Best Ride-on Toys for Kids 2020

1. Ford Mustang Ride On 2. Dune Racer Ride On 3. Jeep Wrangler Ride On
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When you were a small child you remember having that envious feeling of your dad. He had all the freedom in the world and could do whatever he wanted. Above all, the also had that great set of wheels. To you, at that time driving was the most incredible thing that you had ever seen. Even at a tender age, you could already see yourself driving your own car. Leaning back and opening the windows to let the breeze get past you. Other than the long wait, you might have finally been able to get that car and even become dad. However, your child does not have to go through the same wait to get their first ride. You can get them their own ride on toys for toddlers.

While they might not be the same as driving your own cars, children do not really care about the technicalities. What matters to them is the feeling of being in control. The best ride on cars allow them to have that feeling and much more. Simply put, whether you have a small baby girl or boy, having power wheels for bigger kids would be the ultimate toy for them.

What you should look for in the Best Ride on Toy

When getting power wheels for your child even though they offer the same experience for the child as driving, there are a couple of things that you need to pay close attention to. These will make sure that you have the best chances of providing not only a great toy but also a safe one. Here is a set of criteria that you ought to have in mind when making the purchase.



The design of the power wheels is what sets the boundary between the common and the best power wheels that you can get for your child. They are made with the intention of getting the child the best ‘grown up’ driving experience. The design of the power wheels dictate how real the driving feeling is to the child. Everything from the design of the car right down to the detailing, the finishing and even the mechanism of the power wheels will play a critical role in offering the child that desired experience. Which is why the design of the car is going to be very critical.

This can be as simple as the design the car is going to adopt. Whether a certain model of a car, a motor bike or even an ATV. Or it can be the nitty gritties that really sell the idea to the child. They are much smarter than we think of them.


While the real deal is usually powered by an engine that derives its power from fuel, the power wheels are powered by an electric battery. The strength and the size of the battery is directly proportional to the speed and the length of time the wheels will be able to achieve. To most people, this might not seem like a big deal but to the child, this could offer them greater speeds and longer hours of fun.

For instance a 6 volt battery is typically able to allow the power wheels for bigger kids to ride for about 2.5 MPH for just over an hour. On the other hand, you have the 12 volt batteries that are not only stronger but also last longer. They are able to power the car for more than three hours and allows it to reach up to speeds of 5 MPH. they are not as fast as a real car or anywhere close, but you want to make sure that as the child is able to have fun, they are also safe. So you have to keep the speeds at a manageable level. Nonetheless, they should prove to be more than sufficient for the child’s enjoyment.


Not all power wheels will come with a warranty.  But, the best ride on cars will. Having a warranty helps you to counterbalance the costs that might come with having to replace some of the parts of the power wheels. At some points, some parts of the motor and battery might start to fail. However, with a warranty, you can rest assured that you will have sufficient time before such repairs and replacement parts are required.


Ideally, you’re not looking for a toy that offers your child a single weekend of fun. It would not make economic sense especially considering the fact that the power wheels are not the cheapest. Also, you want to have a toy that lasts more than just one summer. As a result of a design flaw, most power wheels for kids will have a short lifespan. You have to do your homework and make sure that you avoid this at all costs and get your child the best power wheels that will not die as soon as the warranty has come to an end.

Once you have closely inspected your criteria, the next step is to make a choice on the great collection that you will have opted for. There are quite a number of power wheels out there that will definitely fit your bill. All you have to do is read the different ride on toys reviews to get an idea of what might work best for you.

Top 4 Best Ride On Toys For Kids 2020

Cadillac Escalade EXT1. Cadillac Escalade EXT

Truth be told everyone loves the class and muscle that an SUV brings. Children are not any different and they will definitely find this one to be quite the steal. It is even more so the case because of its sheer look and design and the attention that has gone into the detailing complete with the air conditioning vents. If you would like to get your child a toy that is going to be a no brainer, then this would be a great choice. You can rest assured that regardless of how high they set their bar in terms of preference, they will definitely like what this toy has to bring to the table.

