Cheap Kids Dirt Bikes for Sale – Which is the best one?

Kids today are pulled to all things fun. They are suckers for fun. And the world of toys and rides available is enabling for them – they are far more than what parents back in the day could ever imagine of or even dream of. As your kid grows and develops, depending on their personality and the place you chose to raise them up from (the environment has a lot to do with this choice), they will gradually but definitely fall in love with motorbikes, scooters or even dune buggies just but to mention a few of them.

Sooner, rather than later, you child will feel the pressing desire and need to ride. But from the moment they express their feelings to you of wanting them to have a used kid’s dirt bike, you will (inevitably), be full of mixed feelings. You obviously want your child to have the best the world can offer and you can afford for them. You probably are just as excited as your kid if not more.

As you make plans to get the perfect dirt bike for your child, from the many used kid’s dirt bikes you will have to think about several things. And before you do the actual purchase, or respond to the cheap dirt bikes for kid’s sale ad, there are some steps you might have to follow to ensure that you are indeed making the right choice and also ensure that your child will be safe on the dirt bike.

What Is The Best Dirt Bike for Kids?

1. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike See the current price here!5/5
2. Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross BikeSee the current price here!4.5/5
3. Vroom Rider VR098 6V Battery Operated Dirt Bike See the current price here!4.25/5

Take your child to dirt bike school

There actually is a formal school for this? Shocking right? Well, as absurd and weird as it might appear to you, it does exist. With the increased need for adventure in kids, the number of dirt bike schools in the recent past have sky rocketed (yes, they are not flooding the market yet but their numbers have increased exponentially, in the past few years).

Before you get your kid a dirt bike, regardless of how much he/she bugs you for it, you should first ensure that they are ready to ride one and that they can actually ride it. If he/she has ridden before, then this should not be a problem. But if it will be the first time, you should consider the dirt bike school. In the school, he /she will be taught the basics of how to handle a dirt bike safely, how to mount it and turn it on, how to operate the clutch, throttle and brakes and last but not least how to ride.

The price for the schools vary from place to place but you should expect to part with about $400 or both you and your child in a private lesson.

Know your kid

Kids change their minds all the time. They get excited about something fast and lose interest just as fast. As such, before you make the investment, you should be sure that it is what your kid really wants. You do not want to make your investment of your hard earned money only for it to be parked in the garage after two weeks of riding. He/she should not be a quitter and should not be afraid of the great outdoors. If he/she cannot handle falling down several times, and getting back on the bike and riding as though nothing happened, you should think about making that purchase.

Consider your finances

Getting a dirt bike for your kid, even if it is a second one will cost you a pretty penny. Most of the traditional sports such as gymnastics, basketball and swimming at the amateur levels do not even come close to costing a fraction of what a kid’s dirt bike will cost you. Sure prices vary, with make and model and also depending on whether the bike is new or not, but all the same, the cost is considerable. For instance, a dirt bike, a used one might cost you about $800. You can only guess how much a new one will cost.

The cost does not end at making the dirt bike purchase since you will have to get the all-important gears (seeing that it is a gear intensive sport), helmets, goggles, knee pads, chest protector, elbow pads, jersey, gloves pants and socks. Clearly, assessing your finances as a result is an important step – one that you cannot afford to skip.

Determining the best bike for your kid

Back in the day, kids dirt bikes were pretty much straight forward and weren’t all that complex. They could be brought to life with a simple kick and features only two strokes. Today however, with the advancements in technology, they have gone all the way up to four strokes are carbureted. There are those that are even electric needing a push of a button to start the engine. If you had gotten your some years back, you obviously will have to go back to the drawing board. Speaking of which, below are some tips to get you on the right path of choosing the best fit for your kid.

Age and perfect bike size

Just like with normal bicycles, the age of your child as well as the size of the bike are called to question. But with dirt bikes, the consideration becomes a little bit more complex since you have to factor in the engine size as well as its type – a feature that normal bikes do not come with.

