Turning Backyard into Play Yard

As the summers are here, we all know that this is the only time when kids can actually play and jump around and most of these activities happen outdoors. And what they love the do to do is to spend their recreational time in the backyards. So, here are some do it yourself tips and tricks by which you can add life to your boring backyard and make it children friendly.

1. Chalkboard wall

As kids we all loved to scribble random things on the blackboards and today as well children love it immensely. If you wish to make it on your own instead of purchasing it, then go and buy a black matte finish color and paint a huge piece of wood with it. Then install it on the fence of the yard, give your kids some chalk and your D.I.Y chalkboard is ready.

2. Tent

Children love to go camping and providing them with a camping site at home is something they would totally love. This idea is all about keeping it super creative, you can add grasses around, fireplace, forest chairs, music system, toys, or more to give it a full campsite feel.

3. Chairs in the air

When kids get tired while playing they so they need a nice and cozy place to sit and relax. What better way of giving them their own lounging space by adding some hanging chairs. These are extremely comfortable, cozy, great looking, and your kids would even prefer reading books on it.

4. Swing

One of the best way of making your backyard look attractive to children is by adding a pop colored swing. If you feel that it is costly in markets then you should completely try the D.I.Y. version of a swing. All you need to do is cut off the legs of the chair, paint it, add some strings to it, and hang it on the ceiling or a tree. If you do not have the time to do it on your own then you can have a look at the best swing sets for children.

5. A Tire Swing

Remember when we used to see those crazy tire swings in movies and get all fascinated. You too can make this childhood dream of yours come true by gifting your kids with a tire swing. It is comfortable, fun, and swings perfectly.

6. A Mini backyard beach

Kids love beach trips in summers as over they can sit and play with sand and also get wet without any scoldings. To tackle with their demands of frequent beach visits, make your own mini beach in your backyard. You can get a tiny pool and sandbox constructed at the corner of your backyard to give your children a safe beach to play in.

7. Treehouse

A treehouse is one of the most awaited dreams of a child. They all love the idea of climbing on a small wooden space which is on top of a tree and has all their toys and games. This can be constructed with the help of your kids by undertaking a joint project. The treehouse will symbolize the likes and dislikes of your little one.

8. The Musical Fence

Children love music and keep on playing random objects to produce different sounds. And now its time for you to give them their own musical fence which is all about different hanging objects. Now the child would have its own music studio where he/she can invent music and have fun.

9. Mountaineering in the backyard

A climbing wall is fun and exhausting at a same time. By adding a climbing wall to the backyard, you can actually help your kids in taking up exercising. While doing this, just make sure that you put a thick foamy mattress underneath to avoid the child from getting hurt.

10. Sprinklers for fake rains

As it is you have to water the plants and grass in your yard, its time that you go creative and opt for sprinklers at location where the child can actually step in and enjoy the little rain, plus your plants will also stay healthy and fresh. Kids love rains and this shall give them the joy of playing with water.

Apart from all these, you can even go more creative with your backyard. These may include giant bubble making tubs, fake water falls, water balloons, and more.


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