Best Pedal Car for Kids 2020 – Which is the best one?

1. InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car 2. InStep Pink Lady Pedal Car 3. InStep Police Pedal Car
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Being a parent you obviously want the very best for your child. You want to give him/her all the toys in the world, get them the best tools and equipment for all the activities you can think of so that he/she can grow into a respectable individual in the society (hopefully it all puns out a you hope and pray). In addition to this, you want to set him on the right path of success and prosperity not to mention give them the opportunity to have lots and lots of fun. After all, there is nothing more rewarding that being able to put a genuine smile in your child’s face.

Sure there will be times he will throw temper tantrums and say things that he really does not mean, but in between these moments, you want to be able to make him smile. And what better way to do this than to gift your child with one of the best kids pedal cars there is in the market. If there is anything that history has taught us over the years is the fact that kids learn by doing.

This is to mean that if you want your child to be responsible person in the future, you want to afford them the opportunity to behave and exercise their sense of responsibility. Other than children pedal cars providing them with the time of their life and immeasurable fun, they also provide them with the opportunity to be little adults.

But before you make the purchase, ask yourself one question – is my child ready for a pedal car? Your child’s readiness for riding a pedal car will depend on their mental and physical development. And since it is not easy to measure such kind of development, you could consider the below factors to make the decision.

What to think about when picking the Best Pedal Car for Kids


Many kids are ready for pedal cars by the age of 3 years. Toddlers though very young already have the mental and physical skills required to power as well as maneuver a simple pedal powered car toy. Some might even be ready for this at a much younger age. But even with the variations in age, every pedal car comes with a recommended age bracket. You can use this age bracket to make your judgement.


It goes without saying that for a child to drive a powered pedal car, he/she has to be able to reach the pedals. Your child’s height comes into play here. While there are pedal cars for kids in the market that can be adjusted to solve the height problem, many of them do not have this provision. As such, if your child’s legs will be dangling in space, it probably is a good idea to hold out in making the purchase.


Pushing down on the pedals requires some considerable amount of strength. If your kid has been walking for a while, he/she should be able to push down on the pedal comfortably. Taking the pedal (or is it your child) for a test run will help you to determine whether or not the child has the physical strength required to power the car. Toy pedal cars are intended to be fun (though they can also help in fine tuning motor skills). And if pressing down on the pedal is troublesome, there is no need to watch them struggle.


Your kid should not struggle to get into and out of the car. It should be easy to do without help from you. Once inside, the kid should be able to start moving without overturning and wobbling all through. Of your kid has some trouble with walking or running, you should wait to buy him the toy pedal car.

Assuming that you have assessed your child and determined that indeed he is ready for a pedal car, lets proceed on to the next step – how you can get the very best pedal car for your child. The process is a long one for choosing a toy right/ well, the toy in question can very well turn into a safety hazard in a blink of an eye. It is because of this that it is recommended that you leave nothing to chance.

Factors to consider while purchasing a Kids Pedal car

Before we start, I should point out that some factors like age and size we have already looked at and there is no need for us to iterate the same.


Like may other kids toys that you might have bought in the past, pedal cars are not made the same. There are different makes and models. Even products from the same manufacturing company may be significantly different. There are those that come with premium safety and protection features and others that just for some reason decide to ignore the whole security and safety factor using cheap materials with catchy finishing and shoddy craftsmanship. Lead free paint, functional steering, seatbelts, easy to use and safe are the words that you want to be on the lookout for. And while a pedal car may be branded as such, you will need to make sure that indeed they live up to what they claim and that it is not just a marketing stunt.


Manufacturers use all sorts of materials in the making of pedal cars. The materials range from strong plastic to metal. Without a doubt, metal models will last far longer than any plastic – even the hardest available. But while they may be durable, plastic wins when it comes to safety for young children. Think about it, in the even your child hits a bump hitting himself/herself on the pedal car, which one would hurt more, metal or plastic. Metal right? And given that children are in their learning phase, bound to make lots of mistakes as they experiment and find out effective ways of doing things by themselves, you should prefer plastic pedal cars or if you have to get metal, get one that is properly cushioned to help absorb all the impact in the even he/she crushes.


As mentioned before, pedal cars in a wide range of varying designs with just as many decorations to catch your attention and that of your child. If your kid is the kind to race all around the house making car racer noises, then you should get a peal car with a hot racer theme. Or if she is the strict kind and loves to observe the law, a police pedal car would be best to feed her ego. All in all, ensure that you the interest of your child and try all you can to match up to it. This will help to bring out his/her individuality in a subtle but effective way.

So now that we are on the same page, that is you know if your kid is ready for a toy pedal car and the factors that you should consider to getting the best there is in the market,below are the top 2018 kids pedal cars.

Top 5 Best Kids Pedal Car 2018

Instep fire truck pedal car1. InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car

If you have a two year old son/daughter and are wondering if it is safe to put him on a car pedal, you can. This fire chief pedal car is rated for use by kids of age 2 and above. How exciting is this? Your child will greatly improve on motor skills and grow far confident that many children at her age.

However, with a two year old child, there can be a lot of shortcomings such as size, weight and safety right? After all, what parent would put her/his child in a pedal car without knowing if he/she is and will be safe while having the much deserved fun? With this pedal car firetruck, you need not worry, it is a perfect fit for children in the age bracket quoted. It measures 37 x 12 x 17 inches and can hold a maximum weight of 70lbs. this is a great threshold for any child to surpass. As for size, it boasts of having adjustable pedals which aids in accommodating different heights of children.

