Best Snow Sleds for Kids 2020

1. Paricon Snow Sled 2. Lucky Bums Snow Sled 3. Flexible Flyer Snow Sled
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With winter comes sadness, boredom, and the much-dreaded cold. There isn’t much to do outdoors, and you probably have done everything you possibly can think of indoors. But things do not have to be like this, at least not with your kids. You could let them have their fun building snowmen, snowball with each other or better yet, go snow sledding. Sledding is one of the childhood winter games that is certainly irresistible. There is just something about sliding down an icy snow hill at neck breaking speeds that does it for kids. And in all the boredom, who can blame them. Heck if adults had a choice, they could slide down the hill as well.

But parents, as well as kids, should know that while it may seem like harmless fun, sledding down an icy hill has gotten thousands of kids in hospital nursing injuries yearly. As such, it is very crucial that safety measures be taken while sledding. For this, below are some of the sledding safety tips that parents and children alike can work to implement to keep injuries at bay.

Factors to Look for When Buying The Best Snow Sleds


Kids, like, no, love to complain when they are told to wear helmets. There is just something about not having helmets that does it for them. Probably it is the peer pressure or the feel of the wind blow across their faces as they sled down the hill at neck breaking speeds. Whichever the case, they just do not love to have helmets on. But as a parent, you should ensure that your child always has a helmet with no exceptions. In fact, it is either they have one on or they do not go sledding at all. Make this a rule in your house and see if they will not adhere to it. In the event they get into a sledding accident without any head protective gear, they might sustain a concussion or an even worse head injury. A protective helmet reduces the chances of these injuries even when they are involved in an accident.

The Perfect Terrain

This might sound a little bit obvious but it is still worth mentioning. Before you let your child go out sledding, you should ensure that they do it on the right hill – one that has been designated for just that. Avoid sledding on hills that has a road at the very bottom. Given that it is winter, the roads are slippery, obviously, and it will be extremely difficult for the cars to stop suddenly when your child ends up in the middle of the road.

In addition to this, the hill should not have rocks, trees, poles bumps and any other obstacles. These objects act as safety hazards and increase the chances of collision and injuries. However, in the event your child sees an obstacle in close range and cannot avoid it in time, the best thing that they should do is roll off the side of the sled. This will help keep them away from danger.

Never go down head first

Sure, it will give a major rush, no doubt about that but your child s puts himself/herself at greater risks of sustain head injuries. Instead of letting her/him go head first, you could have him/her seated on the sled. Never should you let your child lie on her belly, face backward or worse still stand on the sled. These are all recipes for disaster. Seated whole facing forward will provide your child with the control that they need to direct the sled and enjoy the ride all the more. If your child is, however, young and needs to be with an adult, be sure that you go down the sled with him/her. Other than that, every sled should carry only one child at any particular time. Also, to avoid the chances of collision, every child should have his/her turn to go down the hill. They shouldn’t race to the bottom especially if the width f the hill cannot provide for it due to space restrictions.

Sled gear

How many times have you made makeshift sleds for your children to use? How many times after using these makeshift sleds have they comes home with multiple injuries, even if it is just bruises? Many times right? If you want your child to sled safely, avoid providing hi/her with plastic sheets, cardboard boxes or lunch trays. These are not designed for safety going down a hill. They are difficult to steer (if it is even possible) and are vulnerable to piercings from objects on the ground as they move downhill.

For the safety of your child, invest in a sled that is designed to slide down a hill, one that features a steering mechanism and that will protect your child from objects on the surface of the hill as they make their way to the bottom at neck breaking speeds.

That said, if you head out to the stores, to get your loved one a sled, you are bound to get confused with all the options that are available for you to choose from. The market is flooded with these toys. And while they may be designed to accomplish the same purpose, they vary in design and the features that they come up with. For this, and to be able to choose the very best from the sea of sleds for toddlersavailable, below are some of the factors that you ought to consider.

Age recommendations

All the baby sleds that are available in the market come with a specific age range. There are those that are designed for toddlers, and there are those that are designed for kids that are a little bit older. To get the perfect one, you should know the age range of the sled that you are about to purchase.

The complicated ones are meant for the older children while, the less complex ones are intended for younger children as they are easier to handle and understand.

Weight capacity

It is hard to mention a child’s age without also refer to the weight. From the little physics that you might have acquired over the years, you know that the weight of a body affects the force and in this case, the momentum that your child is going to have going down the hill. And the sled should be able to support this weight and speed to the very end.

