How to Wash a Dirt Bike Properly

Some kids love to have a hard drive on muds or on the trail then get home with a fully dirty dirt bike. That’s it! Now it is time to clean the mess. Some may find it hateful job, some kids love to do the cleaning but all is well and this should never be painstaking for them so, with practice and a little bit of tip, they can learn to ride and clean their dirt bike on their own.

Starting that, we need a little time to educate our kids on the proper cleaning of their dirt bike since being a rider also takes responsibility for cleaning their buddy once it gets messy. It is also needed for prolonging and taking care of the beauty, after all, who wants to ride a dirt bike that is not clean and prepared for the race yet. Know that by keeping the dirt bike clean the bearings, chain, sprocket, and among other parts of the dirt bike will be less likely to give some problem and will perform at their best when they are clean and well maintain.

Step 1: The Pre-Cleaning Process

Before you start cleaning, remember that mud and grease can be stubborn to remove and you could not directly wash it. Seal first the gaffer and prevent the inlet points so there will be no need to stress on that later. Then do some spraying on the major part of the dirt bike. You can use degreaser for the chain and sprocket, these are the parts that get most of the dirt but do not use degreaser on plastic portion of the bike. When done, you can rinse off but don’t forget to pop in the muffler plug to protect it against rust and other worse cases like water getting into the engine. You can also wash the air box but you need to be careful in popping on this too.

Step 2: Washing Proper

So, for washing, start with the mudguard. This is the part where dirt and stuff would likely to stick but you do not want to clog and exhaust it either. Work on removing the dirt and do the same on the underside and finish it on the bike stand. See to it the bar is on full lock and grips rest on it. You also need to clean the swing arm and bash plate then you can flip it to do on the other side as well. Doing so, you can just imagine how much dirt had been removed from the dirt bike. You can use a sponge on the seat and other plastic then stretch the bike to check for other dirt. Allow few minutes to dry the dirt bike before you move to the final step.

Step 3: Wiping

Once you are done with water cleaning you get the dry rag and work on to dry the parts such as the air filter, chain, and others so there are no excess moist that can attract rust. Then you can put on the lubricant on the chain and bearings. If you want to give it a finish matte shine, use silicone spray. Now that you are done, you are ready again to run the trail with some riders in your neighborhood.

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