Among the features that qualify this Cadillac escalade as among the best power wheels that a child can have is the real luxury features that are fitted into the model. These include the real FM radio, see-through glasses, chrome grills and wheels and even doors that open and close. Everything that would be valuable to a child, this great power wheel has it at their disposal. If that doesn’t cut it, then the ability to be able to enjoy as much as possible without having to run out of power would be a great fit for them.

The power wheel comes with a 12 volts battery that caters to the needs of the child and ensures that they have all the time that they need to have fun with their new shiny toy. There is also a batter charge indicator that helps to alert you when the battery is going down so the fun does not come to an abrupt end. You also get to choose between two speeds and two directions. In the forward speed, you can choose between 2.5 and 5 MPH and there is also the reverse option that works on hard surfaces and even on grass with a high speed lock-out for beginners. This ensures that the child even in their earliest phase can use the toy safely without the possibility of hurting themselves.

Other features include the one of a kind braking system that you will find to be quite effective and the package also includes a 12-volt battery and charger. If you want to have sound on board, the set of power wheels will require 4C batteries to power this. Keep in mind that this is ideal for children that are over three years of age.

Undoubtedly, the Cadillac Escalade EXT is quite the ride especially for the young souls. It has the detailing of the real deal and even some of the features to match. Which is why you wouldn’t be expecting too much if you expected among the best ride-on cars to come with certain benefits. Among these include the option to have a forward and reverse movement and for the sake of parents that pay extra attention to the safety of their child, you have the High-speed lock especially if the child is a beginner. Other benefits include the quality of the car as well as the intricate detailing that has gone into the car.

On the flip side, you will have to part with a pretty dollar for this ride. The up side is, even though the price is slightly hefty, you’re guaranteed that the child will like what you buy in the least and at the same time, you will be able to offer yourself the luxury of buying quality and hence reducing the chances of future expenses in terms of buying parts for the car.

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 2. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Green Dune Racer

Dune Racer

When reading about ride-on toys reviews, it is not always that you’re going to read about dune racers. Nevertheless, it is agreeable that this has to be one of the most captivating and adrenalin gushing rides that you can hop on. It is highly debatable that the case is any different for the kids. As such, the dune racer qualifies as one of the most intriguing rides that a child can get. It also has a great collection of features that make it a must have and make the ride more interesting.

The dune racer embracers a two-seater open cockpit design complete with the large off road ‘tires’. It’s most attractive feature is the tenacious traction that it offers which allows it to have superior terrain performance that is unbeatable and its ability to work in virtually any kind of terrain. You might want to go easy on the rocky areas however. After all, it’s not a real buggy. It offers two different speeds that you or the child driver can choose from that include the 2.5 MPH or the 5 MPH. There is also the reverse option with a speed of 2.5MPH.

Other features include the front storage compartment, seat belts that make play much better as well as a metal frame and Nickel Plated side safety bars. For aesthetic purposes and to make the ‘buggy’ more interesting to children, it has metal plated wheels, a shifter and a front bumpers. It is powered by a 12 volt battery that is able to power the unit for over an hour. You also get a battery charger with the purchase.

While this might not be the best power wheel car in terms of comfort and luxury, it is definitely appeals to both parents and children because of the rugged nature that real buggies offer. Other advantages include the presence of safety belts and even side safety bars that keep the child from falling over during their playtime with the buggy. It would also be worth noting the superior battery that powers the unit and the fact that the purchase comes with the charger to the battery so you never have to go to the store looking for one. This particular set of power wheels also comes at a more pocket friendly price.

On the downside, you will only be able to have two kids have their fun with this ride-on toy at a time. However, this is also a blessing in disguise because it will reduce wear and tear and improve the ability of the toy to last longer with minimal maintenance.

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3. Fisher-Price Jeep Hurricane

Fisher-Price Jeep HurricaneWithout a doubt, Jeep is the ultimate off-roader and you don’t have to be an adult to like what this monster can do. Children are abound to fall in love with not only the rugged nature of the Jeep but also its ability to conquer all terrain. Which is why the Fisher-Price Jeep Hurricane would be a great purchase for your child.

Other than the rugged nature and the performance, there are a couple of more features that have been added into this beast that makes it a must have for more reasons than you can count. It is able to drive through wet grass, gravel, mud and even the treacherous rut without getting stuck in the process.

