drawn to their natural surroundings

The fact is that Edward Wilson theory is absolutely true, it is our modern lifestyle that is making our kids shun their natural attraction to nature and their immediate environment. This means that the issue is not to change their minds but instead find ways to make them go back to their true nature. Sounds quite easy, right? It is not impossible, it all depends on the age of the child. Children who are still young are easy to convince while it will be more challenging with the older ones since they are somewhat stuck in their ways. Wondering whether is worth all the trouble! Here are some reasons why your little goober needs to spend time in nature

Helps them learn about taking care of their environment at a young age


Environmental conservation is has become very important especially at this time when our planet is slowly dying because of pollution. What we need is a future generation that is sensitized about conservation and understands the importance of taking great care of what they already have so as not to lose it. Taking your kid to the zoo and planting a tree with them now and then as you teach them the importance is a great way to ensure that the future generation learns about environmental conservation at a young age. Although it may look like a simple exercise, it is one that will have a huge impact on your child for the rest of their life.

Teaches them to appreciate their environment and everything in it

kids planting trees

Ever wonder why some people are completely unaware of how they are harming the environment every time they fail to recycle? It is because most people today do not appreciate the role that our natural environment plays in aiding our day to day survival. Instead of a quiet afternoon in, how about taking the kids to a nearby farm? Visiting a farm is the perfect opportunity for your kids to see and understand where the food they eat comes from, how it is grown and what is done to make it. They will finally get to understand that the fries they eat are actually potatoes that are grown underground.

Gives them a sense of sensibility at a young age

kids playing in the rain

Spending time in nature will give your kids an increased sense of responsibility towards their surroundings. Here is an easy exercise that will forever impact how your child looks at nature while also making them more responsible at the same time. Plant a tree in your backyard with your child, the best kind of tree to plant is a fruit-tree such as a mango tree. Your duty is only to guide them through planting. Give them the responsibility to ensure that they the tree grows and produces fruit. This means that they will be in charge of watering it, applying fertilizer when necessary and pruning the tree when needed. Finally, also put them in charge of the fruits that the trees produce.

Teaching your kids about nature at an early age is gift that they will thank you for all their life.

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