Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike Review

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training BikeIt is just a matter of time before you also jump into the balance bike buying pool. Most parents will dread this moment because while they know that they can’t just jump out there and get just any balance bike that catches their eye, they need to get the best there is. The only problem is, the market is flooded with all kinds of balance bikes from all kinds of manufacturers which makes it hard for you to be able to pick the right one. The truth of the matter is, it does not have to be like this. Especially when you’re an expert in the balance bike world. But then again, most parents aren’t.

Still, this does not mean that your child has to live with having a balance bike that is subpar. Instead, you could rely on the prowess of others to make sure that you offer your child the best chance of getting a balance bike that they will not only like but one that is best suited for them and their use. The Chicco Red Bullet is one of those balance bikes that will not only appeal to your taste but a closer look at the features will reveal more reasons for you to be like the bike. Not only for you but also for your budding hero.

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One of the most alluring aspects of the Chicco Red Bullet balance bike is the features that it has to offer. Not only are they diverse and deep but they also happen to be quite the eye catcher. These start with the appealing design and finish of the bike. It is appealing to both parents and children which makes it easier for the kid to fall in love with. You run a lower risk of having the kid reject your well thought out gift or new toy.

While it is easy on the eye, the bike is also easy on the rider and has some added features that help to improve the comfort of the rider. It has a well-padded seat that ensures that the kid has comfort throughout the ride and for the sake of the hands, the balance bike also has rubber handlebar grips. It keeps the child more comfortable and hence they can be able to keep riding the balance bike for longer shortening their learning curve.

Any parent knows how fast the little ones grow. While buying anything, you always have to consider their growth pattern and anticipate how fast they will outgrow what you just bought. That is how you get into the fix of having to buy clothes over and over again. But, with the Chicco Red Bullet balancing bike, this might not be the case entirely. With its adjustable features, you can delay having to buy another bike if your child will not have moved on to a real bike. The balancer has an adjustable seat that allows for the kid to easily touch the ground when they are young. When they grow up, and the seat seems to be too low. You can readjust the seat to make the ride more comfortable for them. This keeps you from having to buy a new balance bike every time your kid adds a couple of inches to their height. You not only get to save yourself a couple of bucks but at the same time, you also get to ensure that your child has a safe and comfortable ride.

You also get a robust yet very light metal frame. There are two benefits that you should note here. The first is that the frame is made of metal. That means that you get durability and longevity both of which offer you great value for your money. Being lightweight makes the bike easy to move around in case you find that the child has left it outside. You never have to worry about an aching back.

Most of the balance bikes that are available in the market come with inflatable tires that have tubing. While these do offer better traction and a generally smoother ride, you so have to put up with their puncture prone nature which means that your child might have days when they can’t use the bike because it has a puncture or flats. To counter this, the Chicco Red uses EVA polymer tires. You don’t have to break a sweat trying to pump them and at the same time, you can write off the expenses of having to fix the flats every now and then.


One thing you have to note about this balance bike is the price. It is quite affordable given the features that it has to offer. As if that is not enough, you also get a sturdy and easy to assemble metal frame with an eye catching paint job. It actually looks like a real bicycle which makes it even easier for the child to move on to the real bike. The balance bike also offers wider handlebars for better steering and the foam tires means that repairing punctures will be a thing of the past.


However, even with all the shining stars that the bike has to offer, there are a couple of areas that have erred and you need to be sure of before you can make the purchase. For instance, the wrench that comes with the package for the assembly process might not be the best. However, if you happen to have another one lying around in the house, you can use that instead. You also have to know that foam tires offer a bumpier ride and less traction and the paint job even though great is not scratch resistant hence overtime the paint job will be scrapped out.


It is easy to see that even though there are areas of concern, they are not enough to dent the credibility of the balance bike. You might have to take extra care to keep the paint from being scratched and maybe buy a better wrench. But other than that, you have a great balance bike for your kid that they can rely on and one that will not cost you much to buy or even to maintain. That way you both find yourself in a winning situation with a happy kid.

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