The Jeep comes with two speeds and a reverse gear. These are 2.5MPH and 5MPH. the reverse gear is in a constant 2.5MPH. For the sake of children that are getting their first ride on the Jeep, there is a high-speed lockout that parents can use to make sure that the child is safe and does not drive at top speeds without any experience. The results of this need no further reiteration. Which is why this is a v

ery savvy feature and one that could save parents a lot of trouble. There is also a power lock break. This ensures that the vehicle stops promptly when needed and without damaging the car or hurting the occupants.

That is not the end of the long list of features that this ride-on car for kids has to offer, it also has a real FM radio so they can jam to all the music they want while enjoying the ride.  There are the all-terrain tires that add to the realism of the car. Powered by the 12 volts battery, these tires are able to get the child and their fantasies over mud, wet grass and other kinds of uneven terrain.

If the features are not more than enticing to make you want to make the purchase, then the benefits should. These include the presence of a high-speed lock. It is a crucial addition for parents that want to be in control of what their children do especially when the child is very young or they are having their first ride on the toy. The powerful 12 volt battery offers the child up to 18 hours of pure fun without a recharge and the power lock brake is another great addition that most parents will find to be quite advantageous.

There are other features that would have made this an even better ride-on car but have not been included in the car. Even though it still remains top among the best power wheels for bigger kids, it lacks essentials like the battery charge indicator, the plastic wind shield and to some extent, the adjustable chairs. Also, you have to pay a premium for what this great toy has to bring to the table.

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4. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang

Fisher-Price Power wheels Ford MustangThere are plenty of reasons why the Mustang has always remained an American favorite. It is a premier muscle car that is the epitome of speed and strength. The Fisher-Price Power wheels Ford Mustang allows you to extend the legacy of the Mustang to your child the best way you know how without forcing you to spend more than you would actually have to spend.

On its part, the car comes with some very impressive features from the general design that has been made to mimic every aspect of the Mustang to the little details that add to the realism of the car. The detailing include the pretend air vents, pretend seat belts and even pretend cup-holders. The extent to which the makers of this ride-on toy have gone to make it as close as possible to the real deal are what makes it among the best ride on toys for toddlers.

Other additions that are present in the car include the fake GPS, a pretend radio that actually plays real radio tunes and chrome plated wheels to give the features of the car a nice ribbon. But the climax of the features that have gone into this little mustang is the 12 volt battery that offers more or less the same power that goes into a fully-fledged Mustang but on a much scaled down proportion. The powerful battery also allows the car to get to speeds of up to 5 MPH which is quite impressive and is ideal for children that are over 30 pounds.

Benefits that are associated with having the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang include the one year Bumper to Bumper limited warranty. If you want a toy that gives you value for money and ensures that you spend on the right product, then without a doubt, the warranty offers you quite the reassurance for this. Should the power wheels break down for any reasons at any given time, there are over 300 outlets country wide that are more than empowered to carry out repairs and prolong your stay and that of your child with what is going to be their most favorite toys.

To ensure that you have reliability and quality, each of the pieces is well tested before they are shipped courtesy of the manufacturer’s in-house quality assurance test track.

You should however have it in mind that after buying the power wheels, there is some sort of assembly that is required. For those that might not be good with their hands, before you write it off, there is a guide that walks you through the process. The guide is simple to follow and definitely takes most of the weight of having to do an assembly. Perhaps the most care intensive part would have to be the addition of decals. But this is only the case because you want to make sure that you have the closest resemblance to the real deal as possible.

If you’re looking for the best ride on toys for toddlers that have been perfected over time, then the Ford Mustang would be a great pick. It might not be the most education piece there is compared to others in the market but it is worth being noted that the Ford Mustang is more of a rite of passage for all Americans and you should not let your child miss it.

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Ride-toys provide hours of enjoyment and a chance for the child to get conversant with their driving skills at a tender age. They might cost a handsome buck but the delight that they bring to the child is definitely worth every penny that you will spend on them. You just have to make sure that you make the right pick and one that will offer you the most value for your hard-earned money. You should not find that hard considering that you now have a couple of references that you can compare thanks to the ride on toys reviews above.

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