KaZAM Classic Balance Bike Review

KaZAM Classic Balance BikeDo you have a little one that is yet to get a bike? You don’t have to take him through the pain and embarrassment of using training wheels. They are a great learning tool for kids that are relatively new to bicycles. However, not many kids like them. They would rather get burnt by the asphalt all day than have training wheels on their bike. What’s more, the training wheels are not all that great. If not used the right way, they can make the learning process longer and they don’t really keep the bike from toppling. All in all, they can only do so much.

Instead, you can have a more fun and impactful way to get your little one to learn to ride their bike. Embarrassment and chances aside, a balance bike is the best option that your child has and especially one that has a foot rest. With your kids foot on the ground whenever they need, they will be able to get more attention on the steering and other aspects that are critical to riding a bicycle. What is even more important, the kid will have fun when learning. Your kid does not have to put up with the pressure of having to learn something new. Instead, they can simply just have fun and learn as a by the way. This way, the kid haves what matters to them most which is fun.

The KaZAM balance bike has a lot to offer and this is in terms of the learning and plenty of fun as well. It has a great collection of features that prove to be quite handy when you’re using it and the design has been well thought out to provide you with the best value for your money and at the same time provide the kid with the best experience.

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The features are diverse and far reaching. They are each well carefully thought out and beautifully seamed into the balance bike to ensure one flawless bike with great attributes that will be the gem of every child and every parent. First off, the bike oozes complete comfort for the child. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that the child will be spending a lot of hours on the bike. As such, it is critical for it to have a comfortable and soft experience or else the child will end up with sores all over their body. Now that is not very fun is it? For the sake of comfort, the bike has employed soft plastic handle grips to provide sufficient yet comfortable surface for the little hands and also has a raised molded seat that offers a supper comfortable sitting area for his tushy.

For the sake of parents and durability of the bike, it has adjustable chrome handle bars and a seat adjustment. They grow so fast! And without these adjustment features, you are going to find yourself looking at balance bikes in stores again in just a couple of months. As much as they’re not the costliest thing that you have bought, you could have put that money to better use. With the adjustability, the kid can use the bike for longer and ensure that you save yourself from having to make another purchase prematurely. The best thing is that, for the seat, there is a quick-release adjustment. That means that you get it done in a matter of seconds. Quite simple and straight forward. No tools needed for that.

Another stand out feature that the bike has is the patented easy step in foot rest design. With most bikes, the child just has to hang their feet around once the bike has picked momentum. This takes a toll on their learning process since it is much easier to balance. The other problem with this is that the legs of the toddler get tired faster. With the KaZAM balance bike, you have a footrest that offers you sufficient space where the child can rest their feet when the bike picks momentum which is quite savvy. The ride is more comfortable and they learn how to balance much better.

The wheels of a balance bike are very critical. To most parents that do not understand the technicality of the wheels, this might be an area that you don’t want to mess with. If you get the wrong wheels, you might be stuck with a life of having to buy new wheels every now and then. For this balance bike, you have a great set of wheels that get as real as the ones that are used in real bikes.  These include air inflated tires that have tubing and steel spokes. Air inflated tires are better at handling shock and offer a generally more comfortable ride to the rider. They also offer superior traction compared to other lower rated tires and having the steel spokes also does a great deal of benefits also.

Should you need to get components for the bike for replacement, you’re also guaranteed that you will be able to find them easily. Which is a great plus that cannot be ignored. This ensures that you have the best experience and that the bike does not become useless because you can’t find a replacement part.


Rightfully, you get huge benefits from getting this bike. It is quite easy to assemble and even easier for you to adjust. It also offers a comfortable ride for the kid with the soft grips and molded chair and the air inflated tires offer a better and more comfortable ride with less shock getting to the child.


However, you do have to pay a small price when having air inflated tires. They tend to get punctured pretty easily. Because of this, you should be ready to deal with flats occasionally. But, the term often in this case does not apply as rapidly as you would think. Nevertheless, you should be prepared for those occasional repairs to keep the kid happy.


Balance bikes are among the best and safest outdoor toys that you could get your toddler once they’re of age. The KaZAM bike in particular is a great buy because of its unique build and the comfort that it offers. It is sturdy and provides vital lessons for your little one and great fun. If you want to be parent of the year, this would be a good trick to pull out of your magic hat.

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