In addition to the above, the InStep fire Truck Pedal car features a solid and sturdy frame which makes it more of a miniature vehicle than anything else. It comes with lead free paint coupled with an easy to use steering wheel. Now you probably are wondering why it is important for the paint to be lead free, well, toddlers have an innate hand to mouth movement for anything that they grasp with their hands. It therefore should not come as a shock when you see your child trying to nibble through the plastic or metal. And since you cannot always keep them from doing it, putting themselves at a greater risk of developing cancer, your best plan of action is getting a pedal car painted with lead free paint.

Moving on, the fire truck pedal car features a fireman themed decoration complete with ladder fixed on its sides. A bell on its side which rings every time the child negotiates a corner and a bright red paint covers the entire body. It is just the perfect theme for a brave young and cute hero.

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Morgan Cycle Retro Style Pedal Car2. Morgan Cycle Retro Style Pedal Car

If your kid is aged between 3 and five years old, then this is probably the best retro pedal car to get him/her.

If your kid has a racer spirit, then there are higher chances that he is rowdy and enjoys crashing into things. But not to worry this retro car racer pedal car comes with a heavy duty steel body that will last for ages. Steel as you are aware is one of the strongest metals there is in the market. As such, this particular vintage pedal carcan take a thorough beating and still stand strong.

Being made of steel (al metal) is only great for durability and does nothing for the comfort of the car. Imagine if you were driving along a rough rod and the tires of your car were all metal or wooden. Would you enjoy the ride? Probably not. So to help absorb all the pressure during movement and to help increase the comfort levels, the car features solid rubber tires measuring 9 ½ inches. This makes the pedaling far easier and the ride smoother.

The steering wheel on this car pedal is as functional as it gets it is designed to mimic ideal driving. Having interacted with this steering wheel, you kid will be more than comfortable behind the wheel of a real car wheel when the time comes.

Children aged between 3 and 5 are not all of the same height. It is just like adults. you might be say thirty, and there are those individuals who are considerably shorter or taller than you are despite being the same age. To compensate for the difference in age, the makers of this pedal racer equipped it with an adjustable pedal. This way, a child of any height can drive it with comfort and without struggling to reach the pedal.

The style it features is that of a racer. Not the modern type but a retro racer style. This adds some funto the riding as it stands out from the numerous Ferrari and Lamborghini pedal car designs.

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3. InStep Pink Lady Pedal Car

Instep Pink Lady Pedal Car

This goes without saying, the InStep Pedal car is built for the ladies. The name and the color it features is its tell. And knowing ladies, the InStep Lady pedal car ought to be smooth and keen too the details. And sure enough, it is.

From its design to the color of choice, it is evident that manufacturers had girls in mind when they were manufacturing this particular pedal car. It is very rare to find a guy who loves the color pink on his things (though in the recent past things have started to change with men having pink clothing and actually rocking them). The finishing itself is girly.

The pink pedal car is designed for children above the age of three years and who weigh up to 70 pounds which is its weight limit. To support the weight safely, the pedal car features a sturdy and solid frame that is authentic and that pays attention to the details helping to bring back the memories of the past years.

To help in accommodating the different heights of children, the pedal car comes with an adjustable pedal and for safety lead free paint is used to make it glamorous and shiny.

The tires, feature a rubber finishing and chrome hub caps shiny and smooth which add a little 80’s diva feel to the whole design and style.

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4. Kiddi-o by Kettler pole Position Pedal Car

Kiddi-o by Kettler pole Position Pedal Car

The kiddi-o pole position pedal car is considered to be one of the best products there is today. Its sports theme rubs kids just the right way. It is functional and still fun to be in. As a parent, you might find yourself wishing you could turn back the hands of time just so that you can get to enjoy the piece of art.

For durability, the pedal car features high quality carbon steel frame coated with a fade resistance powder coating. Your kid can use it, grow out of it and pass it down to his/her siblings still looking as good as new.

Unlike many pedal cars in the market that come with adjustable pedals, this toy car features an adjustable seat. The seat can be rested in three different positions to suit the need and height of the child.

For safety, and ease of use, kettlerkiddi-o pole position pedal carcomes with oversized anti-slip pedals, and a dual rear wheel handbrake. With this feature you do not have to worry about your kid crashing when he is going down a steep slope and has the freewheeling lever engaged. All he has to do is engage the handbrake and he comes to an instant halt.

For a smooth and very quiet ride, the toy car features rubber wheels. They also help in absorb the impact of the motion.

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5. InStep Police Pedal Car

InStep Police Pedal Car

It is ideal for kids above the age of two years. And can hold a maximum weight of 70 lbs.The solid construction design that it features, made from pure steel helps to keep the child secure in the driver’s seat and also adds up to the general durability of the toy. Its steering wheel comes very easy to control which is perfect for you young one. Its stylish and law enforcing paint job and design is lead free to help maintain your child’s health.

Speaking of style, though there are no sirens to complete the look, your child will most definitely feel cool and empowered ridding in the pedal police car. The tiresfeatures chrome hub that add to it a grown up vibe. With the inscriptions, ‘To Serve and Protect Metro City’s Finest’, you cannot make the mistake of disrespecting a lawman on official police duty.

As you purchase thispolice pedal car, you should know that some assembly will be required. It also might be slightly tough on the child to pedal uphill and ride through rough terrains so it is best that you keep a watchful eye.

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Pedal cars come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, with a host of age restrictions and safety features. While the guide is to help make the choosing process easier, the final decision is entirely up to you.

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