If you will be buying toboggans, the weight is very important. If you load too many people on a sled, you will start to experience some issues with it and it might not be as fun going down the hill. If you have multiple kids, you could purchase one that can handle several kids.


Snow sleds for toddlers are made from varying materials. These materials include plastic metal, wood and foam. Saucers, (a type of sled), as well as other fast sleds, are made from foam or plastic. Metal and wood on the other hand are used on largerbaby snow sled and toboggans. This is due to their durability as well as stability. They can handle more kids at a go. Snow tube and other inflatable sleds are made from vinyl. But while it might be inexpensive, you should probably know that they are also not the safest especially when your child is going down a rocky slope or one that has lots of jumps and bumps and might cause the sled to bounce off the ground.


Sledding is, for the most part, a children’s game. Not many adults, unless in special circumstances where the child cannot sled alone safely, are involved in sledding. As such, the age and the weight capacities should be adhered to strictly. Also, you should pay close attention to the material used and the sled type as the safety of your child depends on it.

In addition to this, the sled should feature some safety features that are designed to keep your child safe during the ride down the hill.

With that, you should be able to get yourself one of the very best snow sleds for kids there is in the market. However, if you are the kind that needs slightly more information and guidance, below are some of the sleds that you should put into consideration.

Top 3 Best Snow Sleds for Kids 2020

Paricon Toddler Boggan Sleds1. Paricon Toddler Boggan Sleds

This is one of the simplest and best sled for kids there is in the market. Over the years, it has gained a lot of popularity with parents. And rightly so. It comes with a lot of features that has parents going all gaga over it in all its simplicity.

For starters, this toddler snow sled comes with a raised back. While going down a hill, toddlers are not able to keep their backs straight against the high speeds. They tend to lean back due to the force which makes them extremely susceptible to injury. This particular sled however with its raised back helps to keep the toddler upright as he/she goes down the sled. It improves the posture of the child which reduces the risks. Along with this high back is a strap to keep the toddler in place.

It is made of a durable plastic. It keeps the sled light and at the same time hardy and durable. It can endure and withstand the friction over time. The plastic is hard enough to protect the child from tiny objects that might be on the ground as they go down the slope.

As far as the weight requirements go, the sled is designed to cater for toddlers aged between 18 months and four years. This provides you the parent with a vast age range to work with and is very convenient.

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2. Lucky Bums Snow Kids Toboggan Sled

Lucky Bums Snow Kids Toboggan Sled, 48-Inch1This is one of the classic toboggan sleds that are available in the market. Regardless of whether you are new to this game or you have been going at it for a while, you are bound to have endless hours of fun on it. It is safe durable and can take you down the hill several times before it ever shows signs of giving in to the friction caused underneath it.

While it might be simple in its design, it still comes with the necessary safety features. For starters, it comes with inbuilt handles for your child to hold onto as he goes down the slope. The grips are smooth and as such cannot scrape or cut a child’s hand as they sled. They can hold onto it with bare hands and still not be scraped.

The manufacturers of this sled added a rope to shake it easy to haul the sled up a hill for another round of adrenaline rush. In addition to this, it comes with a warranty from the company. This is more than you could ask for. The limited lifetime warranty acts as proof that the makers and designers of the sled are confident with their product.

It measures 48 inches and can hold a single individual comfortably.

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3. Flexible Flyer Aurora Snow Sled

Flexible Flyer Aurora,Assorted Colors

If you are looking for a sled that will not only allow you to have tons of fun but also one that is flashy and pleasing to look at., then this is the sled for you.

Everyone on the hillside will notice you on this sled. It comes in a flashy design with all kinds of graphics. Its flashy colors have been designed with a lightweight foam core. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to carry back to the top of the hill and make the slide down to the bottom of the hill fast. Speaking of a speedy ride down to the bottom, it features a slick surface on its bottom which further enhances the speed of the sled by reducing the level of friction.

Now while it has been made from a lightweight material, it is sturdy and highly durable. It can support toddlers aged five years and above. The handles on the side are firm and easy to grip for safety.

It comes in a wide variety of colors that you might want. Your kids will surely be pleased to have this product from you. It is the perfect gift for any toddler.

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Sure sledding is fun, and it has grown to be more of a tradition for toddlers than anything else. But as a parent, you should ensure that they are safe as they slide down the hill. With this guide, you are more than equipped to ensure this.

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