Fun Skateboard Games for Kids

More and more kids are getting interested in skateboarding. With tremendous practice, your child can be one of the best skateboard players in your local area. However, it’s just not about practice and plain skateboarding. There are fun games that your child can try to make the most out of his skateboarding experience. Here are the following skateboarding games you might want to introduce to your child.

1. Skate

As what the name implies, this game is about skateboarding and tricks. It will consist of two players. The first player will play a skateboarding trick. The second player must watch intently. After the trick, the second player will try to copy what was done. If he fails to copy the trick, he will get a letter from the word SKATE.

The first player will once again do another skateboarding trick. If it happens that the first player is the one who messes up the trick, then the second player will be the one to set a skateboarding trick. The first player among the two of them who’ll be able to finish the word SKATE is the one who loses. However, for the last trick, it will have to be two ties.

2. Add a trick

This game will test the capacity of a skate player to catch up with various tricks. It will only consist of two players. The first player will do the trick and then the next player follows. If the first player does four tricks, the second player will have to do it all as well. The first player who gets to miss from the tricks provided will be the one to lose. Keep on adding a trick until one of the players miss.


3. Contests

Various contests are held on community parks and the like. All it needs is an audience and a couple of judges to see how well players ride. Aside from that, joining a contest is a great way to show off your tricks and build up your confidence while skating. You can join the crowd and cheer for your child as he maneuvered the skateboard gracefully.


4. Last skater standing

This game is perfect in a flow or bowl area. There is no limit to the number of skaters who can join. In fact, the more players to join, the more challenging it would be. They would start to skate and perform tricks at the same time. The rule is simple. The last one to keep on skating is automatically considered as the winner. This is a great way to tire yourself out in skating, and the adrenaline rush pulsates all throughout the game. Don’t worry about the tricks; it doesn’t really matter in judging. But you might want to get creative not to tire yourself out too quickly.

These are just some of the most fun skateboarding games that your kids can join. It will help you to introduce your children into the world of skating instead of just occasionally playing tricks on the park, why not show it off? Aside from that, it’s their path to being a “pro” with just enough practice and experience.

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