Diggin Activ Skuut Wooden Balance Bike Review

Diggin Activ Skuut Wooden Balance BikeTo most kids, a balance bike is like a rite of passage. It is the coolest and safest way that parents can help their little ones make the jump to the next big thing without giving them too much and making them fail all together. Balance bikes are fun, simple and a great learning tool especially for kids that are hoping to be able to ride a bike in the near future. They’re simple enough but help the kid make one step at a time allowing them to horn one skill at time and do it properly. This way, those devastating falls from the top of the bike will be less thunderous and the child has a more open mind towards learning how to ride a bike.

There are so many things that parents ought to look out for when buying a great balance bike for their little tikes and most of the time, you just don’t have the time between parenting and work, you don’t have much time left to go store to store hoping to get that one balance bike that will jump at you with all these great features, a great design and above all, a decent price. You could save yourself all that trouble though and just jump on the surest option that you can find. This is the Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike.

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With hundreds of purchases and satisfied customers, it is not the bike that you would expect to jump at you but it is one that will definitely grow into you and you will never regret the decision of having had to buy it. It is has a great collection of features and benefits that it can offer both you and your child. The best part is, it has a cautious price that you will find to be the deal sealer for you. All these for a great little balance bike that has plenty to offer and a lot of learning to give.

The features that the Skuutbalance bike has to offer start with its size. It is 33 inches long, 21 inches at the highest point and the adjustable seat stands at 13 inches at its lowest setting which is quite impressive. The frame of the bike is largely made of wood which has quite a number of benefits attached to this. While wood is very tough, stands up well to the weather and time and provides for a sturdy frame, it does not cause allergies and is much safer for the child even when they take a fall. The woody finish also gives the bike a great finish that will definitely give you long lasting alluring look that is to die for. Other materials that have been used in the making of the bike include rubber for the wheels, metal for the joinery and vinyl. All of these come together to make a great balance bike that will offer plenty of learning lessons to your little one while keeping them safe and keeping your pockets sealed.

The skuut is a perfect tool for learning how to balance for the little one. It is also great for building coordination and independence and also steering. With this, the child is able to get about 80%of the skills that they will need to ride a bike with 80% less of scars and falls. This way, you guarantee yourself that the child is safe and at the same time, their development of skills does not fall behind.

The Skuut bike is not only a great addition for children that want to learn how to ride a bike or for parents that want their little ones to have a new way of spending energy. It is also a great tool that helps to build on the stamina, physical ability and muscle development of the child making them stronger and wholesome. Hence it is a win-win for both the child and the parent.

The seat of the balance bike is adjustable from a mere 13 inches all the way to about 16.5 inches at its heist level. This means that you can be able to constantly adjust the bike as your child grows so you don’t have to buy another one everytime they outgrow the current setting. It willsave you money and also ensure that your child gets to keep a safe and usable balance bike.

The tires of the balance bike are made of rubber. They provide superior traction and shock absorption which is presents the child with a better ride and reduces the chances of slipping. As if that is not enough, the tires can also be replaced when they wear out which keeps you from having to buy an entirely new bike.


Agreeably every product comes with upsides and downsides. To know if you’re putting your money in the right place, you have to weigh these out as well. For the benefits, the Skuut bike is a really cost effective balance bike that is both affordable and cheap to maintain since it does not have a lot of parts that are prone to wear and tear. It is the perfect bike for kids of different heights and leg lengths because of the adjustable seat and also helps children learn the art of balancing and steering relatively fast.

For the sake of safety, it has a steering radius that has been limited and the wheels have no spokes that might hurt the child if they fall. Ultimately, the bike adopts a very durable build that will save you money in the long run.


On the other hand, the areas that might concern you is the fact that the bike has beery specific dimensions. Because of this, the taller or heavier children might not find it comfortable to use. Also the rubber tires are liable to punctures but that should not be much of a concern since these are easily repairable.


A balance bike is a great asset for you and a great learning tool for your kid. They offer a plenty of fun moments and provide you with some time to yourself as your child has fun with their new toy. However, you have to make sure that you have the right buy or you will not be able to have peace. The Skuut Balance bike is and should be your go to option.

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