With a variation in engine capacity comes a variation in power. A small child, needless to say cannot handle a lot of power (and you obviously would provide him/her with a bike cocooning greater power than his/her tiny muscles are able to control). Bike capacities range from simple 50cc to a whopping 150 cc. the younger your kid is the lower the engine capacity should be.

In addition to the engine capacity, you should consider whether you would prefer a two-stroke engine or a four stroke engine.

Other measurements that you also mightwant to consider are the seat height and ground clearance. You obviously want your child to be comfortable on the dirt bike right. For this, you should get him/her a bike that is just the perfect size to sit on. He/she should not struggle much to mount it or have the sit too low. If you will have your kid as you are making the choice, this should be an easy decision to make. However, if you will be getting it as a surprise and he/she will not be present at the time of purchase, you should take the leg measurement and work with that. As for the ground clearance, the more room your kid has or riding and making turns, the more aggressive he/she will be able to ride and tackle difficult terrain.

Weight of your child and the bike

For your child to successfully control the bike, you will have to get the weight just right. Dirt bikes come with specifications for the weight limits that they are designed for. Outside these weight limits control becomes shaky and the ride gets dangerous. For your kids, if the bike is too heavy, maneuvering the trail and controlling the bike itself will be too much of a task. For your child, riding will be a case of brawn (mostly) than brains instead of having the two in perfect balance.

Know the difference between a 2 stroke engine and a four stroke engine

The two stroke engines feature an easy shifting mechanism. As such, if your kid is very young to understand the working of a more complex system, then this is the best engine type. If your child just recently learnt how to ride a bike, you should get him/her a bike featuring an automatic clutch, this way they do not get so worked up and get himself/herself in danger worrying about shifting the gears.

The four stroke dirt bikes are for kids who have honed the sill of riding a two stroke dirt bike. If your kid is up to the challenge of making the gear shifts, the by all means get one that features such an engine.


Dirt Bike for Kids Reviews

Now let’s get into the heart of the matter, the top 3 dirt bike reviews is where we finally is at in this article.

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross BikeRazor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review

Sure it is very hard for you right now to think that your kid in just a few years will be driving. But before they make that crossover, you should ensure that they transmission safely. For this the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross, you get just that. In fact, it is one of the most popular dirt bike for kids there is amongst the many cheap dirt bikes for kids available in the market. It is ideal for kids aged between 5 and 8 years but depending on the growth rate of your child and the weight, this could go up to 12 years.

This dirt bike, scaled down to perfection and to suit your little dare devil is one of a kind. It is designed for smaller frames weighting about 140 pounds. Now whether you have bought it for your boy or girl, the design and styling of this dirt bike will be great. If it were a piece of fashion, you would say it is unisex. Your little kid will be able to travel for about 10 miles (approximately 40-60 minutes) with just one round of charge and even more if they are under the recommended weight limit.Your kid will have fun yes, but they will still be within proximity for you to monitor their every move.

You will be pleased to note that the bike is rechargeable. And that not the best part about it. It only takes five hours to charge fully which is a very short time for the amount of fun your kid will get after that. Surprisingly, as the dirt bikespeed chain runs, being driven by the electric motor, it is quiet and provides a lot of power that will not disappoint.The high torque motor contains about 350 watts of power and run on 24v sealed acid battery. The fact that it is electric means that you will spend a whole lot of money of gas. Your kid can therefore zoom around as much as they please without having to worry about the cost. The tires measuring 12” provide maximum transfer of power for best use.

When it comes to safety, you also do not have to fret. It has got you covered in this area. While it might be electric powered and will travel at a whopping 14 mph (very fast for kids), it comes with some safety features that make it pretty handy. For starters, its frame is designed by professionals and is intended to resemble professional motocross bikes. It is rugged, durable and very sturdy. Your kid, without a doubt will drop to the ground severaltimesespecially if he/she is new to the whole riding thing. You do not have to worry about going back to the shops in a few days or months as it will holdits own perfectly and still get to keep your kid safe.

