Simple Basketball Rules for Toddlers

Basketball requires the player to know the rules and technicalities to avoid penalties during the game. Hence, if you are planning to engage your little kid in playing basketball, here is a simplified explanation of the rules for kids:

Rules of scoring

Let’s start with gaining scores. If the ball is shot into the basket and the shooter is within the arc of three-point, then they will gain two points, except if they commit foul. Free-penalty shots are allowed in this case. However, if the ball is shot into the basket within the free-throw line, the player will only gain one point. Players who can make shots beyond the arc of three points will gain three points for each shot they make.

Defensive and Offensive Team

Basically, there are two teams in the basketball with five members each. Those players who sit on the bench are the replacements; they are only about 4-5. If your team possesses the ball, then you are called the offensive team. The other team that would try to take the ball from you is called the defensive team. The main job is the defensive team is to prevent any attempt from the other team to create a shot. However, while you are defending, it is strictly prohibited to grab or touch the opponent members. Aside from that, no pushing or pulling in basketball. As long as the ball is in the hands of the opponents, you are also prohibited from touching it. However, if the ball is in midair, you are allowed to grab and slid it out from their hands and run to score for your team or just simply pass it to one of your waiting members.


When it comes to dribbling, you are not allowed to dribble the ball using your both hands especially when you are moving forward. If the player wishes to hold the ball in both of his hands, then he has to stop moving forward in order to do so.

Dribbling violations

It is important to dribble the ball while you are running forward. If the player fails to dribble the ball, he will be immediately penalized for traveling violation. On the other hand, if the player had yanked the ball from his opponents using both hands and even attempted to dribble it, it is called “Double Dribble Violation.” If your member had committed a violation, the ball would be automatically handed towards the other team.


The defensive team should be cautious not to commit any foul while playing. For instance, if a member of the defensive team had touched the offensive player to stop him from making a shot; it’s already considered as foul. The penalty for fouls would be two free shots from the center of the gym and three free shots if it happened beyond the arc of three-point.

Now that you know the basic basketball rules, it’ll be easier to implement it to your child who is interested in playing this kind of sport. Teaching them the basic concepts will help them to familiarize the game as they grow older and sharpen their skills in the limits of rules and regulations.

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