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Hasbro Pie Face GameRussian roulette has to be among the most dangerous and weirdly the most exhilarating game as well, it requires guts and bravery to pull the trigger but even with all that, it also happens to be among the most adrenaline packed games of all times. That is why despite the eminent possibility of death, most adrenalin junkies always go back time and time again much to their demise. The one thing that makes the game very likable is the fact that it has the surprise aspect, and that is what makes it quite interesting. Knowing what is going to happen but not knowing when. A similar game that encompasses the same theory produces the same effect as the roulette but does not include guns or bullet. Instead, it offers a great deal of fun for families and friends, and this is to the detriment and embarrassment of the players.

It is called the Hasbro Pie Face game. It is an innovative game that replaces the dangers of the Russian roulette with laughter and some pie on the face of the players if they do not play their cards right. It is a great board game even for kids with a point award system that allows children to venture into their competitive side. Here is a quick review that sheds more light on the game and why most parents would find it to be a great addition to family time or even for the kids.

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As much as the game is all about taking a chance, it has been setup in a way that encourages safety and reduces the amount of mess that children can make, so playtime is less hectic even if they do not have an adult to supervise playtime. The set up includes a pie throwing arm though this could also be used with whipped cream or the sponge that comes with the game’s set up.

The pie face board game also comes with a splash guard which is what most parents will love about it. Not only does this prevent the kids from messing up their clothes and entire body while playing the game but also reduces the spread of the mess to other parts of the house significantly. Right after the splash guard, there is the chin rest. This is where the player rests the chin as they take their turn in the game. It also allows for a more comfortable position while playing to avoid distorting the game and setting off the arm.

There are two spinners on each side of the game that are used to roll back the throwing arm or the pie thrower. For the sake of balance and better grip, the spinners are placed on each side of the game and require the player to use both hands while playing the game. It is vital to remain steady if you’re to win the game, and this will usually require you to have some great timing as well.

Lastly, the set up comes with a sponge. For those days that you do not have a pie or whipped cream in the house. You can use the sponge and apply something like water that creates a nice smack to the face it is just as fun and ensures that you can have your fun on any day. Even though the set up might sound somewhat complicated, in actual sense it is very easy to use and has quite a simple build.


There are quite some benefits that the pie in the face game can offer. For starters, it presents an all-inclusive family fun time. It is ideal for both kids, and adults and hence parents can always join in the fun and play the game together.

It is relatively inexpensive and does not require recurrent expenses like buying batteries or software to keep it running, It is also quite simple to use for both the parents and the kids with easy to follow instructions but does not allow the simplicity to get in the way of the fun.


On the downside, since the game requires the player to use both hands, it might be a bit challenging for handicapped children and even adults to compete in the pie face board game and on a couple of occasions, you might land on a game that is setting of the throwing arm on every crank. For the latter, you can have the game exchanged since this has happened in very isolated cases.

How to play the game

Now that you’re intrigued about the game how about learning how it creates the fun and how you can play? It starts with the player setting up their chin on the chin rest and placing their face squarely within the space in the splash protector. The game can have a couple of players at a go from as little as two to as many as you would like.

The throwing arm or the pie thrower is then loaded up with the pie, whip cream or in the absence of both of these, you can also use the sponge that comes with the game. Once the arm has been loaded and the players face is in position, they start to crank the arm back by using the handle spinners on the side. Each player gets to crank once and if they don’t get smashed by the contents of the throwing arm, they score a point.

The catch of the game is, the throwing arm can go off at any time sending the sponge, the whipped cream or the pie directly on the player’s face sitting on the chin rest. Not only does this provide a good laugh for the other players, it also means the player has lost the game. The best thing about the game is that it only has 25 cranks which means the most number of points accumulated would be 25. As such you can have many players playing in turns and the short bursts of the game. Agreeably, the surprise factor is the heart and soul of the game.


Having a great game that does not include violence and packs a hearty laugh is the goal of any family and this Hasbro pie face for sale does exactly that. It brings together a family regardless of how big or small and the laughter definitely allows for some much needed bonding.

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