Its frame weighs just 70 pounds which is perfect for most small frame. It is not difficult to handle and it can be easily lifted unlike other larger and gas powered dirt bikes.

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Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross BikRazor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike Review

With the increase need for adventure, the Razor SX500 is here to answer your cry (okay, the cry of your kid). The SX500 is a new addition to the already seemingly perfect Razor youth dirt bike for sale family. And while there might be many Razor dirt bikes for sale for kids, many parents seem to favor this particular one for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at them in detail.

Razor states that the bike is designed for kids above the ageof 14 years. However, this is only a figure that they throw around to prevent themselves for being sued in the event anything goes wrong with any kid below this age. Parents who have actually used this bike attest to the fact that it can be ridden by kids who are under this age between 8 and 12 years. As such, age is not the perfect measure of whether or not you should let your child ride. Different kids develop differently and feature different body such, with this bike, always consider the weight.

Kids in this age group, 8-12 years should be able to ride the SX500 with great ease. He/she should also be very comfortable riding it. However, if your kid has never ridden a dirt bike before, you should start with the MX350 (it is just a starter bike featuring a much smaller frame and a less powerful motor

Moving on to the safety, you probably are dying to hear how it measures up right? This is only understandable especially dealing with a fast moving machine and with little to none protective parts like that of a car. But even then, when riding a dirt bike, you should advice your round one to always have their helmet on a well as kneepads and gloves (these are the most basic apparel you need).but even with these safety features, your kid might not be completely safe from harm. To ensure this, below are some of the features the bikes possess that will keep your baby safe.

For starters, the fact that it does not use gas which translates to no fumes, no gas and no possible chances of a fire. It is driven by a battery. With the twist grip variable, dual disc handbrakes and fully adjustable handle bars, the bike is not only safe as it can get but also comfortable.

The tires on the other hand come attached to the body of the bike with a dual suspension. This provides you with a much smoother and cleaner ride. This will work perfectly and its benefits and effects felt when your kid is rushing through hilly and bumpy areas. Your kid with this feature will therefore not trip and roll too their injury.

You obviously must be wondering just how fast this dirt bike can go right? Well, it can hit a whopping 15 mph. In addition to that, it can run for close toforty minutes or even longer depending on the weight of your kid after which the bike will need to be recharged for 8 hours. This is more than enough time for your kid to catch up on homework, do house chores and eat. Last but not least, it comes with a retractable stand.Which earns it a spot in the kid dirt bikes for sale cheap section in the market.

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Vroom Rider VR098 6V Battery Operated Dirt BikeVroom Rider VR098 6V Battery Operated Dirt Bike Review

From its design and make, you can obviously tell that it is designed for toddlers who despite their constant whining of wanting a speedy bike cannot handle the speed on their own. The Vroom Rider is designed for kids who weigh 55 lbs. But as stated in the previous review, weight can be a slightly misleading requirement to follow since kids vary in weight. Age is the most accurate one to use. It is made for kids between 3 and 5 years.

It features a plastic body that comes in a variety of colors just like kids in this age prefer. The dirt bike is operated by a battery measuring 6 Volts and that can only make the bike move at a speed of 2 mph. with the battery comes a charger that only requires half a day to fully charge the bike

Since many of the kids at this age cannot be trusted to understand complex dirt bike operations, it makes work even easier by the use of a switch to move the bike forward and n reverse. It also features a button for music and extra wheels at its rear to provide support and balance.

Before your kid can start riding, you will have to assemble the bike. This is one of the perfect moments to bond with your child and teach the some very important lessons of life in a very subtle way. Last but not least, it comes with headlights in the event the kid wants to ride at night. Clearly it is one of the best kid dirt bikes for sale today.

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Clearly, choosing the best dirt bike for your kid will require you to put some thought into it. But while you may narrow down on your search the actual choosing is best left to the kid. Letting him/her to provide input on the same is getting them to invest in the sport.